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by K.HBey
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Sara and her companions follow the path corridor.Hope is there.Alex is dying.What to do?
All together they follow their unique corridor path. Fate will offer them only two choices, to die or to be saved.

The corridor is dark but some light sparkles still remain allowing somehow a certain visibility. It seems like a hollow tunnel within a rocky mountain. There are many spikes which resemble stalagmites and stalactites. A huge amount of bats are covering the roof.
Walter is the only one who knows the details of such corridor. Suddenly he hears his father voice who told him: "Go forward and never withdraw. The corridor has one magnetic direction field. It is made of quartz stone".

The group is following Walter with a mixed feeling made of both hope and scar about the unknown destiny they would meet over there at the end of the corridor. The odor of confined place is relevant and Alex health state is deterring more. He starts to cough. Then swollen blood is released from his nose which becomes blue because of the cyanosis. He would die. All his companions are worried and sad. They find themselves confronted to an ambivalent situation; to go out and let Alex dying or to bring him again with them but he remains a heavy burden which could compromise their course. It is really a hard situation within such circumstances.

When they stop and withdraw towards Alex, the corridor starts to vibrate and rotate. It seems like an earthquake. Indeed they have to envisage a quick solution. They put Alex in a safe place. Andrew volunteers to stay with him and to do what he could until they would come back to rescue him. Then the group goes forward and lets Alex with a great sorrow. The corridor becomes stable again.

Walter could easily follow the path of such maze. They arrive at the North Star as Walter named it. It is a wide place which has a star shape. There are many holes around it and light is generously entering from everywhere. An enormous shell is there. They should all enter inside it so that to bring the key of the Kingdom's throne.

The ivory shell contains some magnificent white transversal stripes. Each stripe contains several magenta lines. Inside, a wide maze is attending the group. There is a constant come and go waves sound. The group becomes blind because of the intense light which is blurring them. Also they are seeing constant images of immense sea waves invading them. Walter shows assurance to the group and advises them not be afraid.

Walter has got a compass which is inherited from his father. It shows all directions whenever someone is lost and wherever he is. It is made of a certain black diamond and magnet metal. Alexander has never revealed the secret of such compass.

There are also several paths and handles there. One of them is amazing.
It is wide and contains a marvelous lake. They enter there and suddenly a mermaid submerges. She is beautiful and slender. She has got a long tail, long blond hair and blue eyes. "How are you men?" She asks. Then she tells them: "You should go east where the sun rises". "There you will be their guests. The key is over there." Suddenly she disappears.
Sara is completely amazed and obsolete. She is meshed with such events. That is because of the mission she bears towards the Kingdom of diamonds.

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