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Yea, happens a lot.
Behind the closed door
On went the dress
Like only the week before, but
“Tighter, dammit !”

Mother fixed on the veil
At least it still fit
Perfect day, nothing to derail
Them forever, like a fairytale

Another door, locked this time
The Groom grasped her breast
Mouths locked in crime
And they failed the test

Then the door smashed open wide
The Best Man saw
The Maid of Honor cried

Lovely makeup in soft hues
Mother beamed
“Just a beauty, but a tad more blue"
And the setting powder finish, mother beamed

Zipper pulled up
The Bridesmaid ran, stumbled, and ran
The Groom exhaled, and the time was up
Out the door, head held high

“What the fuck?”
"I think it’s time," the Maid mumbled
They turned and to stairs walked up
Silent but for footsteps

Oh how excited, she held her breath
The music started, the piano called
One foot, then another
Her day, she walked tall

Groom stood straight
Hand held out
The Best Man burned
All but choking on doubt

Maid of Honor
Into the Groom's eyes stared
And she knew
He did not care

Words exchanged, vows bound tight
The kiss stretched on
And they knew, Not right.!
Lips sealed tight, then the car was gone.

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