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A little doll comes to life and goes on a small journey
All of a sudden Elsa took a deep breath and blinked her eyes. This new thing called life felt very weird to her because she had been perfectly still for as far back as she could remember. Elsa was an amigurumi doll that was always able to see and hear, but she was never able to move. It was as if she was alive, but in a catatonic state.

Somehow, life breathed into her and she was ready to live. The young teenage girl who owned her took her everywhere. She tucked her into her back pack and considered her a good luck charm.

Elsa attended class with the girl at school and when no one was looking, Elsa unzipped the back pack, jumped down to the floor and left. She walked the streets and caught the stares of a few people who looked down and noticed her. When this happened she tried to hide because she didn’t want to be picked up and taken away by someone.

She carefully walked around the area looking at all of the sites and what she saw was amazing. People were pushing and shoving one another on buses; folks were almost knocking each other down running for trains; and others were arguing in local stores and coffee shops about all sorts of things.

She found a theater nearby and decided to take in a movie. There was an unruly bunch of children a few rows up who were yelling and screaming while throwing things at the screen. It scared Elsa so bad that she decided to leave.

Elsa thought life to be extremely complicated. Most people were either rude or in too much of a hurry to take a breath and enjoy it. She had been able to hear and see all of this time, but experiencing actual life was very different than what she expected.

While making her way back to the school, she compared the gift of life to being catatonic. Being catatonic was starting to win because the thought of fighting her way through life seemed too difficult and scary.

As Elsa sneaked back into the girl’s classroom, she saw the students in a panic. The girl realized that Elsa was missing and the teacher instructed everyone to help find her.

Elsa quickly ran and slid underneath one of the desks in the back of the room. She stayed there until one of the students found her. The girl was so grateful that she started to cry. She thanked all of the students and especially her teacher for asking everyone to help. No one questioned how Elsa wound up on the other side of the room. They were all just happy that she was found.

When Elsa was put back in the back pack, she immediately fell asleep. Her mini adventure had taken a toll on her and she was tired. When she returned to the house, she was put on the bed with the rest of the dolls.
As she began to wake up she realized that she could no longer move. She thought that maybe she had been dreaming. But dream or not, she was grateful for what seemed like a real life experience.

She started slowly but surely getting used to the fact that she would be perfectly still once again, and it was fine. Elsa told herself that she was a small little doll that was meant to see, hear and nothing else.

Maybe someday in the future she would be blessed with a dream or the breath of life again. Once in a while being scared was a thrilling thing. But until then, she would observe her surroundings and be satisfied with the young girl who toted her around every day in her back pack.

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