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by Norman
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What fear do you have to overcome?
Everybody loves a hero
He’s the one who saves the day
When things are dark and getting grimmer
He’s the one to show the way

We all want to be the hero
To save that damsel in distress
To overcome that dreaded dragon
And lay our greatest fears to rest

But how does one become a hero?
How could I become that strong?
Would I chance to take that big risk?
What if everything goes wrong?

Each of us has our own dragon
None of them is quite the same
The dragon I face is my nightmare
To you it might seem pretty tame

And now’s the time to test my mettle
Now’s the time to stand up tall
Right now is the ‘do or die’ time
Will I win or will I fall?

I fear that I don’t have the courage
My hands are damp; my knees are weak
I feel so terrified, so frightened
I doubt that I can even speak

I pray that I will slay this dragon
And then the damsel will be mine
I’ll be champion in her fair eyes
And everything will be just fine

So I walk slowly to that lady
And ask if I may have this dance
She tells me yes and gives a smile
… that dragon never had a chance

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