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by K.HBey
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Sara is attending with fervor the men selected by Mister Smith in order to liberate her.
Such night of the 31st of October, in the forest, witches are celebrating Halloween and in the same time the one century anniversary of witches' kingdom. They are busy drinking and dancing and putting poison everywhere on human being zone. They intend to elect the queen Dorothy as an official queen of kingdom of diamonds. Dorothy has 30 years and is a witch. Their parents are those who invaded the kingdom of diamonds. Her father is the cousin of Debora.

A men group come to liberate Princess Sara. They cross the difficult forest paths one by one when they finally arrive to Sara detention locality. The area is well overseen. Alan puts poison powder to the witch soldiers. Finally they succeed to be there at her prison. She is thirsty attending with fervor men who will come to liberate her. Her features translate anxiety. She looks forward to be free. She cannot believe she will get her freedom. Sara resembles a lot her grandmother Debora. She is slender, has got green eyes, black long hair and is smart. Finally, the men come with a tremendous engagement to liberate Sara. They project all their hopes on Sara, such future queen of the kingdom of diamonds. A great exhaling breath is heard; Sara is so excited and feels herself dreaming.

When they return back, the men are running quickly towards such forest paths and all are scared to be caught by witches. Alan is the back defender of the men group. He is robust and learned many witch tours. At the end of the forest last path, a gigantic witch comes and tries to put powder poison to Sara. Alan reacts and puts another antidote powder poison. Unfortunately he dies with the witch. He loses his life in order to protect Sara, the future queen of the prosperous kingdom of diamonds.
At the loss of Alan Sara is crying and the anger invades her spirit. Quickly she remembers Mrs. Smith speech when he was still alive. "For the right cause, for legitimate self defense, human being should fight even though his life is threatened". Mrs. Smith said. She becomes stronger and continues her path forward with the men.

Sara enters the castle. At the first glance on the throne of her parents, tears invade her eyes and her cheeks are flooded by tears. She remembers how much her parents used to cherish her and loved her. She was their unique child. When she was just a child, Sara used to play in the court yard with the other young princesses and princes. At the middle of the court yard, there was a water source with a special taste. It was believed that the water source originates from the forest at the mixed magical orange tea shrub. Now nothing is here. There are just ruins.

Sara is very astonished how much the throne shape has been preserved during all such long years. The unique black diamond is still at the top of the seat back. The different gem stones like the emerald, turquoise, basalt and others are still preserved too and decorate the armchairs.
At the seat back and behind the throne there is a button made of a great blue diamond. It opens the underground of the throne. For this it needs a key, three rotations maneuvers and a secret password. She tries to approach the throne but a long poisonous snake appears. Sara quickly lightens the torch.The men who have been recommended by Mister Smith come fast and surround her.

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