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by BQ
Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Health · #2175539
A descriptive story, i wrote to shed light on, how a depressed person feels.
I feel empty as an oyster when snatched from its pearl. A never-ending void with looming darkness prevailing over          skies of hope spreading desolate clouds. Feels as if I'm floating above an obscure abyss of unearthly, unnerving and a heart-wrenching silence. I look towards the sky recognizing fragments of fading light resembling a moonless night with few stars present. I strive to reach out for them getting myself away from sinking further in this chasm, but all efforts are futile. There is an undecipherable force in the way of my ascend, a resilient charm pulling me down deeper like a beloved's call to its lover. A mighty feeling of distress envelops me with all my strength losing its connection from my body when suddenly, I feel several hands drawing me, just as silent screams cringing the mind, down further deep. Any attempt occurred to resurface is met with failure. Every hope vanishing, every dream shattering, cloak-like hands surrounding, each stretch ravaging any desire to live as I anticipated it to be my end with all hopes gone and desire to be alive vanquished by evil. Strangely for an incomprehensible reason at an unprecise moment, I feel peaceful just as a union of the creator with its creation. It is therapeutic yet traumatizing, dark yet peaceful although the whole ongoing situation is evocative, frightening and frantic as I notice the sky losing its shimmer, realizing that I'm submerging deep.
After the last glisten of a solitary star light years from where I am, vanishes and there is nothing but gloom and horror, I wake up with a rapid jolt in my bed gasping for air. I feel as if my energy has drained and all the happiness in the world has turned to a meaningless sorrow. I'm wrapped in my blanket sweating profusely with shock and dread. This dream was vivid to an extent where I couldn't fathom it and differentiate reality. As I check the clock beside my bed, It's 3:45 am and my bedroom is slightly illuminated in crimson by the light mixing with shades of my window coming from a lamp post. The streets are empty as usual with echoing winds and reverberating whispers as I stand by the window deciphering this turbulent, vivid nightmare.
Associating this previously mentioned situation with mental wellness issues in particular Anxiety and depression, you can see what a patient enduring this issue feels. Talking about issues with respect to psychological well-being among individuals is neglected because of the absence of awareness and they are typically disregarded by marking as pity or eccentricity.
Depression is a Parasite which sustains on its host's feelings. It constrains a patient to subconsciously segregate itself and powers it to be an inconsistent condition of gloom. It is difficult to 'disregard it' or 'forget about it' or 'proceed onward'. What people don't comprehend is that Mental Health isn't a sane person's desire.
Depression these days extraordinarily has turned into a typical 'hobby' for young people to receive and gain sensitivities despite the fact that then again, adolescents are most normally experiencing psychological health issues. The hands in this fantasy metaphorically are the shackles mind puts a depressed patient in and the hauling power is the constant desire of being in distress. Abnormally, there's a strange feeling of peace in the suffering a patient endures.
Know about the people around you. Talk about this issue with them and show Sympathy. Try not to single out them nor call them names when they dump you on particular events, you need to understand it's their disease doing it, not them. It is difficult for them to open their heart so be persistent and determined. This is a lethal disease affecting patient physiologically as well. be cautious, known and be useful.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2175539