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by Linz
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James is just returnin home from work when he heard the phone ringing
James had his key in the lock when he heard the landline phone ringing from the windowsill of his first floor flat. His heart sank as he fumbled with the key, which suddenly seemed determined to make his life even harder.

Finally, he won the fight with the lock and sprinted up the stairs. Whoever it was on the other end of the phone was persistant. He burst through the living room door and snatched up the receiver. He gasped a breathless, "Hello?" into the mouthpiece.
"The package will be ready to be picked up from Coppergate Depot at ten o' clock this evening."
James frowned as he struggled for breath. "Package? Ready? What'll be ready?"
A click, followed by the dial tone, was the only answer he got.
"Hm, Lizzie must have bought something," he said to himself as he replaced the receiver.

An hour later, James was watching the television on the brown couch facing the living room door when his wife, Lizzie bustled past, arms full with legal paperwork. She'd brought her work home again. James ordered takeaway, then followed her to the study down the hall.
"Liz?" He said from the doorway.
His wife glanced up as she unloaded her casework to the desk.
"Your package will be ready for ten o' clock tonight."
Lizzie frowned. "Package? What package?"
James stared as a cold fist closed around his heart. "You haven't ordered anything?"
Lizzie shook her head.
James told her about phone call.
"What time was this?"
"About five o' clock."

The look on Lizzie's face worried her husband even further. "Jim, phone the police, and tell them everything you know."
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