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A Slimy Frightful Night
Darius stepped onto the wooden deck leading to his back yard. At his side were the two schnauzers, Bitsy and Eloise, he had dubbed as his favorite ladies. He scooted the beasts out into the yard for the final wetting of the night. Their nails clicked against the wood as they sprinted to the grass with gleeful exuberance. Darius watched as they disappeared into the fog of the night. The thick moist air cast an iridescent blanket of condensation on the ground, making it look like a filmy spider web covered the entire yard. It threw an eerie haze on the night, creating a grim and haunted appearance.

As Darius walked farther onto the deck, he heard a crunch under his foot. The noise caused him to lose his footing and grab the railing to steady himself. He lifted his leg slowly. Attached to his shoe were the remnants of a slimy slug with oozing body fluids that stretched from his shoe back to the deck He raised his hand from the railing to remove his shoe finding the same phlegm covered his palm. He could feel the contents of his stomach churn in search of an outlet. Darius tossed his head over the railing to relief himself, but his eye caught sight of thousands of slugs. They hung like barnacles on a boat obscuring the object of their attachment. Darius felt reminiscent of the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." The emesis in his throat was replaced by the fear in his gut.

"Bitsy, Eloise, come on in now. Let's go!" he called trying not to sound frantic.

He couldn't see his dogs, causing him to worry. Darius crept down the steps in search of his furry companions. He could feel his feet sliding in the slime, as he walked. He refused to look at the squished goo of mollusks that he stomped upon. His only thoughts were of his dogs.

He called out again to his girls, "Bitsy, Eloise, where are you?"

When he reached the yard, he first came across Bitsy. Still, in the squatted position, she glanced up at her owner with fear in her eyes. The dog was covered in a blanket of slime and unable to move. She was tied to the ground by the web of dangling goo that allowed her only able to tremble. Darius scooped the mongrel up in his arms, tearing away the webbing, as he lifted her in his arms. As quickly as he could he made his way back to the deck, calling for Eloise to join them.

He found Eloise standing, like a statue on the porch, blanketed with creeping and crawling slugs. They oozed their wetness on her fur, as they slithered over her body. Tremors of the dog were the only visible signs of life. He grabbed her and ran into the house with his girls, slamming the door behind him.

This story is a snafu, a strange figment of someone's frightful imagination

Word count 500

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2174400