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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2175313
Haru's not your typical Omega. What happens when he meets an Alpha who is also odd?

[In this world there is a hierarchy. Alphas sit at the very top of the pyramid, basking in the warmth of the sun and wallowing in their enormous strength and power. Below them, too far to touch but closer to the top than the bottom, are the Betas. They get by with only a little effort, encased in the middle of the pyramid and safe from most harm. At the very bottom, dangling beneath the Betas and clinging to the pyramid only by a thin string are the Omegas. Seen as nothing more than breeding machines, the Omegas must work the hardest and for the least reward. They are slow, weak and timid but their one redeeming feature shines through, piercing even the very top of the pyramid with its light. They are determined.]

Chapter One: Chance Encounter

Haru Tanaka was late for work once again. It wasn't that he wanted to be, he was just a little forgetful and clumsy at times. Most Omegas had the same sort of issues; clumsiness, forgetfulness and general awkwardness came with the label of being 'An Omega' and were just a few of the many things they had to deal with and get used to throughout their lives. Haru wasn't one to rest on his laurels, however, and refused to let his social status be an excuse for tardiness. Why should he be seen as a lesser being just because he happened to have an extra reproductive system? Both of his parents had been Beta and although they always encouraged him to be his best and follow his dreams, Haru couldn't help but feel like they would have fewer worry-lines on their faces if he would just accept his status and fall in line. Whenever his mother called him - twice a week most weeks - her first question would be 'Have you met anyone nice yet?', a loaded question if ever there was one.

Panting now, the twenty-five-year-old stumbled onto the train just as the doors hissed closed. He tugged his cap down over his face, causing his thick-framed glasses to slide down his nose a little. Trains were never a favoured method of transport for Omegas, too cramped and crowded and usually full of Alphas, but Haru's most recent job was in the city and there was no way he was going to sit on a stuffy, smelly bus for over an hour when he could make it in twenty minutes on the train. He just hoped he'd missed the rush hour.

With only standing room, Haru juggled his bags with one hand whilst trying to hold onto the hand strap with his other. He was already on his tiptoes - another Omega trait was being vertically challenged and he stood at 5' 5" - and felt like he might lose his balance at any moment. Thankfully the train slowed to a halt at the next station and gave the small Omega a chance to regain his composure before the doors slid open and the morning rush flooded in. Although the previous train had been the one impersonating a sardine can full of business men and women, this one wasn't much better. Haru was jostled back and forth as a group of school children scurried for the seats some women had just vacated and then became totally locked in place as four broad men with smart suits and briefcases encircled him.

The men held onto the hand straps next to the Omega's, easily reaching them with their tall builds. They were quite clearly Alphas. It didn't take a genius to see their muscular bodies and overwhelming presence as they encroached on Haru's personal space, causing the Omega to shrink into himself a little. They knew exactly what they were doing, looming over him as he tried not to meet their eyes.

"Hey, Omega," one of the Alphas - the tallest - grunted as he leaned a little closer to Haru, his warm breath tickling the Omega's ear, "You're a bold one aren't you? Taking the train all by yourself."

"Yeah," a red-headed Alpha added as he walked his fingers across Haru's shoulder, "Maybe you're looking for someone to show you your place? I can' think of any other reason you'd be here teasing us."

Haru kept his eyes on the floor and shook his head. He regretted his stupid idea of getting the train and for once wished he wasn't so headstrong when it came to admitting his limits. If only he was more timid, more aware of his status as an Omega, he wouldn't have to be facing four huge Alphas first thing in the morning.

"Hey," the first Alpha shoved Haru and he dropped his bag, "We're talking to you, Omega. Have some respect."

It wasn't that he was particularly scared, no, Haru wasn't afraid of the Alphas. Sure, he knew they could hurt him if they wanted to and no one would try and stop them but he felt more anger than anything. Anger at the Alphas for being born into such an easy life, anger at the people around simply watching them or averting their eyes in an attempt to pretend nothing was happening. But the most anger he felt was towards himself. Towards his stupid, weak Omega body and the way every cell in his being was screaming at him to curl up into a ball and obey the Alphas' every command. Every nerve felt tight, ready to snap like an elastic band pulled too hard, and Haru had to bite his lip to stop the infuriated tears spilling from his eyes.

"He must want some."

A third Alpha spoke but Haru didn't see which it was, his eyes were still trained firmly on the train floor. He shuddered as a rough hand curled around his wrist and pried his hand from the strap above, causing him to stumble slightly as the train leaned into a turn. The grip on his wrist tightened and the Omega suddenly felt a thick, wet tongue run from it to his elbow. His stomach rolled but he couldn't shake the strong grasp of an Alpha, there was no use in even trying to.

"Tastes of suppressants," the Alpha spat at Haru's feet, "I hate those fucking things! Why can't these Omegas just let nature take its course!"

"Wouldn't that be bad?" Another voice asked, "We'd be wanting to fuck them 24/7!"

The largest Alpha laughed and waved Haru's arm in the air, bruising his wrist with his vice grip, "So what! That's what they're there for!"

The others joined in the barking laughter and finally Haru snapped. He lifted his head and looked up through his glasses, tears prickling his eyes. The laughter stopped abruptly as his soft voice drifted up to the Alphas.


Alpha #1 Raised his eyebrows and exchanged a smirk with the other three, "Did you hear something?" The others responded with shakes of their heads. "It sounded to me like the little lamb had something to say!" He gripped Haru's face between his thumb and forefinger, squashing his cheeks and forcing the Omega to look into his eyes, "What did you say, Omega?"

Haru tried to look away but the faint glow of the Alpha's silvery eyes was already starting to entrance him. He swallowed thickly and spoke into the Alpha's hand,

"Stop it. I don't want this."

The Alpha's bellowing laughter startled Haru and he flinched visibly as his face was pulled closer to the huge man's,

"I don't care what you 'want' little lamb. You filthy Omegas don't have a say. You're here to satisfy our needs... Quietly. Understand?"

Trembling, Haru grit his teeth and fought against his instinct to just give in. Instead he brought his right leg back and kicked the Alpha between his legs with as much force as his fragile Omega body would allow. Although strong, the Alpha was still just a man and he crumpled to his knees like a soggy paper crane.

"You little shit!"

The redhead swung his arm, fist ready to become acquaintances with Haru's face, and the Omega shielded himself with his arms as he readied himself for the blow. It never came. He squinted through his fingers only to find the redhead's fist in the grip of another man. The newcomer was taller than all four Alphas and slimmer, too. He had slicked back blonde hair that framed his angular face just right and his suit was cut to perfection. Haru could smell a sweet yet spicy cologne drifting from the stranger and, when the Omega looked into his silver eyes, he immediately felt somewhat at ease, as if he'd known the man all his life.

With little to no effort, the stranger squeezed the redhead's hand and something crunched, making the Alpha groan and lose all interest in Haru. The other two shrank back a little as the blonde man picked up Haru's bags and handed them to him, a gentle smile on his handsome face.

"These are yours, I believe." His voice was like honey and for a moment all Haru could do was stare.

"...Yeah," he finally mumbled.

"You're either very brave or very stupid, Omega," the corner of his mouth turned up into a smile, "Either way, I don't think it's a good idea for you to get the train again."

Despite himself, Haru shook his head. He knew it'd been a bad idea from the start but didn't want to admit that something as simple as taking the train was going to be trouble. Of course, all Alphas were the same, he should have known that he'd be targeted. Even this guy, this Blonde Saviour, probably wanted something in return for saving him.

"What do you want?" Haru asked, eyebrows furrowed.

For a second the man looked perplexed and then his pale eyes darkened, as though upset by Haru's question.

"For saving you?"

Haru nodded.

"I see... It has to be like that, doesn't it," he seemed to deliberate for a moment and then shrugged, "Let me think about it. Next time I see you I'll let you know."

Before Haru could respond the train slowed to a halt and he stepped off. He was almost certain the stranger had disembarked at the same station but there were so many people it was impossible to tell. What the hell had that Alpha meant? Haru wasn't so stupid as to get the same train again so how exactly were they supposed to see one another again? With those questions and more floating through his head he rushed into the side street and into the back entrance of the huge toy store where he worked.

He was ten minutes early. The train really had been better.

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