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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Adult · #2175799
An encounter on an elevator ride...
The entire office seemed to tremble as the thunder boomed in the distance. I jumped at the sound and glanced at you to see if you had been startled as well and we both shared a nervous laugh. Just then, the lights flickered as another crash of thunder shook the building.

"Maybe we should get out of here" you say and begin to pack up your laptop. You and I are the only people left in the office.

"Yes, we should" I agree, standing up and stretching my arms above my head. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch you looking at me and smiling.

You and I lock eyes and a familiar stirring occurs in my stomach and my heart begins to race. We'd shared an undeniable chemistry for months now and had even exchanged flirty conversations. Both of us desiring one another in a way that we'd never experienced before. Yet, we hadn't ever acted on it. I'm still not sure how we had refrained for so long.

We gather our things and as we walk past the window we notice how very dark it has gotten outside as the rain begins to soak the pavement.

"Ugh, this is not going to be a fun drive home" I say to you as we make our way to the elevator.

Thinking back we probably should have taken the stairs on this stormy day, but you and I had an unspoken preference to share the closeness of the elevator ride.

So...we wait in silence, stealing glances and blushing at one another.

The elevator doors finally open and we step inside standing close enough so that our arms touch. Pure electricity shoots through my body much like the lighting that is flashing outside. As the doors close behind us there is a sudden and violent clap of thunder and the lights go out immediately. It is pitch black and silent for a few seconds before a dim reddish light shines above us.

Normally, I would have started to panic right away, but with you beside me, I felt perfectly calm. You gingerly walked over to press the "call" button with no luck.

Walking back over to me you sigh and say "Well, this is interesting"

I can't help but grin at your calm demeanor and I suddenly feel a warmth in my cheeks as I realize I might be "stuck" in here with you for a while. I know that you can see my face flush even in the red hue of the elevator light.

"What should we do?" you ask gingerly facing me and smiling that wonderful smile.

Without saying a word, I lift my hand and lightly wrap my fingers around the back of your neck, pulling you closer to me. With our lips barely touching one another's, I whisper "I want you". It's not long before I am kissing you deeper and longer, letting my desire take over. My lips can't get enough of yours as our tongues dart in and out teasing one another.

Never letting my mouth leave yours, I begin to unbutton your shirt. I back away just long enough to take off my own shirt so that I can feel your body against mine. We kiss a little longer before I bring my hand down to feel you harden through your pants. My clit is throbbing and I am so wet thinking of the things I want you to do to me. I lightly kiss your neck and make my way down to your chest, using my lips and tongue to tease you. I stop only to undo your belt and pants so that I can feel you, unrestricted. You moan a little as I place my hand around your cock. You feel so good and I just can't wait to taste you.

Standing in the corner of the elevator with your hands gripping the railing on either side, you watch me as take you in my mouth. A little at first, teasing you with my tongue. Licking you, feeling you quiver and harden. I take a break momentarily to softly and lovingly stroke you. "Do you like that?" I ask you and you can only nod. I take you again in my mouth, bobbing up and down. With my other hand I reach into my pants and play with my clit, hoping that this is turning you on even more. It must be, because you grab me up and tell me to take off my pants. I don't hesitate. I now only have on my black lace bra and black lace thong. I give you time to take it all in before my lips find your again.

Your hands caress my tits and you can feel that my nipples are hard. They are aching for you to touch them. I take off my bra and panties and you immediately move forward to take one and then the other in your mouth. Nipping and teasing me. You reach down to feel my soft, smooth warm and wet pussy. Moving your fingers along my clit, you plunge one then two fingers inside me. My arms instinctively wrap around you as you pleasure me. It's your turn to kneel as I prop one leg up on the railing, you move your head between my legs and being to lick and tantalize me. I cum quickly because that is what you do to me!!!

I turn to face the wall and hold on to the hand rails as you enter me from behind. You feel amazing and I tremble with excitement as you begin to move in and out. Your hands find my tits again and you play with my nipples, pinching and squeezing as I tighten myself around your cock. You grab my hair and pull a little with each thrust.

"Mmmm, fuck me" I say to you. "Harder".

You move faster and harder and I am going to cum again! You fucking feel fantastic.

"Keep going, I'm going to cum again" I pant. "I want you to cum too baby."
You gasp and say "Mmmm, soon."

You feel the pressure building and pull my hair a little harder as you finally orgasm.

We are sweaty and warm and wet with desire...

I turn around and kiss you deeply and passionately. Although, I've just "had" you, I want you even more. You are amazing and wonderful and I feel so lucky to know every inch of you.

We are both jolted out of our erotic stupor by the bright light of the elevator and the sudden movement.

The power is back on.

We quickly dress not saying a word. As we reach the lobby, we glance at each other once more before going our separate ways.

"See you tomorrow" I say

"See ya" you say and wave goodbye.

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