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When you look up above what do you see?
When you hear the word "trees" you instantly think of a tree, don't you?
The twisting roots strangling each other. The leaves waving for your attention. The astonishing Beauty of the thought of it producing fresh Air. It's tall, proud trunk.
However, do you think about the tree's senses?
What has it heard? What has it smelled? But what has it seen?
You see, When I hear the word "tree" a whirl of thought comes into my mind:
The emotions, the loss, the attitudes, the people.
The environment that has changed for over hundreds of years.
What do you think of a tree now?
How many stories does that motionless trunk hold?
How many secrets?
How many surprises?
From a hopeful man proposing to the beautiful lady, to a young child, silent tears running down her cheeks, trapped with the grief of loss. From a writer sitting outside for an hour taking in the influences, to a businessman with his head in his hands wondering what he should do with his life.
All of this experienced by one living thing we tend to ignore in everyday life. No one questions. Everyone just gets on with their day.
So, now I've told you this
now you've started to think about it
when you look up above what do you see?

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