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True event in the early morning hours of December 15, 2017.
Did death come knocking,
in the early morning hours?
Or was it my Big Jack
asking to come with him and
rest amongst the flowers?

As I had my
back to my wife;
I began to wonder,
what was happening
to my life?

I jolted up to the
sound of faint voices
but fended them off
deciding then, I make
my own choices.

I was not ready to
let go of my time;
I told death to fuck off,
as he walked away
ringing a death chime.

Death never scared
me as I was calm
and didn’t scream.
Was I imagining this
or was it a bad dream?

I knew that it wasn’t,
for I was wide awake;
This was the
real deal and not
something fake.

Did death really come knocking,
in the early morning hours?
I’ll be thinking and
wondering about this
for thousands of hours.

Now that my story
has been told.
Will I live a full life
with my wife and cats,
as we all grow old?

No one knows if this is true.
I’m just glad to have
survived it through.
Or was I just biding my time,
until again, it’s déjà vu?

For not one human
has a clue; As
that day arrives,
our time comes due.


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