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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2174922
WIP for review. 3 friends at a weird airport. weird. breakdowns. gay. scarie stuff bro.

Lilo and his friends, Cherry and Alice, were at the airport, looking for a flight to a city on the west coast called Raseel. The bunch were looking to have an out of state experience away from home, them all being newly 18. Though, the whole experience and feel of the day had been a bit odd. All of them were very aware of this, though they didn’t think to bring it up. When they entered the airport, asking where the gate was, no one really knew what flight they were talking about.
But nevertheless, the were able to talk to a paranoid and finicky flight assistant with blonde hair who was wearing dark sunglasses inside the airport who redirected them to a gate. She told them that from this place, wherever it was, it had a flight headed to Raseel. They sat at that gate alone, being the only ones there. After sitting around on their phones quietly, every now and then making a comment about a thing they read online or asking when the plane was gonna come, Cherry got up.
“I’m hella bored. So I’m gonna go to the Sandwich Place if you wanna come along.” She looked back and forth at Lilo and Alice. “No? M’k.” She was going to leave but then after realizing that both of her friends were asleep, she stopped. Cherry walked over to Lilo and shook his shoulders. “Wake up!” She yelled, pivoting over to Alice and kicking her leg.
Shocked, Lilo almost fell out of his seat. Alice knocked over a water bottle that was by her foot, it only leaking a little onto the multi-colored carpet. “What?” Lilo said sharply while Alice set the water bottle back up. “Sandwiches!” Cherry replied, Her clenched fists caused her knuckles to go white. She was already flustered enough from the “Idiotic employees” at the airport. “Yeah, ok…” Alice mumbled, having re-assessed where she was. Cherry let out a grunt and walked away, her long straight ponytail bouncing behind her, and her bright red cheeks growing more vivid. Lilo and Alice were very aware she had a short-temper. They still loved her though.
They were following a few feet behind Cherry. She was desperately trying to figure out where the Subway was, but was too entitled to ask for help from either of them, let alone an employee
“She’s mad,” Alice stated. “Yeah,” Lilo replied, rubbing his eyes and putting his hands in his armpits for warmth in the frigid airport. “She’ll get over it though. She always does.” He grew quiet. Alice waited a few seconds before responding. “You’re right.” She murmured.
Cherry, having finally found the Subway, started to calm down. She was seen sitting down by Lilo, her friend, and Alice, her girlfriend, and so Alice knew she just wanted the usual. A BLT. Lilo and Alice leaned against the metal railings that established the line, scanning the menu. “Imma just get a meatball sub. What’re you gonna get?” Alice asked, turning to Lilo. “I’ll have the same I guess.” Lilo replied, still weary and recovering from being woken up. “Aight..” Alice walked forward and ordered for him and her fuming girlfriend of 2 years. Lilo went and sat by Cherry.
“That old decrepit couple is giving you looks,” Cherry stated. “Yeah, I know. It’s okay, I’m used to it.” Lilo replied, turning his eyes down to the marble tabletop. Lilo had vitiligo, which always managed to get him ‘looks’. But they didn’t affect him. Not anymore, at least. It wasn’t as noticeable as it could be, he had lighter coloured, tan skin naturally. “Alright then. Y’know, I could totally beat them up for you.” Cherry offered, seeming to crack her previously pale knuckles. Lilo’s natural impulse was to laugh, even though he knew Cherry was dead serious. “Funny,” He replied. Alice came back with their food. “I got your food too, Cherry. BLT.” Alice said, handing her girlfriend a sandwich.
“Lilo- your meatball,” She continued to hand out the sandwiches and chips. Both Cherry and Lilo said thanks, with a monotonous tone. “So still no news on when the flight is?” Alice inquired.
“No. And am I the only one who this is weird? Because this is crazy sketchy. No one else is at the gate, and no one even knew about a flight to Raseel. And we were redirected. What if we get stuck in-Where are we even going anyway?” Cherry said sharply and quickly, darting through her words. Neither of the two said anything. “I’m not sure? The chick said this flight would take us to an airport--somewhere, and we’d get on a flight there.” Alice finally interrupted.
“Well duh Alice, I know, I was there. I just want to know where this in-the-middle airport is. But I guess no one knows.” Cherry replied, changing her tone rapidly, from annoyed to concerned, to neutral. Alice shrugged a little and put her head down, back to her sandwich. She reached out her hand to hold Cherry’s, but she had pulled it away. “Well, I’m done, so I’m going to go and check the gate. Maybe someone’s there.” Lilo broke the silence, wiping his hands on his cargo shorts. Cherry was frustrated once again, almost out of nowhere, and left the table without saying anything to Alice. She followed behind Lilo. “Wait up!” She yelled through cupped hands.
Alice watched as they went away, and when they disappeared, she scoffed and cleaned up her trash. After throwing everything away and returning her tray, she ran after them. She muttered under her breath about how Cherry was mad for no reason and finally caught up.
“As legitimately horrible as cargo shorts are, they kind of suit you.” Alice heard Cherry say, tapping on her phone. “Thanks? I guess?” Lilo replied, somewhat confused. They had made it back to the gate after passing by a crowd of people, all heading somewhere on the other side of the airport, seeming to run away from the general direction of the friends. They all avoided eye contact with them. They thought nothing of it and continued forth. Still no one had claimed a seat at the gate, but a new employee was looking anxious, and was picking up her bags. “I gotta get outta here…” The frightened woman said, looking down at the floor while passing the friends. Cherry turned her head quickly to look at the employee, her strawberry blonde hair whipping behind her. Her washed out pink tips slashed across Lilo’s face. “Gah,” Lilo mumbled, removing himself from it. “She's cute, I wonder what's wrong with her,” Cherry stated, Alice slapped her arm. “What? You're cuter, you know that.” Cherry responded, crossing her arms. “Well…” Alice trailed off. They walked to their seats.
Before they could get settled down, a new lady appeared in a navy blue uniform that said “Samantha”. She had her arms behind her back. She stood silent for a while, her nearly white eyes piercing all of the 18 year olds. “This flight is about to leave. You are boarding?” She inquired, extending her arm towards the boarding area. She held this pose. “Yes ma’am…? Thank you,” Alice responded. The woman turned her head to Alice, tilting it slightly to the side. “Wonderful. Right this way.” The woman's arms returned to her back, and she walked in straight lines to the entry ramp, with a military like precision. She stopped dead in her tracks and in a second she spun back to them, clearly tripping up Lilo. She reassessed them and smiled. It was like she was a robot who forgot its programming. “And your tickets?” Her voice was kind and welcoming. Alice scrambled to get them out of her brown backpack. It's straps were cold on her bare shoulders. “Uh- here they are! There you go. Thank you...again.” Alice was quiet, but wanted to be nice.
“Thank you.” The dark haired woman replied, returning to her podium like desk. The three continued on the ramp.
“That was really weird? Why were you so nice to her?” Cherry said almost immediately. “Shush Cherry!” Alice replied sharply. “She might hear you,” Suddenly she was whispering. “Did you see her eyes? Maybe she’s...blind. They were really foggy…?” Lilo came into the conversation. There was a general murmur of agreement, and then they reached the plane’s entrance. They were all confused. No one else was in the plane. After looking around, Lilo saw a woman in the same navy blue uniform as before. She stood at the front, she had come out of the pilot's control room. It was the same woman that had nervously run off earlier. She still retained the anxious demeanor, but was trying to seem welcoming. A forced smile grew on her face upon seeing them. “Hello, please take a seat…” She said, gesturing to the rows of unoccupied seats. They walked to the back of the plane.
“We're gonna die. Yup,” Cherry whispered in Lilo's ear. They all put their bags overhead and sat down. Alice was the first to buckle her seat belt. She sat in the window seat, Cherry in the middle, Lilo at the end. “What in the actual hell is going on? Where are we going? What? What the hell?” Cherry channeled her anxieties through frustration. “It...It'll be fine! Maybe no one want to go to...the place where we're going,” Alice was more nervous than any of them, but still tried to reassure her girlfriend. Lilo buried his face in his hands. He let out a groan. “I wish Vicki was here,” He said. Cherry had reacquired her anger. “Why? Sure, Vicki’s great, but why are you even dating? You don't like her like that. Admit it,” Cherry yelled. “Admit what?” Lilo replied. “That you're gay!” Cherry yelled again. Lilo fell silent. Alice looked towards Cherry with disbelief, Her mousy brown hair in her face. “I’m- not gay Cherry…” He tried his best to sound defensive and sure of himself. “Yeah okay. I'm gonna sleep. Wake me up when we get there.” Cherry gave up and spread herself out on her chair. The plane rumbled.
“Hello, and welcome to Away Airlines. On our flight to WHITEAVERO, our many flight attendants will be serving you. The restroom is at the rear of the aircraft. In case of emergency, there are 6 exits on the plane. They are shown in your safety pamphlet…” A welcoming voice came over the speakers, and continued to talk for a few minutes. “I'm not sure about ‘Many flight attendants’,” Lilo said, his face still buried in his hands.
Alice looked out the window, seeing the reflection of her hazel eyes looking back at her. They were moving. It was beginning to get loud, and soon they got off the ground.
Lilo heard a noise through the intervals of more quiet rumbling. He looked around to see what it was. At the front of the plane he saw the flight attendant with her face in between her knees, sobbing. He watched, wondering what to do. But his anger lead him to apathy and he turned away from the situation. He wasn't sure what to do now, and so he decided to just sleep.
Some time had past, and about 30 minutes later, Alice had remained the only one awake. With her chin rested in her right hand, she looked out the small rounded window. All that occupied her vision were clouds.
Lilo woke up. He did what he always did after sleeping, which was pulling out his dream journal. He rummaged through the contents of his pale pink backpack before finding the small book. Lilo didn’t want to admit that all of his recent entries have been the same thing. Everytime, everyday, every dream was about the same charming boy from Lilo's neighbourhood. Lilo dreamed about them being together… them going to silly high school dances together… his name was William. He had the palest skin and the most wonderful green eyes- but of course, the dreams meant nothing. They were just funny dreams to Lilo. “Right? They don't mean anything? I mean obviously they don't. I have a girlfriend...who I do love! A lot. Of course.” Lilo would tell himself. In his endless self assurances, he put his journal back with his men's fashion magazines. He was soon lost in his thoughts.
An hour into the fight. Alice's hand had managed to make Its way over to Cherry’s. Everyone was awake. “Can we please talk about this?” Alice said, her hands flying in the air. “What is there to say Alice? This whole experience has been harrowing and now I just wanna go home. Why were we even going to Raseel? Why not just a classic beach in the caribbean? Why did we come on to this flight? I just want to go home!” Lilo cut her off, his hands also flying in the air, but in an angrier way. He exhaled loudly and dug his elbows into his thighs, his index fingers massaging his temples. “Way to lose your cool Lilo. Great job. Now you’ve ruined my improving mood. Thanks.” Cherry looked at the ceiling of the airplane, her arms folded loosely together. “No, Cherry… just… leave him alone,” Alice scooted into the corner as much as possible and turned her legs towards the window. The cold air conditioning hit against her bare shoulders. Lilo shot up out of his chair after unbuckling his seatbelt, and marched a few feet away to the bathroom. He locked the door.
Tears streamed down his flushed cheeks. His breathing was heavy and he looked into the mirror. He sat at the toilet and tried his best to breathe. He threw his head back and let out an exasperated “I just wanna go home. Please God. Why?” He splashed some water onto his face and returned outside of the bathroom. “Gathered yourself again, iron closet?” Cherry said, keeping the same position as before. “Yeah, and don’t call me that, diesel.” Lilo said calmly, buckling himself back in. “M’k sappho daddy-o.” Cherry replied, a smile making its way onto her face. She turned to Alice, who also was smiling. “Well, horatian, looks like we’re landing.” Cherry said, unbuckling her seatbelt and putting up her tray. Alice punched her arm.
Soon enough, they made it on the ground and were getting their bags. The flight attendant from earlier appeared next to Lilo, him not seeing her prior to her coming in with a: “T-hank you si-r. For f-f-flying with away airlines. W-we app-preciate you joining us on our f-flight to…” She paused. “Whiteavero! Join us again. P-please,” She sounded unsure of herself and Lilo noticed another tear glide down her sickly looking cheeks. Upon further inspection of her eyes, he realized she had no pupils. She was wearing contacts. Lilo came to the realization that her eyes were foggy, like the scary woman at the gate. All of this staring into her eyes seemed to upset her. “I’m sorry!” She exclaimed, running to the front of the plane. One of her heels fell off. She went to the exit of the plane and held her other shoe while she ran out.
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