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by Elitia
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2174595
I was organising the folders on my laptop when I stumbled onto this and I got distracted.

Snow falls gracefully around me. It drifts like small fairies towards the floor and land peacefully with the rest of their group. Trees stand tall and starkly surrounding me in a circle. They embellish themselves in the accessories of snow. I can't see past them but that doesn't matter. Curiously, I look up to the sky, swirling white, opaque clouds fill its entirety. The harsh cold breeze does not affect me, as if I was made of plastic. The cold snowy landscape fills me with warmth. It's the perfect scene for this time of year.

I am interrupted from my trance by the site of a deer in the distance. Blankly, its beautiful orb like eyes pierce into me. Their focus still on me as I stand up to approach the creature. Snow crunches under my feet as I cautiously move forward. The trees grew and towered over me in a threatening manner telling me to stay back. I let curiosity take hold and lead me further towards the deer. It kept its ice-cold stare attached to me, but it never met my eyes.

A chill ran up my spine as I glided my hand to stroke the deer's head. Gently, I placed my fingers onto their soft fur. Disbelief ran through me. Its fur felt stony against my hand, the ends ever so slightly poking into my fingers. It was made of plastic! My feet stumble with me towards the trees. Fear squeezed every fibre of my being as I ran through the trees. Branches and twigs clawed at my winter coat, my breath caught in my throat. Were the trees even real? My legs go numb from franticly running.

As I sprinted towards a clearing in the dense trees I feel my heart stop. Source less dread washes over me as urge myself to go faster. Fumbling, I reach the clearing and try to catch my breath. It is stolen away once again once I see what has been in front of me all this time. Giants uproar in deafening yells, their monstrous jaws unhinging to scream and devour. The owlish eyes of a young giant land on me. I couldn't escape her gaze even if I could to run. In a few large strides, the monster was staring directly at me. All feeling escapes my body as I fall to the ground, tears quickly streaming down my face. Terror engulfs me as this creature snatches the forest into her single claw.

"Mommy, Mommy! The pretty girl in the snow globe is alive! Look!"

The noise overtakes all other senses, overtaking my own screams. My stiff body is flung lifelessly across the ground as it shakes the earth. I hear my body crack but I cant feel the pain, I'm not even sure if I was able to in the first place. The giants fall deathly silent as my body floats off the floor as if I was just a feather, it had dropped me. Concrete wood was rapidly filled my vision. My head cracks, but that's the least of my worries. The place I called home is now on its side, destroyed, unrepairable and gone. I turn my head to see the bottom of my home. Questions fill my head as I question what this means, but I can't find an of the answers as I pass out. "Made In Taiwan", what does it mean?

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