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Flash fiction that flashed into my head.
It was starting to snow harder. She wished she was on some beach on an island. With lots of sun. Some of those girlie cocktails would be good too. She heaved another shovel full off to the right. Digging the shovel in again she heard a muffled clink and felt the end of the shovel flex. Dammit this had better not have broken the shovel! It was all she had. She pulled the shovel out and and bent down to look at where the hole was. Some thing pink? She dug down some more with her hands. Snow kept falling down the sides to cover up the hole she was making. Swearing she started pushing the sides away and working her way back down. The falling snow was easing up a bit, thank god. This never ending shoveling was getting old. She could use the break. With that thought she sat back on her haunches and looked around. Snow as far as the eye could see. She really needed a vacation from this crap
Suddenly the snow was coming down in big fat flakes. You could hardly see your hand in front of your face. With a sigh she leaned back over and started digging back in the hole. What was that? It looked like something made out of rubber. She dug a little more. If she could just get a grip around the edge... It came free with a popping noise. The skies seemed to clear up at the same time. At least it stopped snowing.

"Mommy! Mommy! All the stuff is leaking out of my snowglobe! Make it stop! Make it stop!" The little girl cried out.
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