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by Sefako
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indigenous knowledge has been isolated from mainstream intelligence as primitive knowledge


One would think that with the advent of modern education system, wisdom of the world can save humanity from itself but instead it keeps on getting worse and worse. Traditional/Natural knowledge, which has found an academic title of indigenous knowledge, has been isolated from mainstream intelligence centers. It has been regarded as a primitive knowledge which among black race is at times associated with witchcraft and paganism. Unfortunately no one can run away forever from nature, somehow academics of this world are lately going back to indigenous knowledge holders to bridge the gap that was left by current system of education. Though indigenous knowledge holders are mostly people concerned with sustenance of life than financial gain, my believe is that the academic world should compensate them for mending their poor and broken teachings that has put the world under tremendous pressure of the so called natural disasters which typically are human caused disasters.

Indigenous knowledge is inexplicably phenomenal, it connects human beings with nature in total and holistic love, care, support and protection. It can educate a human being on his/her pre-existence era, his/her past, present and future. It embodies all nature's elements of life with all life senses of a human being to bring forth the reason and the purpose of humans on earth. Without indigenous knowledge there is bound to have diseases, poverty, wars, plagues etc which are negative effects of modern day education system that has relied on science and religion for many centuries without any victory on the Human joy, peace, happiness, health, aging and death.

Indigenous knowledge holders are relatively silent people, they are like God of creation in a way, they've been there all along watching as world politicians, academics, scientists, teachers, philosophers, professors, pastors, police, soldiers etc wrecks the planet in what they called civilization or development. They knew all along that someday chickens will come home to roast. The stupid ideology of the world system of life was to divide life into categories and believed that each category can grow itself and negotiate its economic path. Unfortunately that caused chaos in spiritual realm, disturbed the order of the galaxy within humans, incited violence between Humans and animal kingdom, turned Man into a beast and Woman into a sinner who abhors God's principles of life and commands.

The abandoned wing of ancient wisdom in modern day school curriculum arrogantly steered scholars into rebellion against laws of nature, building cities and towns in paths of flood, gale force winds, field fires, tornadoes and hurricanes. Harvesting plants whenever they feel like it, destroying forests for poor development initiatives that has enslaved Man into hard labour which robbed him a time for worship and devotion to the Almighty of life. Such ignorance of natural order is condoned by religious teachings about Man's dominion over nature which is not entirely true in a philosophical sense as Man rely on nature and not the other way round. Indigenous knowledge holders have all life's integrated system of survival; they know that everything is connected to everything and that nothing can exist in its own or in isolation. For that reason, there is incorporation of all senses and all elements of life into body and soul for Humans to exist in harmony with nature and all the elements with no harm to all senses.

The academic world never learnt about causes of problems from natural perspective to get excellent solutions, they always relied on uncertain but reasonable research conducted by people who are afraid of interacting with nature directly, who would rather interview people and believe the stereotyped word of mouth truth that always had one side for each story. People over centuries have had many life's problems that they can't simply solve in their social and business life, problems often connected to lack of natural knowledge from simple things like taking time to get sunlight in the morning to complex things like spirits getting pathways into their life or attachments of souls from deceased relatives or children who were not born or died young up to family members or close friends who have not ascended correctly due to wrong rites of passages and therefore seek to continue their earthly existence by invading relatives that are still alive. All these can simply be addressed by people with indigenous knowledge. Not the so called gifts per se.

Indigenous knowledge is broad as nature itself as it is rooted from nature, it doesn't necessarily deal with spiritual world only, as I hinted somewhere in the first page, it is a holistic knowledge. For example in carpentry, one needs to know what type of trees can be harvested for furnisher or roofing, you don't want wood that can harbour spirits to be your furnisher or your roof. In Automobile Industry indigenous knowledge can aid in mixture of non-toxic fuels, correct way of manufacturing rubbers and tyres without polluting the air. In medical world it can aid in correct sowing, harvesting and processing of medicinal plants, in Mining it can help in identifying mineral and spiritual rocks and how to go around without causing rock falls. These are just few examples of many ways that indigenous knowledge can be utilized if not ignored and disregarded in globalization efforts.

It's time we influence indigenous thinking into all aspects of life. The corporate world is full of deadly traps that can be corrected by inclusion of indigenous people into planning and development of any business, projects and everything. At work places and other institutions like universities, colleges, cultural centers and sports stadiums including shopping malls and town squares, we meet all types of people that some are referenced in the Bible on:

Numbers 5:2

Leviticus 12:1-8

Ezekiel 36:17

Leviticus 15:24

Ezekiel 18:6; 22:10

Then we have events like weddings, funerals, parties, conferences etc where we eat and drink all sorts of foodstuffs and beverages that are somehow unclean and influence our lives to negative territories, spiritual possessions and attachments of unknown souls to our lives. By the sound of it one may feel that indigenous knowledge deals a lot with spiritual problems but it is not so, it is just that most of life's problems are rooted from spiritual world. Unclean foods range from genetically modified food we eat to chemically processed and preserved foods. The other simple reference to this in the Bible is:

Hag 2:10-13

Judges 13:4

Daniel 1:8

Isaiah 65:4

Ezekiel 44:31

Indigenous knowledge holders knows the difference in all these, they can assist in avoiding life cases that can be associated with these impurities that have a way to sneak into business, academic or career of a person up to relationships and marriages and family values causing all sorts of discomforts and unexplainable bad events in one's life including failure and stagnation.

A balanced relationship of each part in creation as well as its presence is necessary for life. We cannot divide or exclude ourselves from anything and yet still hope to get fully completed or fulfilled. How we live today has definitely resulted in many displeasing behavioral culture we see of greed, void, vanity, sadness, pity, depression, anxiety and many other discomforts that no amount of money can fix. We obviously lack something or many things; hence there are open gaps for spiritual possessions, diseases, our cells aging, our bodies getting weak, our uncontrollable moods, our lack of sympathy, our cruelty, scandals, indecent changes, restless lifestyles etc. These smallest issues that can be easily avoided clearly symbolize some sort of a lost heritage in our lives.

The world is currently controlled by health, not money as many people tend to think; ailing health control supply and distribution, when the person is sick is easily controlled and can be supplied with anything that he/she is meant to believe will assist him/her. It may be a contagious plague that will spread among many of us, it might be some DNA altering drug or some life span cutting dose of which none will be suspected by the sick person neither his/her family and friends. Death that is often termed the will of God, comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and the source being the human being and his/her lack of natural wisdom, relying heavily on scientific researches as whole truth without making any effort to validate the outcome.

Indigenous knowledge reduces physical and emotional suffering; it elevates physical and emotional fulfillment, deepens knowledge of oneself and impact positive changes in a person's objective behavior. It is a good way to deal with life's challenges and utilize nature's grace and in the process reveal a facet of our spiritual essence by enlightening us with knowledge of the universe and love of God upon us. We must admit that lot of things have gone wrong in our lives, unexplainable things, mysterious situations that can only be solved by natural wisdom. Many people have found themselves between rocks and hard places, they've stretched themselves very far yet never caught anything, they accumulated wealth that turned into nightmares, worked inequity to achieve vanity, striven but never succeeded. Without indigenous knowledge, such things exists as part of our lives and we end up admitting that somehow is part of God's bigger plans though we are skipping knowledge that can emancipate us from such bondage.

Indigenous knowledge is a gift from God to us to sustain and replenish the earth, it is a gift given out of love not to harm us or to make us stagnant but to advance and live in harmony with nature and the elements. Testimony to such love can be referenced biblical in Jeremiah 29:11 which reads: "For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil to give you expected end" Inclusion of indigenous knowledge holders in mainstream global agendas used to be limited but is now forcing its way into globalization as humanity is running out of solutions for their radical fiction world where wisdom is cooked in a laboratory and intelligence is measured by academic qualifications. That is the nature of nature, it can never be oppressed forever, at some point it has to breathe and when it does you better be in good standing with it, otherwise you'll cry "natural disaster".

There is no doubt that the classroom wisdom has exhausted its tentacles, it can no longer reach the social and moral fabric of the society, for years it humiliated and disregarded indigenous knowledge which gave rise to its existence, bringing upon humanity, oppression, diseases, harassment and death all in lies termed the "The Will of God" instead of healing the population, improving safe to consume crops and protect people from harm. A thorough understanding of indigenous knowledge from its holders will better analyze and inform people of its power to restore the natural order of life which have been destroyed scientifically.

Indigenous knowledge has ability to solve global social and economic crisis, through it dreams can be interpreted, events can be foretold, psychological issues can be solved, mysteries unpuzzled and all that will bring the world to a complete peace and harmony not to mention a happy and joyful prosperity where equality and justice will be the order of the day.

For centuries science has been acting as a legal cult with all sorts of occult inventions and discoveries that have only brought pain and discomfort in humanity. It's time we return to Mother Nature and explore many ways that science had no ability to explore or oppressed to mask its fear of being exposed for what it is. Science is a deteriorating lie and is destructive to the human race, nothing that disregards natural laws can serve humanity with distinctive quality life. There is more to life than just hearing, thinking and seeing. We must make time to be with God of Creation, indigenous knowledge is like blood in our veins, it automatically tune us in Oneness with the Almighty. Whatever we'll plan or do will be in line with the Order of Life thus giving us a safe path to walk in our eternal gift of living.

As stated in John 15 vs 14-15, You cannot love God and continue living your own ways, the love of God means loving and appreciating Thy Creation as a whole, nothing should be separated from something, all is in unison and should be loved and appreciated that way. Anything that poses destruction to God's creation should be deemed evil and be discarded to the abyss. People must be taught to love God, and God is practical as we can see the universe, practical teaching will make better lessons to humanity and only indigenous knowledge have practical teachings on the greatness and power of God. Superhuman power is hidden in indigenous knowledge, sometimes I come to think that Science works with Aliens and other Extraterrestrials to try and destroy God's Creation replacing it with artificial deteriorating life to make it seem powerful to humanity.

Despite all scientific researches, evolution, discoveries and the current new world order termed globalization, lack of indigenous knowledge still subject humanity to depression, diseases, addictions, intolerance, racism, aging and death. The more things looks like they are improving, the more people's lives become more and more miserable; eventually some of us goes insane and commit suicide because nothing in our fake glorified world seems to be of assistance. Solutions lies in Nature but unfortunately nature requires indigenous knowledge to be well understood. The respect humans can show to their environment, co-existence of animals and man, and ancient wisdom that kept communities from destroying nature, are all embedded in indigenous knowledge.

Indigenous knowledge education is not just some fancy modern day fashionable qualification, it is a necessity, it should be compulsory from Grade R level up to Matric {grade 12}. It can be a choice subject at tertiary level as our children will be fully equipped from early childhood development to matric to make an informed choice of whether they want to study it further or not. My believe is that the world sometimes divide or categorizes subjects that were supposed to mean one thing into many different parts thus creating all sorts of imbalances in between. We must keep remembering that everything is connected together and any disconnection causes imbalances and discomforts.

Indigenous knowledge is simply a holistic knowledge of creation and the know-how of how we can go through civilizations without impacting any harm upon ourselves and nature. If you want to live long, respect laws of nature and customs of clans. Such knowledge is embedded in indigenous knowledge. Scientific knowledge is forcefully and systematically forced upon humanity because of its shallowness and narrow mindedness. It's been a program since its inception with an agenda of destroying the human race that lives on ignorance. Indigenous knowledge wants natural wisdom and power back in the hands of the people.

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