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A goddess is banished to the world of man for intervening in a war between men
Fallen Goddess


In the high heavens, gods looked down on the world of Algoria. The high gods observed humankind remaining neutral they sought not to interfere in the affairs of man. The lesser gods were a different matter altogether; not only did they fight amongst themselves but indirectly meddle in the affairs of man. The high gods tolerated this by in large as long the lesser gods didn’t directly intervene or let themselves be known openly to humanity.

The goddess Linette, having a warm and generous heart unlike many of her fellow lesser gods. Felt moved by compassion at seeing the suffering of a people in a senseless war caused by her fellow gods for their amusement. Directly interceded in the battle letting herself be seen by many. This being an unforgivable act of exposure that could alter not only the fate of humanity but the gods themselves. The three lesser gods who meddled demanded death for Linette others a less fatal punishment. They argued amongst themselves until the matter caught the attention of the high gods.

High god Omin stood before the pantheon of gods, oldest and wisest of all the gods. He favoured Linette amongst the lesser gods. Linette was different from most other gods. He knew what made her so different. A secret he shared with none but one other god. A secret he especially could not share with any of the lesser gods. She was born out of a liaison with a human woman. Remembering the time spent in the world of man with Linette’s mother brought back fond memories. Though it was such a long time ago and her mother long dead. Omin kept the secret of Linette’s origins from her. Only high goddess Rosette besides himself knew and also vowed to keep the secret. He hoped he could spare Linette any punishment for her transgression. However, he must remain impartial if he showed any favouritism it would make the other gods suspicious. The rest of the high gods wouldn’t mind so much as the lesser gods and, they could cause mischief. Not only in the world of man but here in the heavens that he could not allow.

Omin sighed as he regarded Linette, sorrow etched on his face. “Linette you have transgressed one of the fundamental laws of the gods not to intervene openly in the affairs of man.”

Linette bowed low then raising her head with a look of defiance, “I’m sorry high god Omin, but the other gods were interfering and causing unnecessary suffering.” She paused — her expression pleaded for understanding and compassion. “Surely, in this case, my actions were necessary. It is not I that is at fault,” pausing she pointed an accusing finger at the lesser gods involved. "If I am guilty they are more so for miss use of their powers. The mortals will soon forget I played any part in the battle.” She pleaded in her defence.

Omin shook his head his expression solemn. “The other gods involved did not openly interfere so much nor did they reveal themselves to mortals as did you child.” He thought the matter through as he spoke. Waiting for Linette to speak further knowing it would allow him to lessen her punishment.

Linette stood bare-footed her ankle length blue gown shimmered and flapped around her in the warm breeze. Linette did not regret her intervention. She would do it again in a blink of an eye if allowed. Many of the lesser gods Linette thought to be petty and arrogant not much better than some mortals. She looked across at the offending gods as they rejoiced in her humiliation — the look portraying all the scorn she felt for them. Resigned to her fate she spoke out. “Once again, I apologise for my transgressions high god Omin I will accept my punishment whatever it may be even if it means my death,” she bowed her head low again. Then straightened, proudly Linette waited quietly for the high god's judgement unwavering.

High god Omin saw the proud stance and look of scorn Linette poured on her accusers and smiled inwardly. “Linette I banish you to the realm of man never to set foot in the heavens again.” He paused as he glanced around the assembled gods some nodded approvingly. The high gods kept a neutral silence. “Furthermore you will be stripped of most of your powers. You may regain some measure of your powers in time through actions deemed worthy of a god.”

Without another word, Omin raised a hand a blinding light shone from his fingers Enveloping Linette. She vanished from the heavens!

Linette fell, time held no meaning as she fell ever downward passing through the shining light of the heavens. Through a dark void until finally the blue skies with fluffy white clouds of the world of Algoria. At last, she felt solid ground beneath her. Linette lay face down in the middle of a small meadow. Leaves lay on the damp grass and fell from nearby trees. A cold breeze blew for the first time in her existence Linette felt the cold making her skin stand up in goosebumps. She shivered feeling alone and vulnerable; she felt pain for the first time; her ankle hurt. Linette moaned as she rolled on to her back to look up at the blue sky. She raised a hand above her eyes shading them from the sun’s glare. For several minutes she lay staring at the sky. She regretted nothing though she would miss the glory and splendour of the heavens.

The world of Algoria held wonders of its own. Some she already experienced through her past visits. There were many yet to discover. Linette considered her situation in depth; she knew some of the ways of man and how to fit in; at least she believed she did. There were however many things new to her that she would need to learn. To find shelter from the elements, feed and cloth herself were her priorities. She still wore her blue gown woven from the eternal silk of the gods which could change colour to fit in with her surroundings. It also gave protection and warmth from the worst of the elements. She needed footwear however as she was still barefooted.

Finally, she struggled to rise to a sitting position. Linette inspected her ankle thankfully it seemed only a sprain, but she needed to keep off it as much as possible for a while. She spotted a long narrow piece of gnarled wood lying nearby noticing a high god, probably Omin had touched it. Linnete hadn’t lost that ability she could still detect traces or influences of any other god. She got to her feet, wincing in pain as she hobbled over to where the piece of wood lay picking it. The wooden stick felt good in her grasp. As she held the stick, she felt the magic contained within come alive. Strengthening and fashioning the wood into a staff. Using the staff, to help her walk she looked around deciding on a direction and set off to find shelter as twilight fell.

Chapter One

High God Omin stood looking into the reflecting pool. He put a finger into the water stirring the surface. A scene appeared within the rippling waters. Linnete limped as she, walked along the forest trail; the makeshift foot coverings made out of twigs and leaves, afforded a little protection for her feet. All gods healed quickly from any injury even wounds that would be considered fatal to mortals. However, Linnete’s feet were continually getting scratched and cut as fast as they recovered. Omin looked up from the reflecting pool as he heard footsteps approach.

“How fairs your daughter in the mortal world?” Asked high goddess Rosette. She liked to tease Omin with the fact Linette was his daughter. Though indifferent to Linette’s plight she admired her courage. Rosette smiled at Omin as he gave a knowing look returning her smile. “You wish for me to grant her a boon,” Rosette looked thoughtful as she glanced at the scene in the pool.

Omin kept his smile as he regarded Rosette, “I’ve already done what I can for her.”

Rosette nodded, like Omin she would help Linette, though not for her sake but for Omin’s sake. “Very well perhaps some better footwear would be appropriate.” Rosette waved a hand closing her eyes a moment. “Done.”

Omin nodded satisfied; his smile became broader as he regarded Rosette. “I thank you, Rosette.”

Rosette smile became a frown she tilted her head, “I sense a wider purpose behind banishing Linette to the mortal world.”

Omin answered with silence a serious expression crossing his face before staring once more into the reflecting pool.


After walking for some time, Linette felt tired and hungry. Leaning against the nearest tree, she slumped to the ground; sighed closing her eyes when she opened her eyes again, it was near twilight. I can’t believe I’ve fallen asleep I only meant rest a few minutes! Getting to her feet, she stretched looking around deciding what to do. A light suddenly appeared ahead of her not far away between trees to the left; Linette made way her towards it. The light began to die away eventually disappearing before she could reach it. As she reached the place, she believed the light to have appeared. Linette stood a moment thinking; she decided to search the area. The gathering gloom made it hard to see as she looked around carefully finally spotting a pair of boots. Another gift from the gods but which god or goddess? Linette felt sure the staff was from Omin. The boots were gold in colour, as she pulled them on they felt almost weightless and were just short of knee length. They seemed to mould with her skin to become apart of her and almost invisible to the naked eye.
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