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Poem of Nobel Prize Committee to Marie Curie, 1911 Nobel Chemistry Prize
“Don't Come to Stockholm!”

Marie Curie and Paul Langevin

(To the Soundtrack “Please Come to Boston” by Dave Loggins)

“Don't Come to Stockholm,” begged the Nobel Prize Committee.
“Don't Come to Stockholm; Don't Embarrass Us.
“Okay you can have the Prize
You've already had it once!
Okay, you can have the Prize;
But don't come to Stockholm, no please don't,
For we can't have the displeasure
Of a Scandal.”

“So what if Alfred Nobel's brother
Died because of Al's experiments?
So what if others died
Because Alfred could not leave
Well Enough Alone?
So what?

“We can't have you embarassing us,
Brazen hussy Marie.
Mind your business,
Stay in the Lab,
and leave Paul Langevin alone.

“Or? Or? Don't come to Stockholm,”
the Nobel Prize Committee pleaded.
And then she said,
“I'm coming to Stockholm, yes I am.
I want my Prize and I want recognition.
I want my Prize, I want to be Known
As the Discoverer of Radium and Polonium
And the one who coined the term

“Just give me my Prize, and give me my funds,
and then I will leave Stockholm
Leave your Pride intact.”

“Don't Come to Stockholm,” the Committee cried.
“Don't come to Stockholm, don't embarrass us!
We are Proud, Above any Scandal.
Don't come to Stockholm to embarrass us!
Don't come to Stockholm, if you please!”

“Don't Come to Stockholm In the Springtime!
Don't Come to Stockholm in the Fall!
Stockholm's not your kind of Town!
Just don't come to Stockholm ever, at all!

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