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Would I be able to carry on? Can I still be a pirate?
Ben was never afraid of anything. He always wanted to be a pirate growing up. Everyone laughed at him, except for Helen.
Helen would just sit there and stare at Ben when he made these inspirational speeches of how he would conquer the world with his pirate spirit. Unlike Ben, she's quiet and shy.
Ben always knew there's this connection between Helen and him. He couldn't quite grasp what it was but he knew there was one. A strong one.
Ben likes to sneak on to the rooftop in the middle of the night. He can see the city lights dancing underneath him. There's a breeze in the air. That's Ben's happy place. He gets to listen to the traffic noise and sometimes he can even hear some random couples quarrel after coming out of local bars.
Today, Ben came on to the rooftop again. But today is not like any other day. Today is the day Helen left.
Helen packed up her bags and left. She didn't leave anything, not even a note. The city lights are still there, they are just not dancing today. Ben looked up in the sky and started to count the stars. He thought to himself, maybe Helen will return when he finish counting all of the stars.
98, 99, 100...Ben counted to 100 and he stopped. Counting stars made him a bit dizzy. He never thought about what life would be like without Helen. Now that Helen left, Ben feels lost. Is he able to carry on without her? What is the purpose of his life? He doesn't want to think about all this. Maybe if he did pursue his childhood dream and became a pirate, he wouldn't have to question life right now? Would he have felt calmer when Helen left?
Ben doesn't know the answer. He took a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.
I accept.
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