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Christmas edition, wodehouse challenge
"A Perfect Fit"   by PurplePrincess

Fade In:

Int. Living Room – Day
Cindy and Danny are bringing up the green and red bins from the basement and setting them in the corner of the living room preparing to decorate for Christmas. Danny brings up the Christmas Tree and sets it in front of the big picture window. tree.

I am sick of putting this tree in front of the window every year.

DANNY [Visibly annoyed]
That’s where it’s supposed to go.

Aren’t you tired of seeing it there? Don’t you
want to do something different?

Not really

CINDY [crosses arms]
Could you show a little excitement?


Danny moves to the wooden table in the corner of the room and stares hard at Cindy. He leans down toward the tall black electronic device.

Alexa, play Christmas music.

Getting iheart Christmas music from iheart
radio station.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas began to play, vibrating off of the walls of the room. Danny moves to the box that contains the seven-foot tree and opens it.

This is your idea of excitement?
Cindy turns away from him and smiles, secretly happy. She moves to the big table where the Alexa sits, and slides it away from the wall.

I want the tree to go right here in this corner.

Are you sure you don’t want the lights bouncing off of the window pane?

I’m sure.

Danny pulls the black base out of the box and sets it up. He continues to empty the cardboard box, setting three sections of the tree on the big black and beige rug. Danny puts the bottom piece into the base and the green branches fall into place. Cindy joins him, fluffing branches as Danny stands them on the base. Before long, the tree is upright.

Last chance.

He tries to understand her reasoning, but fails.

I’m good. Right in the back corner.

Danny reaches into the middle of the tree, grabs the wooden pole and moves the prickly tree toward the corner, leaving enough room for Cindy to put the lights on and decorate it.

Alexa, play a different song.


Walking in a winter wonderland begins to play. Cindy laughs

Want a different song?

CINDY [shaking her head]
No. I was just thinking that it would be nice to see some snow.

Danny moves a red bin close to the tree and pulls out plastic bags that contain LED light strands. He moves to the electric outlet and plugs it in.

This one is good.

He hands the lights to Cindy, who unravels the wad and places them on the bottom rung of the tree. Once the tree is filled with lights, he removes the red bin and replaces it with the green one. He opens the bin and pulls out the colorful ornaments in green, red, and silver, handing them to his wife one by one.

CINDY [Excitedly]
I think this is going to look fantastic! Don't you?

Cindy finishes adding the decorations and Danny moves the tree back into the corner. He plugs in the lights and stands back admiring their work.

All that’s missing is the topper. Do you know which one you want to use this year?

Christmas music continues to play. Cindy leaves the room, heading through the kitchen and towards the door to the basement. She heads downstairs and searches for the new colored star she bought the previous year. She finds the box and rushes back upstairs.

I found it!

She hands it to Danny. He opens the box and plugs the receptacle into the clear lights. He moves to the kitchen to retrieve the step ladder, sets it up beside the tree and climbs to two steps, placing the star on top. He climbs back down and moves behind Cindy. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree plays from Alexa.

CINDY [smiling]
It’s so pretty.

Cindy admires the tree, tapping her foot to the merry melody. Danny wraps his arms around Cindy, pulling her back into his chest, resting his chin on the top of her head.

It really is a perfect fit.

Cindy laughs. She turns to face him and gasps. Danny looks down at her.

What’s wrong?

CINDY [pointing]
It’s snowing.

Danny turns toward the big window. The pair move to the picture window and watch as big snowflakes fall from the cloudy sky and stick to the green grass, turning it all white.

Fade Out

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