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Ami and her friends and her family meet some new friends as they go on a vacation together
Ami's Adventure
By: Patricia Derrell
The following story that you are about to read contains mature content that is not suitable for younger audiences. It will also contain themes of romance, love and of course friendship. You must ask your siblings if it's ok to deal with the interesting subjects that is displayed in this book that you're about to see and read about. Also, be on the look out for one weird moment that may frighten some younger viewers and some spoilers ahead so spoiler alert. The plot may contain some interesting concepts about exploration, life, discovery and most importantly travel. The plot revolves around a young girl who went her friends and special guests to Florida for a period of time. So enjoy the story and one more thing, you must remember I'll always keep you safe if you are aroused by the weird moment in the story that you are about to see, hear and read about.

Chapter 1
Once upon a gorgeous summer day, there lived a very intelligent young girl named Ami Mizuno. Ami Mizuno is a very intelligent student from Juban Middle School and was in class 4. She spends some time studying for exams and tests, reading and dreams aloud that one day that she wants to be a doctor. In her childhood, She want to play with her friends but when she gets older she wants to spend time doing her work. Ami also plays chess and also is a really good swimmer. And she's also good with math and with computers. She lived in a very rich home with her mother and father. Ami's Mother was a Doctor who takes care of patients who are sick. And Ami's Father is a well crafted painter who loves to sketch some ideas and then paint some pictures that he sketched. He took some classes when he was a young man. Ami made some invitations for her friends Usagi and Naru and other guests such as Chiyo and Sakaki. After she finished the invitations to come to her house for the meeting of a trip, her mother sent them to the post office to send the invitations to each house. Then on Tuesday morning, Usagi, Naru, Chiyo and Sakaki came to Ami's house for breakfast and to tell Ami that they're very excited about the 3 month trip to Florida. Ami was very proud of their complements and as very special guests, They went to start packing their things for the trip. Usagi packed her lemon yellow sunglasses, bubble gum swimsuit, bunny pajamas and blanket, a manga, Red swimming goggles, phone, earbuds and lime flip-flops. Naru packed a pair of teal sunglasses, neo blue flip-flops, Magenta swimsuit, binoculars, a computer, blue swimming goggles and some snacks. Chiyo packed a cookbook, midnight blue swimsuit, hot pink sunglasses, tablet, neon orange swimming goggles, earbuds, neo blue flip-flops and her cat stuffed animal. Sakaki packed a few romance novels, dark red swimsuit, plum purple sunglasses, dark green earbuds, dark green swimming goggles and her phone. Finally, Ami packed her chapter books, aquamarine sunglasses, light blue flip-flops, notebook, pencil and pen, ocean blue swimsuit, neon blue swimming goggles and a bag for some snacks like plums, watermelons, pretzels, grapes, apples, trail mix and chips. Then, their mothers and fathers packed some clothes, sunscreen and some lunch for Ami and the guests to enjoy. Once they're done packing, they wait for the taxi to take them to the airport and get their stuff to take to the airplane.

Chapter 2
The taxi came to their house to take Ami and her guests to the airport. It took about approximately 15 to 20 minutes to get to Ami's house to the Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan. Then once they got to the airport, they took their bags and took them to the ticket counter. After that, they picked up their bags in the baggage claim area one by one. Then, they wait for Japan airlines to go from Tokyo, Japan to Miami, Florida for a couple hours. Then, the announcer called out, ''Boeing 767-300 is now boarding for Miami, Florida." So with that said, Ami, her friends and family went to go on the Boeing 767-300 to go have a great few months in Miami, Florida. While on the plane, Ami read a book called The Hobbit by JRR Tolken while writing some notes about the settings, plot, characters and their motivations. Usagi read Cowboy Bebop while listening to pop music on her phone with her earplugs. Naru wrote a letter on the computer while looking at the gorgeous view in the sky. Chiyo watched Flushed Away on her tablet while reading her cookbook and playing with her stuffed cat. Finally, Sakaki was reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen while listening to some relaxing classical music to make her feel more soothed by the sound of the orchestra. Their parents on the other hand talked about their days at work, school and at home taking care of their daughters. Suddenly, a black leopard spotted jellicle cat named The Rum Tum Tugger came to the plane and started to sing in a sorrowful yet angelic tone, ''Dearest girls, dear gentlemen, listen to my song, life down here's been bad for you, life has made you hopeful, let me light the mood, with my attitude~ Then he changes his voice to a sultry one as he swayed his hips in a very sensual manner and continued to sing, ''Hey darlings, the time is right, get ready tonight's the night, boys and girls are hoping for will come true, let me be good to you, you're tough guys, you're feeling all alone~, you rough dolls, the best to use jewels and gems, all of my hens, so dream on and drink your wine, get cozy, your baby's fine, you won't be misunderstood let me be good to you~. Then he blew a kiss to the audience and continued to sway in time with the music as he continued to sing with his signiture smirk, "Hey fellas, I'll shake off all my blues, hey darlings, there's nothing I won't do, just for you~.'' Then he interacted with the audience by kissing their cheeks, making them swoon with his hips and petting their hair one by one. Then he sang the final lyrics, ''So dream on and drink your wine, get cozy, yor baby's fine, hey guys I'm talking to you, your baby's gonna come through, let me be good to you~, Yeah!'' Ami, her family and friends loved the performance and gave him a bouquet of flowers and hugs. "Thank you, Thank you very much and have a very good flight!'' Tugger Replied, ''You're very welcome Tugger and we will do our best!'' Ami Enthusiastically called back. Then, The Rum Tum Tugger asked, ''Can I stay with you guys on the plane for the trip?'' Ami's mother answered, "Of course you can!" Tugger was pleased with the answer and went to sit by Ami and her guests.

Chapter 3
It was 9:55pm and it was time for Ami to get ready for bed. She first changed to her pajamas, Then she brushed her teeth, thirdly, she set up the covers and finally her mother would kiss her forehead and Ami would fall asleep. Then, she was dreaming about a killer named Jeff was trying to kill all her family and her friends and to capture Ami. Jeff grabbed his knife and killed all her family and friends and as he did that he replied in his dark, deep baritone voice, ''Your cries won't help you now my sweet toys.'' Then one Jeff killed all her friends and family, she went to the house and saw their dead bodies and cried for help. She woke up with a scream and she breathed heavily. She called Tugger to help her calm the nightmare down. Tugger crooned a lullaby called Scarborough fair and as he did that, he kissed her forehead and rubbed her sholders, arm and back. After he crooned, Tugger told her in a soothing tone, ''Breath in and out and you'll fall back asleep and have some great dreams.'' So with that said, Ami questioned, "Tugger, Can I lay down on your chest for tonight?'' Tugger warmly smiled and gladly answered, "Of course you can Ami!'' So Ami went to lay on his chest and listened to his breathing as he cooed, ''Goodnight Ami.'' Ami answered back, "Goodnight Tugger.'' Ami is finally back asleep and having some dreams that would be heavenly to have.

Chapter 4
It was 7:40am for Ami Mizuno and Tugger as he told her in his low, sultry tone of voice, "Good morning babydoll~.'' Then Ami replied back in a adorable voice, "Good morning Tugger.'' It was time for breakfast and her mother made eggs and bacon for her. And for everyone else, Usagi wants pancakes with syrup and strawberries, Naru wants french toast, Chiyo wants oatmeal squares and Sakaki wants to have a fruit smoothie with strawberries, apples and rasberries. So the chefs made their breakfast meals for everyone including their parents. They loved their breakfasts so much that they would be like cows who loves to eat a herd of grass. After Breakfast, something grand happened, They made it to Miami, Florida. Ami and her friends were very excited about making it to Florida. They got off the plane and took their luggage with them. They had a taxi to take them to a beach hotel. The Beach hotels has a pool, a georgous view outside, bedrooms and of course a beach ith apricot sand and turquoise waters. Once they got to the beach house, they got inside and went to their rooms. Ami, Usagi and Naru got the room filled with snacks, stuffed toys and a bunk bed. Usagi told Ami and Naru, "I'll be on the bottom bunk, and you two will be on the top bunk.'' They agreed with her idea and got on their bunks. Chiyo got a room with cooking items, a kitchen and a bed with a stuffed teddy bear. Sakaki got a room with tons of romance books, makeup, a bed with a stuffed cat, some VHS and DVDs for Aladdin, Terminator 1 and 2, Die Hard Series, Hot Shots Part Deux, Toy Story and Once Upon A Forest and a TV. Their parents on the other hand, they got a bed that would fit 2 people each, a dresser, some drinks and also a stuffed dog that they all could share. Tugger got his own room with a leopard spotted blanket, a black bed with yellow pillows, sultry leopard leggings that covers all the way to his thighs, new manes for seduction, silver belts, leopard lingerie and of course, a throne that is like a lounging chair.

Chapter 5
At 10:30am, The mailman arrived at the beach house to send the mail in to the Mizuno family. The mails consists of The invitation. it said,''Dear Mizunos,I want you all to come to the opera Concert, love Tamaki Suou.'' The Mizuno family and the guests were very excited about going to the opera house tonight. They got ready for the opera with the dresses and suits. Ami, Usagi and Naru dressed up in some silk ballgowns. Chiyo was dressed in a pink sleeveless dress with a corset and some jewelery. Sakaki wore a red dress with sparkles and gems all around the center of the dress. Tugger wore his leopard suit with a tie, black gloves that covered his hands, glittery sunglasses and his leopard necklace. Their parents wore some fabulous dresses and different colored suits with jewelery, ties and rings. When they got ready to go, they went on the taxi to ride from Florida to the Paris Opera House. When they got to the Paris Opera House, It was 7:00pm and they have arrived 30 minutes early and they have got the tickets for the whole family from the cashier. After that, They found some seats in the back row so that they can see the performance in person. Tons of other audience members came like Makoto Kino, Mori, Ciel, Michiru, Setsuna, Ash, Misty, Ariel, Minako, Rei, Suzie, Alana, Mia and most importantly, Bella. They've also came to see Tamaki perform in concert. Even his fanclub were excited to come and see him sing at the Opera House. Then, Tamaki came on stage and the audience clapped for him when he came to sing. Tamaki Announced to the audience, ''Thank you and good evening ladies and gentlemen, And welcome to my first ever concert in Paris, Tonight, I'm going to sing for you some songs in french and in english and the conductor for this evening is Ritsuko Akizuki, Our special guests are violinist Kotomi Ichinose, organist Razette and guest vocalists Azusa Miura, Nana Osaki, Amami Haruka and Natsuki.'' The audience clapped when the 4 guest singers, violinist and organist came on stage with Tamaki and conductor Ritsuko Akizuki. Then, Tamaki and Haruka began to sing the first song in a duet with their soothing yet charming voices. Tamaki sang first, ''Jesus beni, Jesus beni, Jesus beni, Jesus beni, qui enleves les peches du monde, donne-leur du repos, donne-leur de repos~.'' Then Haruka sang, ''Jesus beni, Jesus beni, Jesus beni, Jesus beni,'' Then they both harmonized angelically, ''qui enleves les peches du monde, donne-leur du repos, donne-leur du repos.'' Razette played the organ with such passion and energy in the instrumental and as soon as she's done, Tamaki, Haruka and the choir sang the last verse as they harmonized, "Agneau de Dieu, Agneau de Dieu, Agneau de Dieu, Agneau de Dieu.'' Then, Tamaki and Haruka harmonized, "qui enleves les peches du monde, donne-leur du repos, donne-leur repos, eternel.'' Then Tamaki sang, ''eternel,'' Haruka sang, ''eternal repos.'' Then the audience clapped for Haruka, Tamaki, Razette, the choir and Ritsuko. Haruka and Razette bowed when the audience applauded for them and gave out bouquets for their best efforts. Then, Tamaki Announced, ''The next song I'm going to sing a memorable song from Cats the musical called Memory.'' Then, Ritsuko conducted the orchestra and piano as Tamaki sang in french with his soothing baritone voice, ''Minuit, Pas un son depuis la chaussee, La lune a-t-elle perdu la memoire, Elle sourit, seule, sous l'eclairage d'un lampadaire, Les feuilles mortes s'accumulent a mes pieds, Et le vent se met a gemir, Souvenir, Toute seule au claire de lune, Je peux rever du bon vieux temps, La vie etait belle alors, Je me rappelle de l'epoque ou je savais ce qu'etait le bonheur, Que le souvenir revive, Chaque lampadaire semble marteler, Un avertissement fataliste, Quelqu'un marmonne et le lampadaire crepite et vacille, Et ce sera bientot le matin, Le jour, Je dois atttendre l'aube, l dois penser `a une nouvelle vie, Et je ne dois pas capituler, Quand l'aurore viendra, Cette nuit sera un souvenir aussi, Et un nouveau jour commencera.'' Then Tamaki dropped to the ground covering his eyes with his hands and Azusa came in to sing in her lovely voice, ''Les fins epuisees de journees embrumees, L'odeur encore froide du matin.'' Then Tamaki and Azusa harmonized their voices together, ''Un Lampadaire s'eteint, une autre nuit s'acheve.'' Tamaki sang with his powerful baritone voice, "Un autre jour se leve, Touche moi, C'est si facile de me laisser, Toute seule avec le souvenir, De mes journees au soleil, Si tu me touches, Je comprendrai ce qu'est le bonheur, Regarde, une nouvelle journee commence...'' The audience loved his groundbreaking performance and gave him positive praise as well as applause for this powerful rendition of a classic song. Azusa then bowed and gave also her a bouquet of flowers Ritsuko conducted the third song on the concert called Hijo de la Luna and Tamaki began to sing, ''Idiot qui ne comprend pas, La legend' qui comme ca, Dit qu'une gitane, Implora la lune, Jusqu'au lever du jour, Pleurant elle demandait, Un gitan qui voudrait, L'epouser par amour, Tu auras ton homme, femme brune, Du ciel repondit la pleine lune, Mais il faut me donner, Ton enfant le premier, Des que te sera ne, Cell'qui pour un homme, Son enfant immole, Bien peu l'aurait aime, Lune tu veux etre mere, Tu ne trouves pas l'amour, Qui exauce ta priere, Dis-mol Lune d'argent, Toi qui n'as pas de bras, Comment bercer l'enfant, hijo de la luna, D'un gitan cannelle, Naquit l'enfant, Tout comme l'hermine, ll etait blanc, Ses prunelles grises, Pas couleur olive, Fils albinos de lune, ''Maudit soit-tu batard, T'es le fils d'un gadjo, T'es le fils d'un blafard,'' ''Lune tu veux etre mere, Tu ne trouves pas l'amour, Qui exauce ta priere, Dis-mol Lune d'argent, Toi qui n'as pas de bras, Comment bercer l'enfant, hijo de la luna, Le gitan se croyant deshonore, Couteau en main sa femme alla trouver, I'enfant n'est pas de moi, Tu m'as trompe je vois, A mort il la blessa, Et l'enfant dans ses bras, La colline il monta, La-haut l'abandonna..., Lune tu veux etre mere, Tu ne trouves pas l'amour, Qui exauce ta priere, Dis-mol Lune d'argent, Toi qui n'as pas de bras, Comment bercer l'enfant, hijo de la luna, Et les soirs ou I'enfant joue et sourit, De joie aussi la lune s'arrondit, Et lorsque l'enfant pleure, Elle decroit pour lui faire, Un berceau de lumiere, Et lorsque l'enfant pleure, Elle decroit pour lui faire, Un berceau de lumiere.'' The audience was moved with the haunting rendition of the song and gave an amazing standing ovation for his powerful yet creepy interpretaton of this hauntingly hypnotizing song. The next song that he was singing is Figlio Perduto and he used his hauntingly hypnotic voice as he sang, ''Walls of wind, Night has fallen, Father and Son are together, With a horse, They proceed Through this intense darkness, But suddenly, The boy trembles with fear, It gets cold, Father oh father, Haven't you seen, The king of the elves, There he is, Lost son, Do you want to play, I bring you joy, Come with me, Father oh father, Did you hear, What he said, And what he will do?'' Then Nana sang like a dove, ''Lost son, If you don't come with me, I will use the power that I have, Father oh father, The king of the elves, Is touching me, He hurts me, And the boy, Eyes closed, He doesn't move, He's already lost.'' Tamaki sang in his powerful baritone voice, ''Son, Lost son, If you don't come with me, I will use my power, Father oh father, The king of the elves, Is touching me, He hurts me, And the boy, Eyes closed, He doesn't move, He's already lost, He's already lost.'' The audience was spooked by his rendition of the song and fortunately, It gave him another standing ovation. The final song that he sang is Panis Angelicus and he sang it with Natsuki. First, Kotomi played a very comforting melody while Tamaki sang with his sweet baritone voice, ''Le pain des anges, Devient le pain des hommes, Le pain du ciel met, Un terme aux symboles. O chose admirable, II se nourrit de son Seigneur, Le pauvre, le serviteur, le petit, Le pauvre, le serviteur, le petit.'' Then, Natsuki sang with his sweet tenor voice, ''Dieu Trinite, En Un, nous te le demandons, Daigne par ta visite, Repondre a nos hommages, Par tes voies, conduis-nous, Au but ou nous tendons, A la lumiere ou tu demeures, Ainsi soit-il.'' The crowd was so moved by the duet and gave them a standing ovation and as a reward, Natsuki got a bouquet of flowers for singing with him. The concert was over and Tamaki, Ritsuko, Kotomi, Razette and the 4 guest singers came bowing to the audience and had their bouquets of flowers. Tamaki's fanclub was so mesmerized with the performance that they even gave him a bouquet of roses. The audience clapped and cheered enthusiasticly as they bowed to them and gave thanks to the orchestra and Ritsuko. After the concert was over, Ami, her family and her friends went back on the taxi and back to the hotel. After they went back to the hotel, They changed to their pajamas and nightgowns. ''That was so much fun at the Opera House!'' Chiyo exclamed. Usagi, Naru, Ami and Sakaki agreed with her opinion of the performance and the experience. Then, they tucked themselves to bed and went to sleep dreaming some heavenly dreams.

Chapter 6

The next morning, Ami and her guests woke up with the sun shining like a heavenly gift from the heavens in the sky. Ami and her friends got to eat breakfast at a diner called IHOP. Their parents went to the diner with them to eat as well. The waiter was Sebastian Michaellis and he asked in a sensual yet sly tone, ''I'm your waiter for today so what would you like to eat today my dears~?'' Ami ordered some pancakes with syrup and strawberries with some water, Usagi and Naru wanted eggs and bacon with some ice tea, Chiyo wants to have some french toast with a drink of orange juice, Sakaki wanted to have bacon strips with some hot chocolate and finally, their parents wanted to have an appitizer sampler with some coffee. Sebastian wrote the orders down on his notebook and he continued, ''Excellent choices, I will get your breakfast and drinks in just a minute.'' While they waited, They talked about last night's trip to the Opera House in Paris and thought it was an emotional experience for them and the guests. Sebastian then got the food that they all wanted and send the food to them. They prayed for Jesus Christ and after that they ate their food and they actually loved the food they have gotten and ordered. After they ate, Sebastian gave the parents a check and told them, ''Have a sweet day!'' After they went to the restaurant, The family went back to the beach hotel and went to their rooms and did some things to do. Ami was continuing to read The Hobbit and taking notes. Usagi and Naru played a board game called Sorry. Chiyo played tea party with her stuffed animals. Sakaki was watching a film adaptation of Sense and Sensibillty and was eating some popcorn and drinking some ice lemonade. Finally, Their parents were watching some mystery comedy movies on TV. And also, Tugger tried on the new mane, lepoard tights and the new silver belt out and he actually loved them so much so he did a sexy pose on the bed and it was the perfect pose to seduce Ami and her friends.

Chapter 7
At 6:30pm, The parents went to the Jazz bar and ordered some wine and appitizers. First, there was a young girl named Serena who sang The Holy Highway and the audience loved her powerful singing voice and her very interesting lyrics. Then, the fog clouded the floor and stage as a seductive figure came on stage wearing nothing but high heel shoes, bedroom eyes, black gloves, red lipstick, black and red orange eye shadow and his black tights. His stage name was The seductive genie. But his real name was Laito Sakamaki. He began to sway his hips in a hypnotic way as he seductively sang, ''Never know how much I love you, Never know how much I care, When you put your arms around me, I got the fever that's so hard to bear, You give me fever, When you kiss me, Fever when you hold me tight, Fever, in the morning, Fever all through the night, Sunlight's up the daytime and the moon lights up the night, I light up when you call my name cause you know I'm gonna treat you right, You give me fever, When you kiss me, Fever when you hold me tight, Fever, In the morning and fever all through the night, Ev'rybody's got the fever, That is something you all know, Fever isn't such a new thing, Fever started long long ago, Romeo loved Juliet, Juliet she felt the same, when he put his arms around her, He said, 'Julie baby, you're my flame, Thou giv-est fever when we kissth, Fever with thy flaming youth, Fever, I'm a fire, Fever yea I burn for sooth', Captian Smith and Pocahontas, Had a very mad affair, When her daddy tried to kill him, She said Daddy'o don't you dare, He gives me fever with his kisses, Fever when he holds me tight, Fever, I'm his misses, Daddy won't you treat me right.'' During the instrumental, Laito interacted with the audience by shaking his hips, blowing kisses, licking someones ear and kissing their cheeks. Then he got on the parents table and sat on it as he sang in a sultry way, ''Now you've listened to my story, Here's the point that I have made, Cats were born to give you fever, Be it Fahrenheit or cendigrade, They give you fever when we kiss you, Fever if you live and learn.'' As he sang this, he leaned on the table and whispered seductively in her ear, ''Fever, Till You sizzle what a lovely way to burn, What a lovely way to burn, What a lovely way to burn, What a lovely way~, To Burn~.'' The audience was swooned by the seductive performance by the seductive genie A.K.A Laito and was given a standing ovation and Laito bowed and got a bouquet for his very hypnotic cover of this jazz classic. The seductive genie came to the table with Ami, Usagi and Naru's parents and questioned in his flirtatious voice, ''Did you like my sexy performance tonight?'' As he said that, he did a lapdance for Ami's mom and she stuttered out, ''Y-yes w-w-we d-did L-Laito.'' Laito smiled in a slinky way as he replied, ''Good my dear sweet baby~. Ami's mother blushed apple red when Laito said that. ''So do you want to stay with us at the beach hotel?'' Usagi's mother asked. Laito smiled seductively and answered, ''Of course I can stay with you guys, Fufu~.''

Chapter 8
After the performance, Their parents went back to the hotel with Laito and Usagi's mother thought that it was an amazing performance for them and Laito sang so seductively well. ''Why hello there baby flowers~.'' He replied in a sensual tone as Usagi, Ami and Naru blushed a cherry pink as he said it in a tone that shivers down their spines. Ami studdered back, "H-hello, L-Laito S-Saka-maki Laito went to his new room with some new clothes, shoes, scarves, robes, pajama slippers and his brand new makeup. Laito loves his new room so much that his cheeks were blushing light pink as he saw the new room made for him. "I love you so much you guys!'' Laito exclamed with great tears in his eyes. "We love you too Laito and what's your stage name.'' Laito smirked sensually, ''My stage name is the seductive genie.'' ''That's a very interesting stage name even by a male.'' Usagi commented in a interesting way. Laito loved that comment about his stage name. Laito went to his new room and put on his green robe to get ready for bed. After that, He went to the bathroom and brush his teeth and combed his hair.

Chapter 9
The next morning, Ami, Usagi and Naru went to Tugger's room and Tugger uses his flirtatious voice to lure them in, "What are you doing in my room early in the morning?'' "Usagi and Naru had a very bad dream.'' Ami explained. Tugger felt sorry for them and let them lay on his lap and chest and Tugger crooned the reprise of Scarbrough Fair. After he crooned, he kissed their foreheads and told them in a soothing manner, ''Don't cry my sweet dolllies, everything's going to be okay and I'll be here to comfort you even if you are hurt, bullied or even abused by your nightmares about your original parents.'' Tugger cradled them to sleep like a baby and a cloud shining in the heavens. Then, He used his charisma to sooth them to sleep by lulling, cuddling or even talking to them. Usagi and Naru were so amune to his charms because he used his personallity to lure them and his fanclub to bow down to him. His charms includes swaying his hips, singing in a powerful way, soothing his children to sleep, sweet talking to people or even going out with his friends and smooth talking to them. He smooth talked Usagi and Naru to sleep by lowering his voice a notch and using his voice to soothe them to sleep or taking care of them whether they're abused or even bullied.

Chapter 10
Meanwhile, in Ami's room. Laito seductively crawled to Ami's bed and whispered in her ear, ''Hey are you still awake honey bunny?'' Ami moaned in response. Laito got on top of her and seductively sways his hips as he continued, ''Don't worry, I wouldn't harm you, In fact, I'm going to just give you a massage for you little maniac.'' Then, Laito rubbed her shoulders as he continued rolled his hips sensually. After that, He rubbed her neck as he continued to sway his hips and kept on sensually talking to her. After that, He blew a kiss to her and Ami woke up suprised to see the seductive genie on her bed. Laito was smirking in a way that made Ami cringe by the fact that she was the one who was being seduced by Laito Sakamaki. Suddenly, Laito bit her neck and sucked her blood and Ami moaned and groaned at the fact that he's truly a vampire for the Sakamakis.

Chapter 11
Usagi and Naru went to Ami's room and realized that they would realized that he's a flirtatious vampire/human genie. Usagi used her brooch to transform into Sailor Moon. She made her speech, ''I am the pretty guardian, who fights for love and for justice, I am Sailor Moon.'' Laito asked wickedly, ''Sailor Moon?'' Usagi A.K.A Sailor Moon finished her speech, ''And now in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!'' Laito chuckled as she unleashed her ultimate weapon, her ultimate weapon was Princess Tutu. Princess Tutu used her dancing skills to mesmerize him and make him so tired as a lazy river. Her dance skills actually worked and Tutu and Sailor Moon remained victorious. Then Laito woke up and realized it was just a dream after all.

Chapter 12
After Laito woke up, it was a really weird dream for him so he did some yoga to calm him down a little bit. After that, he went back to sleep and listened to some soothing music on his phone with his earbuds. The next morning, Laito was all relaxed for some walking outside on the sandy beaches with his swim trousers and his flip-flops on. Ami, Usagi, Naru, Chiyo and Sakaki went to the apricot beaches to get in the gorgeous turquoise waters. Ami, Usagi and Naru played catch with a beach ball in the water. Chiyo made a sand castle with seashells, seaweed and a flag on top. Sakaki read a magazine about famous celebrites having a wedding. Their parents on the other hand, were looking at the gorgeous view of the beach and the hotel and went to the pool and relaxed as their children played in the sandy beaches. Laito meditated for a few hours before getting in the water with the rest of the family. While Tugger doesn't love going to the beach because he doesn't want to get wet. On a sci note, Tugger loves the goreous sunset at the end of the day.

Chapter 13
When it was time to go back inside the hotel, their parents dried their children and Laito off with towels that they brought. After they dried themselves off, they went back to their hotel rooms and did what they usually did a few hours earlier. Usagi, Ami and Naru went back to playing board games like Sorry Or Monopoly. Chiyo went back to playing tea party with her stuffed animals. Sakaki continued to watch movies on the vhs and dvd players. Laito went back to doing some yoga and some meditation techniques. And finally, their parents went back to watching some british mystery comedies on tv, vhs and dvd. On a personal note, Laito went to watch a video about meditation. And Tugger went to set up a massage for Ami, Usagi and Naru for when it's time to go to bed at 9:50pm.

Chapter 14
Then, when it's time for bed, Tugger was finding a way to help Ami, Usagi and Naru go to sleep. One way to help them go to sleep is to give them a massage. Ami, Usagi and Naru went to their bunkbed and saw that there were candles lit, 3 massage tables, drinks of oringe juice and the massaginest himself Tugger. He told them in a husky voice, ''Come, Come my dear sweet daisies and get you massages from me, the one and only Rum Tum Tugger~.'' And so they went to the massage tables to get their massage before they went to sleep. After the massage, They got a very special treat before they went to sleep. And that treat was 1 stuffed animal for each family member including their mothers, Chiyo and Sakaki. So they got their reward and was finally ready to go to sleep for the new day. Tugger chuckled with glee, ''My plan is complete and I feel like I'm in paradise with the ladies!''

Chapter 15

Today was the last day for them to be in the beach hotel and to celebrate, the whole familly including Laito and Tugger went to outside and looked at the gorgeous sunset and walked on the sandy beaches and in the water as they remembered the days that they would met for the first time in their lifetimes. They even remembered the day that Sailor Moon and Tutu saved Ami in Laito's dream once. They went inside and started to pack up to go back to Japan and back to Ami's house. They went to bed in their rooms for the last time until they went back to the airport. Laito asked as they started to pack up, "Can Tugger and I come along with you back to Ami's house?" Ami, Usagi and Naru nodded and Laito and Tugger were very excited to come along with Ami, her friends, Chiyo, Sakaki and their family members. Ami and her friends were happy to hear that and decided to accept them to come along with them to Ami's house for a little party.

Ami, Usagi, Naru, Laito, Tugger and the family members went back to the airport to get ready for the trip back to Japan and back to Ami's house they go. While on the trip back to Japan, Usagi continued to listen to pop music, Ami finished her notes on The Hobbit, Naru continued to write her letter on the computer, Laito and Tugger kept entertaining the family members including Ami's mom, Chiyo continued to watch Flushed Away and playing with her stuffed cat and Sakaki continued to read her romance novels. When they arrived back to Japan, They got on the taxi and went back to Ami's house. After they went in Ami's house, A party was going on and all of the guests including Tamaki and his fanclub came in and have a lot of fun. "Tamaki-Senpai!'' Ami screamed with delight as Tamaki hugged her. And Ami and the guests went to have fun at the party and they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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