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The AI is coming
 With AI’s life Of The world
When we are driving the car. The phone will tell you the traffic situations and lead you to choose the fastest way to your destination. Do you know what it is? AI(Artificial Intelligence )!
AI has changed our daily life and made our life more and more convenient. For example, when we are shopping, we needn’t take money. We just take out the phone and pay something you want within just a few seconds. And now, you even need not take the mobile phone with you. Because AI has your face information, which makes payment even quicker.
However, the fast development of AI may also be dangerous for us humans. If all things are done by AI, people will be lazy and won’t want to work again. It can be predicted that if people don’t control AI, it may show their own thinking. By then, AI will not follow humans’ orders. They may even attack us!
Every coin has two sides. For AI, as long as we use it carefully and in a proper way, its advantages are far more than its disadvantages.
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