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A poem about the first Thanksgiving - for Rising Stars Thanksgiving Poetry Competition

When Squanto helped the Plymouth settlers through
the year of hardship when their town was new,
he worked with them to sow the seeds of peace
- so conflict with the local people ceased -
and taught them all about the crops that grew.

Without his aid, they hadn't got a clue
which plants were safe to cook into a stew.
The Pilgrims prospered with some elbow grease
when Squanto helped.

These days, it's hard to judge which facts are true
about those days when records were so few.
But everybody knows one thing, at least:
they celebrated with a massive feast,
because their fields grew green and skies turned blue
when Squanto helped.

15 lines
Rondeau form


"Spiritual Newsletter (December 19, 2018)
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