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Needing a quarter to send for a code ring
The Secret Code Ring is the talking point at school. I can hardly wait to get mine. Money, or the lack of it is the issue. Maybe Mom would give me an advance? So I walked to the Woolworth Store on Denver Street where she worked cutting window blinds. I’d already had box top and an addressed the envelope, and I’d licked a three cent stamp. It was ready. All I needed was a quarter.

“How much?” she asked

“Twenty-five cents,” I replied.

“Twenty-five cents!” she echoed. Her loud response turned heads. “But that’s your entire weekly allowance,” she added.

“I know, but the other kids already have their rings.”

“Rings--What rings?”

“The secret code rings. I guess you don’t remember the offer on the side of the Cheerios box. I showed it to you in the store yesterday.”

“Friday is payday for me, young man. That’s your payday too. Besides, the polished apple tastes twice as sweet,” she said, turning back to the bind-cutting machine. Then I saw the floor walker headed our way, so I circled around the island and headed home.

Now there was nothing to do but wait until Friday. And then I would have to wait again for the mailman to bring it.

When I got home I was still wondering what a polished apple had to do with a code ring.

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