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What happens when a single girl creates trouble between the wealthy and the loving?

Adelaide rushed down the pavement with her backpack flying behind her as the rude and noisy cars honked at each other. She weaved through the different people who stood on the sidewalk causing her luscious brown hair to sway left and right with the wind. This time, she didn't have the time to interpret the expressions on the different people's faces, using their countenance to identify the kind of lifestyle they lead. She had to get there quickly, it was rather unfortunate that the universe decided to give her bad luck on that very day. It was extremely rude to be late on your first day of the job, especially when the C.E.O. of Interrogate Ltd. was doing her a great favor by giving her the job. The aforementioned, Beatrix Ronalds, who preferred being called Trix, was a tall and graceful woman. Her entirely black suit emphasized the paleness of her skin and the extremity of her facial features. In short, she was a very very beautiful woman. Now, you see, this particular job that Adelaide had applied for needed at least fifteen years of experience and she had absolutely none. But at the time she was madly searching for a job and didn't even bother to read the requirements as she filled in as many of the application forms she could find online. Miss Ronalds decided solely based on the fact that she liked the way Adelaide seemed so well mannered yet bouncy and vivacious during the interview. And this irrational decision brought Adelaide a whole new reason to be happy.
Adelaide pushed the door open gently as she tilted her head to take a little peek, silently asking if she may come in. A subtle smile grew on Beatrix's face as she figured that her new employee would not be disappointing her after all. She knew her as Miss Adelaide Susanna Oxford. Trix was a very eloquent lady because she earned much more than the average person. However, on that very day, at that very hour, she was finding it was difficult to concentrate on the words she spoke for one reason or the other. She felt she would soon say something stupid because she was no longer in control of her words, as her mind was elsewhere. Thus, she decided to cut the meeting short and leave Adelaide to begin her new job.
Adelaide adored her new job, not only did she love writing but she also really loved mystery. And now she had practically the best job ever, she had to write stories about real-life happenings that the detectives in the company solved so that the general public could be more informed. She sat down in her cubicle and opened the yellow folder on the top of two other pink folders. This case was about a girl who had been abducted by two men on her way to her best friend's house and they took her to a cave where 38 other girls were kept and they all became friends and escaped and on and on and on... She started work immediately as it was not difficult for creativity to overwhelm her brain. She worked with all her energy, unaware of her surroundings, until her quiet alarm clock buzzed indicating that it was 12:30 - lunchtime. She was shocked that she had worked for four hours without even realizing. This just gave her more proof that she loved this job to bits. She was extremely glad that she actually got the job. This was pure luck. though, she got the feeling that her boss didn't really like her. As Miss Ronalds spoke to her this morning, she was not focused on the words she was saying almost as if she had better things to do. And Adelaide felt disheartened by that, she didn't exactly know why, but she believed she just wanted the attention from her, to let her that Miss Ronalds saw her as the extremely hard working girl she knew she was.
Adelaide sat at her table, thinking about her new life while munching on her bagel and sipping her foamy latte. She was starting all over, completely brand-new, no more rotten homophobic parents, no more abusive ex-girlfriend, no more antique over-crowded apartment. Her life was now absolutely brand new. As she thought happily about the positive turn her life had taken, she noticed a tall and pretty tomboy seemingly coming towards her. Adelaide had become extremely alert these days, due to the fact that Caitlyn (the aforementioned abusive ex-girlfriend) used to attack her anytime she felt like it and Adelaide always had to be ready for her maniacal explosions of anger. Miss Tall and Pretty walked over and asked quietly "May i sit here?" Her voice was very hoarse, but she looked nothing like a smoker. She was wearing an over-sized, black, long-sleeved, button-up shirt on top of white tattered jeans that seemed to be hanging low on her hips. Her feet were covered by black and white Vans with a pair of grey shoelaces. Adelaide loved the style of her outfit, but most of all Adelaide adored the hairstyle that Miss Tall and Pretty had on. She had shaved of her head and she had tied the remaining hair in the middle into a neat bun. Her extremely dark eyes looked down on Adelaide's in such a childish manner that Adelaide had no choice but to say yes after a long staring battle between the two. Adelaide had no idea who this girl was but she was absolutely ready to hear her out. "So, did you start working at Interrogate Ltd. today or earlier?" Adelaide was terribly confused. Like, a stranger just appeared out of nowhere and already knew where she worked and wanted to find out more. Thus, Adelaide thought it safest to stay quiet. She gave Miss Tall and Pretty a very clearly confused look before looking out of the window, making it obvious that she was not going to be giving a reply anytime soon. "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off as stalker-like or anything like that. I - I - I actually work in the cubicle next to yours and I realized that this was the first time i was seeing you around, and I..." At this point, Miss Tall and Pretty was rambling on faster than a woodchipper and Adelaide couldn't hold back the giggles escaping from her lips. "Oh my daze," Adelaide said between giggles "If you talk any quicker, I won't be able to understand a word you're saying," A blush slowly crept up the face of Miss Tall and Pretty as she whispered "Um, sorry..." Adelaide giggled more and stretched her hand out for a handshake. At first, Miss Tall and Pretty just stared between Adelaide's hand and face before grasping a firm hold of it. "I still don't have your name Miss Pretty," Adelaide blurted out before she could realise what she was saying. This time, Miss Tall and Pretty became tomato red as she uttered "It's uh Ca-Callista, um, most pe-people call me, uh, Ca-Cali" Adelaide then realized how flustered this girl was becoming so to test the waters, she asked, "Why do you stutter so much?"

"I don't"

It was a plain reply with a blank expression. And that was when Adelaide fell in love, she didn't know it yet but she could feel the symptoms of the inevitable love disease.
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