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Want some chapters? Here's what you need to know.
If you'd like to commission me to write something for the Book of Masks here's the details.

Price - I'll do it for roughly 15,000 GPs per chapter. Typically I'd prefer the requests to be in batches of 5 chapters but if you want, say, 3 chapters or even just a one-off chapter then I'll be willing to do it. Anything above 5 chapters (say you want 6 or 7 or whatever) or below will also be 15,000 GPs per chapter. The exception is one-off chapters. If you just want one chapter that'll be 20,000 GPs.

I'll also say that this is pretty much just for Book of Masks. I won't be adding to another interactive unless the amount being offered is too good for me to turn down and even then it's not a guarantee I'd accept it.

If I accept the commission I'll also ask for a deposit up front that will be the price of 1 chapter i.e. if you want 5 chapters or above you'll have to give me 15,000 GPs to start. This won't be on top of the price though so when I finish the 5 chapters you'd have to pay the remaining 60,000 so it'll still come out to 75k.

If, for whatever reason, I'm unable to complete the agreed upon number of chaters I'll still ask to be compensated for anything that had been written, however it will only be 1/4 of the price per chapter i.e. say you ask for 5 chapters but for whatever reason I'm only able to get 3 done the total would wind up being 11,250. I don't anticipate issues because largely everything would be set before writing even starts but you never really know; computer issues and other life problems are always a threat. If I accept it but, again for whatever reason, no writing is able to be done on it and I consider it a lost cause you'll get the deposit back.

I'll try to keep you informed of my progress as well.

Content - You can get as detailed as you want but the basics will be what characters you'd like to see or not to see, who impersonates who, the general overview and/or outline of what you'd like to see and so on. If you contact me and I'm interested I'll likely contact you back and we can whittle down or refine things, expand on it, etc. You don't need to get overly detailed but at the same time just asking for 5 chapters of "Will becomes Chelsea" won't cut it. Of course by talking to you that idea might be able to be fleshed out as well.

If there are chapters that have to be written to get, say, from point A to point B or a start point needs to be created to get to your request those chapters will not count towards the price/chapter count.

It's also not a guarantee that I'll accept your commission. If, for whatever reason, I reject it I'll let you know. If I give it a couple of days and can't think of a way to make the idea work, if I'm not feeling the idea or any other reason then you'll know.
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