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by Linz
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest · #2174425
An entry for the daily flash fiction from a few days ago.
Henry sat down at the desk and looked at the scene before him. A thatched cottage dominated the landscape, surrounded by fields stretching away to the horizon on three sides of the building. Trees provided a backdrop for the cottage, and flowers bloomed from their borders in the garden, enticing the solitary butterfly that appeared to dance from flower to flower.

Eventually, the fields gave way to barren desert. Henry frowned. There was something missing. His eyes were drawn to the sand. Whatever it was, it was to do with the desert. Henry made an animal skull in miniature. Yes, that was it.
"Henry!! Dinner's ready!" Margie, his wife, yelled up the stairs.
"Coming," Henry called, casting one final, critical eye over the artwork. With a shake of his head, he left his attic studio and joined his wife in the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway, eyes fixed on the windowsill as something jogged his memory. Then, he turned, and made his way back up to the studio.
"What about your dinner?" asked Margie, with a note of impatience.
"Just be a minute."
He quickly crafted a tiny cactus and carefully placed it in the middle of the desert, trying hard to steady the slight tremor in his hand. He put down his tool and stood back with a smile. His work of art was complete. He was surely on to a winner with this one! Ships? Pah! Any amateur could do that!

He'd just created a whole diverse scene inside a glass bottle.
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