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Resisting negativity
Sanity slipping away.Embrace the chaos a voice whispers seductively.Should I?Darkness is your salvation.Then why am I drawn to the light?Racing thoughts of the possible reasons why.An unwelcomed answer creeps and crawls in the deep reaches of my mind.You always want what you don't deserve they whisper.Are you here to tourture or set me free?What do you think they say mildly maniacal.Why? I ask pleadingly.We all pay for what we've done.Their reply leaving me shaken;dreading what is to come.Wait I say filled with just rage.Have I not paid dearly already?I applaud your attempt but futile it is,you can't outrun your fate they sneer.I've had enough of this I wail,I dictate the direction of my life not you.No longer will I listen to your poisonous words.Fight with all your might but your fate will come regardless of what you think they say with amusement in their voice.Is that so, I say with newfound courage,you underestimate my will.I've faced far stronger than you and still I stand.So come at me with as much as power you can muster.I'll be waiting and ready you no longer scare me you are the weak one.With those final words spoken they left With overwhelming confusion;Why didn't my dark charm work on him.
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