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A Letter to My Fellow Christians Suffering in the Faith
The Letters to the Eproanti: A Letter to My Fellow Christians Suffering for the Faith

Greetings to my fellow brethren, who, by God’s grace, endures all of the tempests and the jolts in the lands all the years. Indeed, grace and peace be unto you and may you flourish more in your faith.
I write this letter generally to the believers in Christ everywhere from the farthest corners of the world, yet I most especially want to write for the Christians who are severely suffering for the sake of our Lord’s Name. Don’t worry; I have also been wanting to talk to and even meet the rest of you, Christians, for later. I tell you now—I have a lot of words I want to tell you and ask you since then.
I have been hearing news and seeing documentaries broadcasted all around the world and into my church no longer rarely but every now and then (I say). Such things I had wished to never see or hear of again, here I have learnt of the bloodshed and the violence of the murders and the threats and the executions and all other kinds of persecutions of many people proclaiming their love and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have learnt how they were martyred through beheadings and shootings and stabs and slits since I was but a little child.
I have heard of their cries burning to the ground and I have seen their heads dashed on the rocks. I would have already lied to you if I’d refuse to admit how have I had wept to many of them being killed by the blind unbelievers, and yet how they would pray to God to forgive them anyway as they fall down and sleep with the rest of the saints.
This, I should also tell you, oh fellow Christians who live in high towers, that you should never consider your fate and your state that God has given you for granted and say that you deserve to have much pleasant lives just so because you claim to deserve better whilst being a child of our God.
May you never think it that way, and when you do, stop it at once and have the enemy deceive you no more!
But I have thought of my countless brethren who would toil day and night with pain under the soles of those who hated Christ and His Gospel, those who do not believe in the God of light, the Creator of all things.
A sister in Christ was imprisoned for almost a lifetime for sharing the Good News of the Bible to little children in school. This happened in mainland China. I grieved for her not seeing her family for long.
A professor in Pakistan was beaten severely for defending a Christian student in the midst of the Muslims. I have prayed for the two of them, and for the wellness of the professor who strives for his life in the hospital still.
Furthermore, a small church was burnt by rallying Muslims in the same nation. They have destroyed their Bible and defiled the congregation. I was devastated upon knowing that same scenario again.
These are just but a few of the happenings that recently occurred in our times, my dear brethren.
I tell you that I have yet known worst than these. I have known numberless.
Well, maybe even some of you suffer the same or even more. Oh how I exalt you more than the richest preachers because of your astounding and continuous strength in the faith. Surely many Christians living in prosperous lives and pampered comforts, forgetting about many Godly things they have to keep in heart (because they thought they no longer need it) would easily lose their faith more than you when tribulation comes.
Now I tell you this, my beloved brethren. To all of you, suffering for the faith and enduring the afflictions; the time is running and Christ shall soon be coming. Take heart and fall not from the faith. Hold fast to the Lord and minister to one another. Judgment is soon to arrive and the harvest is nigh.
So as for now, let us yet call upon the name of the Lord. He’s our defender and our deliverer. Are you not in much awe and gratitude of Him choosing each of you to be a child of His? Are you not encouraged to go on in the face of troubles and challenges for soon He shall come and bring you home?
What great thing to marvel! We should all be prepared indeed.
I hope and pray this letter gets to the believers particularly in Asia. I have yet many I ought to tell you. Maybe I shall soon follow you up with a second letter.
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