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A person receives an extremely strange visitor.
As I sat on the porch of my home in Atlanta, I thought about all of my family members who are now dead and gone. My husband, my children, and most of my extended family were gone from either sickness or accidents.

I was lonely and bitter because my family had become extinct. There were no more family reunions, Christmas celebrations or Thanksgivings; and above all, no one was left to carry on the family name and that was a tragedy.

I had a few friends here and there but there was nothing like family. My favorite past time now was sitting on the porch, staring at the stars, and allowing memories to flood my mind.

One night, as I stared at the sky, I heard a voice say, “Would you like to have a conversation about death?” I turned around and saw no one. My thoughts were that I was finally losing my mind. The voice repeated the question and this time, I stood up, walked outside and looked around. There was no one in sight so I came back to the porch and sat down.

As I once again looked up at the sky, I saw an extremely bright light approaching me with incredible speed. I rushed to get inside as best I could and peeked through the blinds. As the light began to dim, I saw what looked like a bluish outline of a female body. It saw me looking through the blinds and beckoned for me to come outside. I was scared to death but I slowly obeyed.

I stood on my porch and the figure began to speak. It introduced herself as Death and asked me to have a seat. I was reluctant at first, but I finally took a seat. She had an unusually deep voice for what I assumed to be a female and although the light had dimmed, there was still a strong bright outline that shimmered around her.

She explained to me that she was able to make me hear her from a distance and that’s why I was unable to see her at first. I stared at her in disbelief. What was happening to me was unbelievable but I decided to calm down and go along with it.

Death began to walk a little closer and I politely asked her to back up. Death’s presence was creepy enough and I did not need her in my immediate space.

She began to tell me how she noticed my unhappiness over the last year but I just looked away. I wanted this meeting to end but I was afraid of what might happen if I were to leave.

I looked up at Death and asked her what all of this was for? Why were we born to get sick, be devastated and die? Death explained that she couldn’t quite answer why we were born but she may be able to explain why we die.

She said that in her opinion, in order for there to be a balance in the world people had to die. She said that if this didn’t happen, the world would be overcrowded and our lives would be much more problematic.

The examples she gave were extreme famine, climate change like never before, fighting in the streets over shelter and food, and just overall chaos everywhere.

What Death said made sense but I still needed answers as to why we’re even born at all. Why even bother with life if it was inevitable that death was right around the corner. Death couldn’t answer that question and I was starting to get a bit frustrated.

I explained to Death how lonely, hurt and bitter I had become in the past year because my last family member died and the pain was unbearable.
Death said that she understood how I felt but death itself was a part of life. She said in some instances, people are relieved that their love ones are gone and in other instances, they are angry and bitter like me.

I nodded my head in agreement and looked at Death for a long time. I finally asked her what the real reason was for her visit. The outline around her started to get brighter and brighter but she did not answer my question. I asked her again what the visit was for and she began to speak.

Death said she knew that I had been sick for a long time but I chose to ignore it. Instead of going to the doctor like I should have, my sickness had become fatal.

I looked at Death and my eyes started to water. I had become so sick of doctors in the last few years that I was afraid to get a thorough examination.

Death told me that my neglect was about to cost me dearly. She explained that my time here on Earth was over and she was there to take me.

The news was so shocking that I almost fainted. Death quickly rushed to my side and caught me. I gave a faint smile and then I started to scream uncontrollably. Once I was finished Death started to speak again.

She told me that it was her job to keep the balance of the world so it had to be done. I was also told that my demise would be quick and painless.

I closed my eyes and sobbed loudly. After a few minutes I stopped sobbing and thought of the possibility of meeting my family members again. I didn’t want to ask Death if this was possible because I was afraid of the answer. Hope of seeing my family again was all I had to cling to and I didn’t want to jinx it.

Death asked me if I was ready and I shrugged my shoulders. When she touched my forehead, I travelled through an extremely bright light and then everything went black. I was dead.

Back at my house, Death sat in my chair for a few minutes and looked around. She knew her job was necessary but that did not mean that she enjoyed it.

There was a family right down the street that had a member who needed to be visited and she was not looking forward to it.

She rose out of her seat and slowly made her way down the road. Her job was very hard, but it had to be done.

word count = 1070


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