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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Chapter · Fanfiction · #2175368
Sara and the men group find themselves threatened to die by an immense snake, a witch.
The snake is quickly transformed into an old witch. An immense red flame which touches the roof emerges from her black long tongue. One of the men is burnt but he is still alive. The leader of the men knows the entire secret castle maze. He orders men to run towards the east courtyard.

Indeed Mr. Walter knows such castle plan as he knows his children. Walter is the son of Alexander, the architect who conceived Debora castle. Alexander hid the castle plan from witches and when he knew he would be their prisoner he ate it. Then he erased any plan traces. However he was a clever man and let his two great sons memorize it. The eldest one died from lung disease at the age of twenty eight. He worked a lot with his father. Walter, his brother, memorized the entire plan. He is gifted in architecture too. He has inherited this from his father. Now he is a man of sixty. He is well aware about such corridor.

They just succeed to enter the corridor on time before being burnt by the witch. It is dark there. A door is barely seen by the men. An immense door made of iron with some sculptures dating from medieval time, is there. An amazing great eye is carved on the door. It lets someone flabbergasted and scared.

Brian a man of sixty five quickly noticed the eye carved on the door. His father served the queen Debora and his husband the king Charlie for a decade. He was very close to both them. The eye secret is born in his spirit. In fact Debora possessed two different eyes and only some persons knew this. She had got a human being eye and a witch one. They were nearly of the same color. The witch one was somehow wider, contained a golden ray in the iris and showed a severe scared glance.

Walter, the leader of the group pronounced three words. "Great eye open". Then the door is opened quickly and all the men are there in spite of the one who is burnt. The latter is caught by the gigantic witch hand. He suffers a lot being neither completely inside with the men nor outside with the witch. He is between the magical door which closes quickly and the hand of the witch.
In such moment Sara seems to listen to Mr. Smith speech. "In harsh moments, someone has to choose quickly. Equity is the main thing to take into account. Be sure that life always offers us a huge amount of choices even in such hard moments. Every cloud has a silver lining". He said.

Walter puts some paste of a certain poison on the hand of the witch. But it is in vain. Fortunately, the witch hand is cut by the power of the door when it is closed. However the man, Mr. Alex remains kept by the witch hand which is still functional. When the fingers of the gigantic witch hand, reach his neck, he becomes out of his breath. Sara and the group are watching him dye.

In a spontaneous tour, Walter puts his poisoned dagger on the finger which is around Alex neck. Everyone is afraid that the poison would reach Alex neck. Walter shows them assurance that it has a local action. It is made from frog skin.

Suddenly Alex is liberated. Nevertheless he remains dying. The men, confined in such narrow space underground, have pain to rescue Alex. They have no great choice. It is either to withdraw and be again with the witch who would kill them all or to go forward towards such unknown corridor but where hope to be safe remains great.

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