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Episode two of the story
Episode 2
There she was, beautiful Tina, standing at the doorstep with a small black polythene bag. In it was my "expensive" shopping. I drifted from the couch where I was lying and ushered her in. She handed me my 20 shillings shopping and I signaled her to have a seat.
"I won't even sit, I am in a rush Tonny. Where is the movie I was to pick from you?" She uttered as we sat on the same couch. Honestly I had forgotten that movie request courtesy of the many questions that had been lingering in my mind.
"Oh I had forgotten the movie CD request, let me search you a nice movie from this bunch. Be patient for just ten minutes", I explained as I shuffled through a bulk of my CDs.
She refused to wait and said her mum was going to attend a funeral that night in the nearby area and she had to see her off before it was late. Besides she was to go have a bath before the water her younger sister had warmed for her cooled. After engaging my negotiation skills very well, we agreed that she was to go see to those two tasks and then come back for two movie CDs before 9pm. All this time she was busy 'scrutinizing' my small house with her eyes moving around. From the TV stand to the curtains to the ceiling to the fairly dirty carpet. Probably she was comparing what she was seeing to what she saw in her boyfriend's house. Probably to compare who was better off than the other, I thought to myself. She stood and left
For the first time a girl had entered my bachelor pad since I moved in. "Tina, don't forget to come back for two thrilling movie CDs please. I am waiting for you"
I sweet talked her as she left. I saw her smile and sigh and said to myself silently."Yeeeees! This one I must munch tonight!" as I shut the door behind her.
I sat on my couch and began to calculate my scheme of getting her laid upon her return. I decided that if she comes back, I should pester her to sleep over at my place. Afterall she had said her mother was going to a funeral ceremony that night and that might be the one and only chance. I psyched and convinced myself that it was going to be an easy task.
At 9pm as I tuned my TV to KTN News channel to admire my permanent crush Betty Kyalo anchor news, the door flung open and in walked my temporary crush. This time Tina was not just the usual avarage girl I saw at her mother's kiosk. Tina was looking elegant, angelic and superly hot. She had showered and done some slight make up that made her skin look radiant. She wore a nice red mini dress that besides exposing her fleshy brown thighs at the bottom it also exposed her cleavage and creased beautiful neck at the top. I found myself gazing,staring and glaring at her. The bad boy urge to lay pretty girls that I had abandoned a year back seemed to rekindle.
"Why are you staring at me Tonny, give me the movies I need to go and watch" She said with a gentle smile. This time she didnot even sit. Just rotating her sexy eyes and smiling blushingly. Before I could utter anything, I felt my blood becoming hot and my body warmer. The short I was wearing became tight for my harmer seemed to harden and protrude from inside. I was ashamed to stand up and expose my protruding tool to this new hunt.
" Move close, sit here for a while, I will still take you to your home if it becomes too late". I softened my voice as I uttered this while gently holding her hand.
Her sweet rosy body scent drove me crazier as she sat next to me. My blood became hotter. My mind became dirtier and my hands were itching to touch.
"I am an old hand at this game," I thought to myself.
There and then I decided to apply the treachery I had learned in the school of life.
"Relax, let me test the CDs to ascertain that they have no scratches".
I walked towards the TV stand while leaning foward to conceal the protruding hammer in my short. Exposing it would be shameful or it might induce fear in this new hunt, so I thought. I knew well the movie had no scratches but mine was a stategy to buy time and elongate her stay. The movie itself was thrilling and romantic. I chose it for a purpose of course. Its called 'playing your cards well.' The scenes in the movie became more thrilling as we scanned through various episodes. She bacame glued to it. My scheme was working miracles.
"Tina let's watch this movie over here tonight, already your mum has gone for the night funeral ceremony. Before she returns in the morning, I will have escorted you back. Sweetheart just see how nice it feels to watch such a romantic movie as you lay on laps and chest, don't you enjoy being with me here beautiful?". All this time my hands were softly caressing her on the neck. She tried to resist sweetly but whoever said ladies fall in love with what they hear got it right! She no doubt had come to my house to be requested for a sleep over but as always, ladies must play hard to get,just a little. Besides, our African culture advocates that it's the man to make the first move. No matter how much in love a lady is, it's against our culture to sedduce the man. I therefore took the initiative. "Tina bae, you are the hottest and the most beautiful girl I have ever come this close to." You know well I am single and it's because all this time I envisioned to date a girl of your quality. Grab this chance and be the only queen in my kingdom. I have fallen in love with you". My poetry skills were now being put to test. The movie continued as I kept maximising on my tongue by making it as sweet as possible. Tina had silently accepted to spend the night in my house. It pays to have a good tongue my friend. Especially if you have no money, you need the sweetest tongue. I had invested in that. These skills I learned in the school of life years back. She had stopped talking of going back home and now she lay on my laps. My hands now softly caressing her soft hair and making gentle touches on her cleavage. Her temperature was now rising and I knew my magics had worked.
Something crossed my mind at almost midnight and I seemed to be back to my senses. I had swore never to lay any girl again. My conscience took a turn about and realized it was not wise to go back to a lifestyle that I had denounced years back "No! no! no! Let me escort you back to your home. No! We cant sleep together. I can't lay you. I dont want to live that life anymore." I said as I drifted from the sofa....
Episode 3 coming...
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