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Trust was invaded through the deceit of some her descendant.
By Christopher Aisudo

Long, Long, Long time ago in the Land of Trust.In that Land dwell the descendant of Trust: Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, and Love. They all live happily for years.

But one day, the Land of Trust was invaded by her Enemies: Ignorant, Foolishness, and Pride. How? Knowledge, one of the descendant of Trust, joined affinity with the Enemies of Trust.

Knowledge was on a journey and met Ignorant and Foolishness.

Ignorant: Mr. Knowledge, one of the pillars of the Land of Trust, how wild are you to keep your Land?

Knowledge: Well, as wild as I want per time to keep my Land.

Foolishness: Do you know that the Land of Trust is weak without you?

Ignorant: Yes,the Land is weak without you!Think!Come with us, so we can Enlarge our own territory. You are been used without being acknowledged! Think!
Knowledge started thinking: could this be true? Me, being used!

Arriving from her journey, meet with Love. Suddenly, Love became receptive to the plot. Knowledge and Love started withdrawing from their roles in the Land. The people started complaining of the negative impart of their gradual absence.

Knowledge and Love meet with Ignorant, Foolishness, and Pride on how to invade the Land of Trust but Understanding, and Wisdom were aloof in this whole plan because they sensed danger. The day of invasion came, Knowledge and Love were not in the Land (That was the plan).

The Land was invaded: Men, Women, Old and Young even Children were killed, while some were taken captive. After the invasion, the Land of Trust never remain the same again.

Foolishness took over Knowledge, Hate and Pride dominated Love. Nothing good was forth coming from Love and Knowledge. They were deceived by the Enemies of Trust; Ignorant, Foolishness, Pride, and Hate.
They rule the Land.

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