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November 2018 Blogging Bliss Newsletter - the Unofficial Newsletter for Blogging on WDC
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November 2018
Issue: Seventy One

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Publisher/Editor-in-Chief: Wordsmitty ✍️
Editor: Fivesixer
Proofing Assistant: QueenOwl ~ A New Day Dawns

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1. Editor's Note
2. Featured Topic
3. Editor's Picks
4. Welcome
5. Blogging News
6. Blog Events
7. Special Item
8. Miscellaneous

Editor's Note image

This Month's Editor: Wordsmitty ✍️

Welcome to the next-to-last isssue of 2018. It's been a great and dismal year - if you read enough blogs, that is. And that's what we do besides writing them. *Wink*

Not much time left, so I'll skip over the read and comment on the Editor Picks and please welcome all the new and restarted bloggers. It's the Feature I'm sure you all want to hear about, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if it's Fiction or Non-Fiction.

That's it, I'm sure you have shopping to do either online or in a store. Remember that WDC has a shop with great gifts that even non-writers will like.

Keep on Bloggin'!


Featured Topic image

Fiction or Non-Fiction

by Wordsmitty ✍️

Maybe I should have reversed the title to Non-Fiction or Fiction since most blogs are the non type speiling everyday life or personal opinions - although some of the latter occaisionally are closer to fantasy which might be fiction. *THINK*   But as a "web log" for tracking ones writings on the Internet, blogs can be much more. Stories, poems, ideas, scenes, thoughts, etc.

Too often we think of blogs as journals or diaries of daily life, probably because so many are just that. Putting down what's happened recently or of interest is simple and easy. Next spring you may want to look up when you found that great store or met a wonderful person so you can celebrate an anniversary of sorts. Maybe it's more somber to remind you of a past difficulty that you were able to survive and grow from. Perhaps it's to remind you of the name of people or places that are in those myriad of photos stored on your phone.

As writers we also have notebooks for plots and characters and scenes that we jot down to use. Blogs work for those as well. Keeping track of a poem-a-day or even contest entries is also possible pushing the blog into the fictional realm. Stories from prompts make good entries especially when they have deadlines. It's easy to look back and see how your writing has progressed or whether you have a penchant for a particular style.

Blogs can be very helpful to a writer. If you only have one blog, it may contain some of each kind of entries, or you may want multiple blogs to keep life and imagination separate. Also consider how many items you have if every story or poem is its own. Using a blog for those stories and poems will save space for those items that you really want to polish and show but allow you to keep track of all your work.

It's all up to you to make the most of your blog. So have you tried, and which is yours?

Editor's Picks image

Blogs may be restricted to Upgraded Authors and higher. These entries may have a lower content rating than the overall blog.

Welcome Image

We'd like to welcome the new bloggers, old bloggers starting a new blog, and bloggers restarting entries in old blogs after a break.

         *StarB* PWheeler ~ love ~ joy ~ peace with blog "Love, Joy, Peace and Weirdness [18+]
         *StarB* RavanaRaven with blog "Daily Writings [E]
         *StarB* Tanith with blog "The Shape of Today [E]
         *StarB* Johnny O with blog "On Line Journal [E]
         *StarB* innerlight has found peace with blog "Giving Life A Chance [E]
         *StarB* Aeria with blog "Jamie's Blog [E]
         *StarB* RudolphTheRedHairedBoy 🌈 with blog "Invalid Item

Go read and leave a blogging welcome comment.

Blogging News Image

CONGRATULATIONS to Blogging Circle of Friends   Blogger of the Week:

*STARR*  November 11 - November 17 - Eric Wharton

Blog Events image

There's always blogging things happening. Check out these:

"30-Day Blogging Challenge by Fivesixer. It's holiday time with lots to blog about. Join the unofficial challenge to be prepared for a big start at the beginning of the year.

"Blogging Circle of Friends by CJ Reddick. Always on. Join and get daily prompts plus chat a spell at:

Blogging Circle of Friends Prompt Forum  (E)
This is the forum where blog prompts will be posted for the Blogging Circle of Friends.
#1901904 by Grieving Lyn

"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise by Grieving Lyn. Take up residence or just get a second home to receive blog prompts and enjoy community events. Now offering prompts seven days a week.  Stop by City Hall for:

Blog City Building Permit  (E)
Blog City Building Permit
#1779478 by Grieving Lyn

"Blog Harbor from The Talent Pond Sail in with Jeff to even more blog prompts and fun.

Special Item image

Blogger's Tips-N-Tricks          *GEEK*

Multiple blogs are possible on WDC, but only one blog can be set to your Blog tab of your portfolio. One way to keep track of those multiple blogs is to keep them all together in their own folder.

Also you can use the "Fiction" or "Non-Fiction" type designation for an item. That selection is right under the input box of an item with a drop down that says "Sub Item." It's a "sub" because when you create an item, you select its type such as Static, Book, etc.

Miscellaneous image

*StarB* Are you editor material or would you just like to help with the Blogging Bliss? We're looking for editors and guest writers. As part of the staff, you get all the pleasure out of bringing to readers great blogs you've read, spectacular ideas you have about blogging, and magnificent news from blogging activities all the while improving your writing craft beyond just putting words on a page. And it's a lot of fun.

Please let me, Wordsmitty ✍️ or one of the other editors listed at the top know, and you too could see your byline distributed across WDC.

*StarB* Do you have a question or a topic about blogging? We'd like to hear your feedback and comments on our newsletter. It's very important to us to know what you think. Plus you may get your blog featured in a future newsletter. *DELIGHT*

Blogging Bliss Newsletter Forum  (E)
Discussion of ideas and suggestions about blogs and the Blogging Bliss newsletter
#1911857 by Wordsmitty ✍️

*StarB* To read the blogs of WDC members, please go to: Official Blog Page  . Also you can click on Bloggers in the WDC lefthand column.

*StarB* If you have a blog entry that you'd like to promote, whether it's yours or someone else's please visit: "The Blog Board (may also be accessed under the Community link in the WDC lefthand column).

*StarB* LOOKING FOR GUEST WRITERS: If you think that you'd like to be a guest writer for our newsletter, please let us know because we're looking for YOU. Please contact: Wordsmitty ✍️ or any of the editors listed at the beginning.

*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB*


We thank you for your readership and we'll see you next month.


*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB*

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