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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Dark · #2175262
The Dark Queen Opal rules the land, Elwith and his men are sent after her.
Elwith and his company found a tavern not far from the devastation, they were all sat around a table in the corner, Rykon had his hands around his tankard and was staring into his drink. "Brother are you okay?" Rysaras asked placing a hand on his shoulder. Rykons gaze snapped to his brother.

"I. . . I just don't understand how one woman could cause so much devastation." He replied his voice shaking.

"Rykon, I did say if you weren't up to this mission then I wouldn't suggest for you to come." Elwith said.

"I am up to this, I just didn't know what to expect." He said pushing his tankard away and storming up to his room.

"I apologise for. . ." Elwith cut Rysaras off.

"It's okay don't apologise for him I understand what it's like to be on your first mission, but now I can tell you never forget it."The captain said and took a swig from his flagon.

"Paolo you've been quiet, is everything okay?" Rysaras asked nudging him in the elbow.

"Hm?" he asked looking at the two. "I'm okay."

"I think it's about time we all return to our rooms, it's going to be a full day tomorrow," Elwith suggested standing and heading towards the stairs. "I'll see you lads in the morning."

"Goodnight captain," they both said.

Elwith opened the door to his room and took off his shirt, he caught his reflection in the mirror but he threw his fist into it smashing it. He stood there panting, a few locks of brown fell over his shoulder, he couldn't bare to look at himself. He poured himself a bowl of water and sat down at the desk and began to pull the shards of glass from his knuckles, he hissed to himself as he did, he then bandaged his hand the best he could and lay down on the bed, his locks sprawled out over the pillow and bed. His head fell to the side from exhaustion and he drifted off into a deep sleep.

His eyes open, it's dark and he's stuck in a chamber. There are torches on the walls on either side of him, he's shirtless and he's chained by his hands. "I was wonder when you were going to wake up Elwith, my love," a voice said from the shadows, she walked from the shadows and before him stood Opal.

"H. . . How did I get here?" he asked his voice dry.

"What do you mean? You've always been here, I bought you here three years ago and you've been under my spell." She answered and dragged a clawed finger down his chest causing him to squirm and squeal, she walked behind him and grabbed a strand of hair close to his right ear and began to braid it, as she did the light brown colour disappeared and was replaced with black, she gave it one hard tug when she was done before returning to him and kissing his lips. That's when Elwith awoke with a start, he looked down at his chest and the scratch was there, he reached a hand in to his hair close to his right ear and there he pulled forward the black braid.

He was confused and panicked, he raced up out of the bed and picked up a shard of broken glass but made sure he didn't catch his eyes, and looked at it, it wasn't just him seeing things the strands were really black and there sat her braid, he grabbed the leather tie off the desk and tied back his hair, he didn't want to think about it, he didn't like the thought of the fact he had been marked by her.

Once he woke everyone else up they all mounted their steeds and began to track Opal, Elwith keeping his hood up, he rode at the back this time of the convoy. The rain began to fall and both the brothers sighed they weren't too fond of the rain. Rysaras turned and called to Elwith, "could we possibly sit this out?"

"Of course, turn into the woods." He yelled. Rysaras pulled harshly on his horses mouth and the convoy entered into the woods. They found a cavern and the riders dismounted tying their horses under the best shelter they could while they huddled under the stone cavern. Elwith threw himself against the wall, he seemed to feel like he was burning on the inside, Rysaras, Rykon and Paolo all followed him in to the cavern. Elwith unlaced his shirt and looked down the best he could, his veins had turned black and it emanated from the scratch on his chest from Opal.

"How far are we from Opals lair?" Rysaras asked looking down at Elwith.

"W. . . We. . . ar. . ." he drops his head and places his hand over his heart.

"Captain what's wrong?" Rysaras panicked.

"O. . . Opal." He stuttered finding his words beginning to fail him.

"Opal what?" Rykon asked.

"Captain you're burning up!" Paolo exclaimed kneeling next to him. "Lay him down."

Rysaras gently laid him down on the floor, and began to look him over. "Are you injured?" he asked.

"N. . . No." he said. Rysaras lifted his shirt and saw the black that lined his veins. "What did she do?"

"C. . . Cursed me. S. . . She's trying. . .t. . . to stop us." He said. "Y. . . Y. . . You need to go with out me!"

"No I disagree, I won't leave you." Rysaras insisted.

"Go. . .t. . . take your brother, and Paolo you f. . . finish this. You c. . .catch her!" he demanded.

"No Paolo you're the one well versed in medicine you stay here and take care of the captain." Rysaras said. He nodded, they watched Paolo do his best to heal Elwith, Rysaras walked to the mouth of the cavern, he couldn't take his friends screams anymore, he rubbed the back of his neck, he knew that as soon as the rain stopped his brother and him would have to leave.
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