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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2174924
this is old. beware. Wilder is abandoned in the woods. very depressing. im so deep.

Wilder had been in the Sunflower Stream forest for two months now. Sunflower Stream is a remote area in Rocky Mountain in which, since two months ago, has two less citizens. Wilder has a sister of the same age, of 15. And a Step-Father of 43. His sister Kerry and His Step-Father; ( of whom he always referred to as Richard ) hated Wilder. Hated Wilder.
But for about a year, ( two months ago ) Kerry, Wilder, and Richard lived contently in Rocky Mountain. Their summer home. Two months ago Richard told Kerry and Wilder they could go to the center of Sunflower Stream forest, Sunflower Lake. Kerry and Wilder were standing in the shallow part of the lake when Kerry pushed Wilder into it. But when Wilder finally got up and out of the lake, his nose bleeding, his face scarred, and his clothes sogged and ripped, Kerry was gone. He heard the engine of Richard's car start. They were gone.
Wilder fell back onto a large piece of driftwood.
He woke up; the sun frying him, dried blood on his face, and and an insect on his cheek. He swiped it off. He walked a few feet to the shallow part of the lake and sat down in the water.
Two months later and Wilder is on the other side of a lake in a little fort made out of small logs. Damp logs. Every hour a drop of water fell on Wilder when he's in the fort.
Wilder was getting hungry. Wilder went out and to the back of the fort. That's where he kept sticks, logs, twigs, ect. Luckily, Wyatt brought a knife two months ago. So he took it out of his pocket. It had a tad bit of rust on it. He spent about fifteen minutes sharpening a long, slender, stick. He didn't know what he was going to do with it.
So he sighed and threw it at the fort. It made a large crash. He looked all around for bushes. He found a bush that stood out. He saw blackish speckles on it. He walked about 12 feet over to it and almost tripped over a rock.
“Blackberries…?” Wilder said, in a raspy voice. He was sick. He leaned a foot closer to the bush. “Oh boy,” He said. He picked about 12. He started to eat them while he walked around in circles. He looked into the lake. The reflection of the sun looked like an orb deep in the water. The shadow of a bird eclipsed the reflection, bringing Wilder back to reality. He put his hands down from his mouth and walked over to the lake and sat down. He kicked some water. He brought his hand up to his mouth and tilted his head back as he dropped the remaining three blackberries into his mouth.
He stared at the lake for sixteen minutes until he looked down at his hand and saw that a beetle was crawling nearby it. He stared at the beetle for a good 15 seconds until he got up out of the sunshine and into the darkness of the trees that protected his fort. He picked up the stick that he sharpened earlier and placed it with the other sticks. He, of course, was still hungry. But he was more tired than hungry. So he walked into the fort, crouching under the entrance, and laid down on the pile of leaves he put in there. The leaves were extremely damp and he couldn't ignore it. He groaned and got up out of the fort. He was in a crouching position and got all the leaves in his hands.
He threw them out. He looked up at the tree closest to the fort. He turned around and got a large stick. He used it like a baseball bat and hit the tree repeatedly. Many leaves fell down from the tree. This was one of the trees in the forest that actually had leaves on it as opposed to kind of things a coniferous tree provides. He picked up an armful of the leaves and tossed them in the fort. He took a while to even them out. He walked out to the pile of leftover leaves and took them to the back of the fort. He lifted up some of the sticks and tossed the leaves beneath them.
Now he could finally rest. The sun was about to set in an hour. He laid down. And closed his eyes.
Wilder often wondered what had happened to Kerry and Richard. Had they run off to an island in the Caribbean? Had they gotten into a car accident leaving the woods? ...Gone back to their normal lives? Wilder often assumed he’d never know what happened to them. And how bad could not knowing be? They didn't care for him anyways. He always wondered, but never worried.
Wilder was content with his current lifestyle, and even though he lived in a forest, he still craved adventure. There was something he yearned for. He sought after a sense of fulfillment. He knew sooner or later his ambition would take him away from this place. Wilder had not seen any humans since Kerry and Richard abandoned him.

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