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A synopsis of the book ONE Life - Love - Energy - By Vaughan Jones.
ONE Life – Love - Energy – By Vaughan A Jones


Having discovered the truths about quantum physics and the corresponding truth that all and everything is made of energy, i.e.atoms, the author experienced the revelations described in this book.The book raises many issues covering mankind’s disastrous attempts to control one another, the Earth, Mother Nature, the Universe and so on. The author brings readers back to basics regarding his theory of One Creation, One Life together, One Universal Energy, and one love which we can choose to exercise. The author promotes the ideology of a oneness of being with Earth, mother nature, and all universal elements and energies.

The book recalls some of the most horrific occurrences in old and recent history, questioning who performed these atrocities, what purpose they may have served at the time and the ripple effects on the future. It calls to account perpetrators such as the Vatican, Adolph Hitler, the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank & Monitory Fund, the USA and others who partook in the atrocities against God’s One Creation.

The author is asking mankind to find a long-term solution, based on brotherly & sisterly love for each other and for the whole of God’s creation. A number of political, religious and human issues are dealt with, brought into the light and questioned.

A monthly newsletter will be published from January 2019, revealing news and reader’s thoughts. The author trusts that all fellow believers will enjoy the book and put pen to paper with their views and ideas in response. All constructive views will be considered and published by the author; even destructive views will be considered and published. As Vaughan says, “I can’t be right all the time, it’s impossible”. He thanks all readers and participants heartily.

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