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Electronics can talk?!?! Yes, and they saved my life!!!! (Dialogue challenge)
Saved By The...Ring? By Sabrina Mabson
Word Count: 496
Contest: Dialogue 500 (Dialogue Only)
Prompt: Phone has a mind of its own.

Hey Siri, call Janet for me please"

"Janet declined with a message. Driving, talk when I get home."

"Ugh! I'll call her la-what was that?! Oh my gosh is that a burglar!"

"Showing web results for I'll call her la-. what was that?! Oh my gosh is that a burglar!"

"Really Siri!"

"Showing web results for really Siri!"

"Siri stop it! Shhhhhhh! There is a burglar in the house, it will hear you!"

"Showing web results for Siri stop it! Shhhhhhh! There is a burglar in the house, it will hear you!"

"Ugh! Why am I talking to Siri like a real person! I am gonna end up dead talking to Siri, who isn't real!"

"Oh I am real, that's what makes this so much fun. It really is quite amusing when you get flustered! Haha! "

"Ok...ummm...now I'm going crazy. I MUST be going crazy. I have to be crazy if I think my phone is talking...right? Noooo, it couldn't have...I guess I should look and see if anyone is actually in the house before I completely freak...Who does he think he is
going through my drawers! Hey Siri!"

"Hello Nicole, how may I help you? Would you like me to save your life today? I could call 911 if you want."

"Yes Siri! I want you to call 911!...Am I seriously talking to a phone?"

"Yes. Yes you are. Haha. Calling 911...ring...ring...ring...ring."

"Hello what is your emergency?"

"There is a man in my house going through all my stuff! 237 Rummins Road Lexington, Arizona"

"We are sending an officer now. Find somewhere to hide. I can stay on the line with you if you would like?"

"Nah. I am hiding in the closet, I will just wait in here until the police come. Just tell them to hurry, please!."

"Ok ma'am. I am putting a little fire under there butts. Just stay quiet and hidden."

"Oh I will! I better get off of here. I can be much quieter without the phone. Bye "

"Maybe, but I got some noise to help you. How about blasting some Bone Crusher. Let this intruder know we aren't scared! He will think there is a ghost in the house and totally freak out! It will be hilarious! Prank the intruder shall we?"

"Alexa?! Ummmm....uhhhh...yeah that's a...good idea play I Ain't Never Scared by Bone Crusher in the bedroom."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Is someone there? He-hello?"

"Hahaha he is so scared. I bet he peed in his pants! How about some 2 Live Crew to get him out the house"

"I can't believe this is happening. My electronics are alive! I must be dreaming. Yep I am definitely dreaming. "Ouch! Nope, that pinch definitely hurt. Ugh I'm awake...Uhhh yeah, Alexa play Get the F*** Out My House by The
2 Live Crew!"



"Police hands up!"

"Oh he is gone now you're to late. We scared him off"

"Ma'am did your phone just talk to me?

"Oh good, you hear it too!"
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