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An ideology which is possible, or life as intended by our Creator; our Source.
Living As One In Peace and Love
By - Vaughan Jones


Living as one, because everything is from one creation, one creator, one source, and we're all part of the great ONE. This is an ideology, you may say. In the ideal world this might be possible; this is what you're thinking, right? What if I were to say that it is possible right now, right here, as long as we, brothers and sisters in mankind, put our pride and selfishness totally out of the picture. The picture being life's illusion as created by the world system in which we live. It doesn't matter that we are each unique, we are all ONE creation, we co-exist together and our bodies are all made up of the same energy; molecules made up of atoms. We are not mutually exclusive from nature, Mother Earth, the Universe; we were created to dwell in a life of love together, not a life of selfishness, competition, and pride.

Mutual Inclusivity

Everything and everyone is and are mutually inclusive in this life. Is there any doubt about this? Can mankind actually presume that it is above all else? All matter is life. All life, even rocks and what we may call "dead" things, are alive and everything, living or inane, is made of the same substances. And we all survive from the provisions given to us unquestioningly from Mother Earth and the Universe, Mother Nature. One could always think, "In the Greater scheme of things, "What am I and Who am I?" Well, if reasoned logically, I am absolutely nothing compared to the Universe. In this scenario I am like a grain of soil in one thousand acres of land. Maybe not even.

Do you get it? You are only part of the wonderful creation that exists omnipotent and eternally as intended by our one Creator, God. Each of us has a role to play in the Greater Scheme of Things. If we choose to participate with love, life will be so much sweeter and lovely to live.

The rock group U2 had it spot on in their song "One", which I regard as a curve ball, thrown at mankind, our politics and religions, and especially at our inability to live peacefully with each other. Some "specialists" want us to believe that it is in our nature to compete with each other, to ride roughshod over one another to gain the competitive edge. In this case, does it mean that God wants us to kill each other, torture each other, war against each other, and destroy one another's lives and futures. Does God want us to exploit all the gifts from mother earth to harm nature and mankind? I think not. God's intention is for us to love and respect one another, living in peace and harmony. As opposed to the selfish gratification achieved from striving for and achieving wealth, domination and power.

Humans strive for power and wealth

Don't even the predominant Christian churches make a mockery of the word love? Take the crusaders and the French Inquisition, the public executions, the burning at the stake of people who did not want to become Catholic Christians. This was done to them because they renounced the Catholic teaching that Mary is the mother of God and that the communion host is the living body and blood of Jesus. Now, this was all done in the name of God, Jesus and "His church", all for the betterment of mankind, according to the Pope of the time. Nonsense, this was all done with the goal of achieving political, monitory and religious power in the global sense. Power mongering at its best/worst.

Similar atrocities are committed still, but in much subtler ways, through economic manipulation, The United Nations, the Vatican, the oil powers, world bankers, World Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, NATO etc. And if these methods fail, the powerful threat of military enforcement is introduced. Are you not appalled at the control being exercised over the world and humankind by "The Powers That Be"? They even use designer crime, designer wars and the current drug crisis in the world to further their cause.

The con job done on mankind at large

It's all part of the great human con job, to exploit mankind, the earth, resources in and on the earth, its atmosphere, all for the selfish satisfaction of greed and attainment of political, economic power and control. The survival of the fittest? Here is a quote from the lyrics of the U2 song "ONE". It says it all in a nutshell in my opinion, "We're one but we're not the same, we hurt each other - then we do it again," and from another section: "we need to carry each other, carry each other". Please listen to this song, it touches me deeply when taken in the context of my writing.

Since each one of our realities is based merely on what we perceive, believe, and thus, what we think, and considering that we must think anything before we will say or do anything, we can choose to think love, peace and harmony, thus actualizing it and living it as such; that which we think.

I choose to think love, therefore I am part of love, which I project outward to all living creatures.
Peace, light and love -

Vaughan Jones
ONE Life - Love-Energy Foundation

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