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by Husna
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Gifts of real value are wrapped with true feelings regardless of their monetary value.
The Joint Gift

MirzaCo 28-year-old CFO, Bella, is celebrating her 29th birthday soon. She is the only daughter of the multimillionaire businessman, John Mirza. John loves and trusts his daughter so much even more than his new wife, Mrs. Cissy Mirza and that is why he appointed her as CFO of the company. Miss Bella is also loved and well-respected by all the employees at MizraCo as she fought really hard to ensure bonus is given despite the financial crisis that put the lots of businesses on the line. MirzaCo survived due to the employees’ loyalty, hard work, and management wisdom. Not only that but the environment was promoting commitment and extra effort and therefore, to CFO, it was not fair to withhold the bonus especially when they started to reap the results of hard work and commitment in such turbulent time.

The bonus, however, is planned to be credited to employees’ accounts in two months and Bella will be on sick leave as she was suffering arrhythmia, a heart disease causing the heart to beat faster than usual. She will be replacing her heart valve cap as hers was naturally damaged since she was born. Cardiologists advised her father to delay the procedure until she is old enough in order to have it done as her health was no critical. Bella now is old enough and working at her father’s business has weakened her heart even more. The work stress that she has to experience and the battles she had to fight in order to save her family’s financials and wealth were the cost of her success.

Employees at MirzaCo are too experiencing the consequences of the financial crisis and they were extremely excited to come to know bonuses are on their ways to them. They even had to meet in one of the meeting room and talk about it.

Russel (Operations agent): “Bonuses at MirzaCo are fortunes! I am buying the flat I saw today on RealEstablished in cash.
Lilly (HR agent): can’t wait for my annual leave. I am going to hit every spot I have not before.
Mohammed (Contract Specialist): you guys are invited to my wedding! Out of the blue, I collected the dowry. I am getting married, I am getting married singing
Stephani (IT Specialist): huh, I personally will start saving. I wanna be multimillionaire too. It would take me years and probably decades, but I will be super duper patient.
Justin (IT support lead): Stephani, I would be interested to work with you by then. I would always like such bonuses from multimillionaire businesses.
Everyone laughing
Mark (finance manager): listen everyone! First of all, congrats on the bonus that you will be receiving so soon! Your effort this year was above and beyond all expectations.
I am so happy about that of course, yet so upset to let you know that our Bella is going to be away for a cure. She now will have to perform heart surgery and it is no joke. I was thinking if we could throw her some party as well as get her some sort of gift to thank her is nothing considering her position and our financial status yet is everything we could do to.. broke in tears
Leo (production manager): oh Mark, please stop. Don’t make everyone cry now. You are triggering our feelings.
Mark (finance manager): I’ve worked really close with her and I was there when she collapsed several times, physically and mentally to put our company in the position it is now among all competitors. I witnessed all the efforts and hard work she was performing every single day to succeed and stay strong in the market. I would never forget her support that led me to be a manager in her department in less than a year. Let’s make her happy for the last time before she … removed glasses and sighed heavily
Malissa (finance supervisor): okay then I will be leaving envelopes on your desks in an hour, put the amount you can afford, seal it and drop it in into the box I will be putting at the corner later today or earlier tomorrow morning. pointed to one room corners
Lilly (HR agent): I suggest all-diamond Rolex with sapphire, amethyst and ruby stones. It is a signature and very limited edition.
Stephani (IT Specialist): Crocodile Hermes Kelly is her style.
Mohammed (Contract Specialist): okay calm down ladies, let’s not see it that way. First, we collect the money and then based on how much we have collected, we get the gift.
Justin (IT Support Lead): I agree with Mohammed. turned to Mohammed you should join Finance. You would save a lot for this company, or Planning, you would allocate resources wisely. Anyways, let’s get back to our offices. We collect the money tomorrow and plan the party as well. I will send a meeting invitation for tomorrow. See you later. everyone left the meeting room

the next day at the meeting
Mark (Finance Manager): good afternoon! Thank you for attending the meeting. Now we will open the envelopes and see how to proceed further.
*Melissa went to the room corner where the box was and grabbed it
She opened it and took the envelopes out on the table. She unsealed them one by one. She collected cash (totaling $750), and found these in some envelopes; a 12-inch ribbon, a 10-inch plastic gift wrap & a gift card.
everyone looked embarrassed
Mark (Finance Manager): ah, thank you for your …. Ah, it is .. I am sorry .. that is more than enough.
Leo (Production Manager): a cake would be great. Ashley Bakes can do it for less $600. We can also invite everyone in the company to join the gathering. The cake will be huge.
Mohammed (Contract Specialist): I like that! And we get plate and spoons with the rest of the amount.
Russel (Operations Agent): the ribbon can go around the cake or on top of the cake packaging.
Lilly (HR Agent): we could wrap the knife with the gift wrap. You can leave that to me.
Stephani (IT Specialist): lovely! And thank you note nicely written by Finance Manager on our behalf.

On the day of the party
Mark is walking Bella to the meeting room claiming an urgent matter related to MirzaCo Annual Balance Sheet is to be discussed.
cheers and applause started when Bella walked into the meeting room
Mark (Finance Manager): on behalf of MirzaCo employees, I would like to thank you, Miss Bella Mirza, for the support you gave to each and every one of us, pushing us towards achieving not only organizational goals but personal ones too. Thank you for being a source of our hope and optimism. It was touching to know that you will be away for a cure. we wish you get well soon and resume working as we will be missing you around.
Mark handed a nicely-wrapped knife over to Bella
This is the gift that your team got you.
Bella teared up
Bella (CFO): Thank you all. MirzaCo team is my second family. Being close to you, spreading love and positivity, providing support and building true and positive bonds are what my father raised me by. It later became my duty and responsibility towards MirzaCo since I joined it. Without trust, we wouldn’t have reached the economic level we are at currently. Without your hard work, we wouldn’t have survived in these hard times and situations. Without your cooperation, it wouldn’t be possible to compete even at a local level. It is our home now. Please take care of MirzaCo in my absence!
turned to the gift That is my favorite café! How did you guys know I like the mixture of chocolate and red velvet in cakes?

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