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A commentary on the U.S. presidential election.
Lamentations 2016

In days of old it was foretold,
a king ye all shall rue.
“We have our pride” the people cried
“and we shall have our due!”

We’ll choose the best, he’ll pass the test,
a leader wise and true.
A country bold, streets paved with gold,
that’s what our king shall do.

Election day, to our dismay,
delivered up a fool.
The people’s choice will not find voice,
the unpopular shall rule.

We hoped big things, a people’s king,
full of new ideas.
Instead we get a preening twit,
with oral diarrhea.

His law’s not blind; it’s now inclined
to favor silver spoons.
Injustice for the rest of us,
enforced by smirking goons.

A sky once clear will now shed tears
of smoke and acid rain.
He’ll issue writs for open pits,
and frack the earth with pain.

He’ll tax the poor and shut the door
on housing, health, and books.
The swamp’s inside, a rising tide
of villains, fools, and crooks.

He bows to foes and insults those
who once were known as friends.
His giant wall will make us small,
goodwill now at an end.

But dark clouds pass, a horse’s ass
cannot hold sway for long.
Truth and light provide the might
to rise and right the wrong.

In days to come we’ll dump the bum,
once people get a clue.
The ship of state can still be great
when lame duck gets his due.

Terrence G. Fisher © 2018

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