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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Death · #2175813
Marie's Parents can't make it, But Mrs. Jasmine can help her
Marie's Life Part 1

By: Femi-Brightman

Once there was an 8 year old girl who lived in New Orleans with her parents. They lived in a house with tile floors, a dining room, a living room, 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen. Marie and her family had an interesting life. Marie's mother worked as a teacher at a high school in Nashville, Tennessee. Her Father worked as a Mechanic for cars and trucks at a vehicle shop. And Marie was an Autistic 1st grader in an elementary school called Lake Forest Elementary School.

On Tuesday morning, Marie's mom dropped her off at Lake Forest Elementary and told her to have a good day at school and to have fun. She went into her classroom and saw some of her classmates gone. Marie questioned the teacher, "Why are some of my friends gone Mrs Jasmine?" Then, Mrs. Jasmine told Marie in a stern yet calm tone, ''Some of my students are gone because they didn't listen to my rules for a day and that's why they are suspended for the rest of the school month because they burned all of the recycling bins in all of the classrooms!" "But what about me Mrs. Jasmine?''

"You've been a very sweet student who always follows the rules and helps others to follows the rules and I'm so sorry that my students didn't make you feel well enough for the last couple of weeks, I hope they will learn better to listen to you.'' Mrs. Jasmine smiled sorrowfully. "I hope so too Mrs. Jasmine.'' Marie told Mrs. Jasmine in a strong yet calm tone of voice. ''Now let's get started with today's schedule, shall we?" Mrs. Jasmine told Maria sweetly

Marie took a seat at her desk and listened to Mrs. Jasmine speak. Then, after Mrs. Jasmine talked about some new techniques in reading, writing, science and math, It was lunch time in the cafeteria, and they had some salad and a tomato soup for lunch and Marie loved the lunch that the school gave her. After lunch, Marie went back to Mrs. Jasmine's classroom and went back to her desk for Social Studies. Mrs. Jasmine told Marie to get her Social Studies Book and she turned to pg.56 and read through the English revolution. After that, It was Recess time outside at the playground. She interacted with nature and with the animals and drew some pictures of her family and her house that she lives in.

Suddenly, Marie saw a girl crying and Marie went to cheer her up. Marie asked the girl in a soothing tone, "What's wrong my dear?" "My Grandparents had died due to heart cancer!'' the young girl cried. "Oh, no!'' Marie was shocked to hear the young girl saying that. "What's your name?'' Marie asked. "Amelia Winstead.'' She answered sorrowfully. "It's nice to see you Ameila,'' Marie greeted sweetly. "It's Nice to see you too.'' Ameila greeted back. Marie went to show Ameila her pictures of her family and her house that she lives in. Amelia told Marie in a humble yet joyful way, ''You're a great artist Marie!" ''Thank you Amelia!'' Maria told Amelia. After Recess, Marie told the animals and Amelia goodbye and took her pictures inside to show Mrs. Jasmine in the classroom before Maria went home.

Mrs. Jasmine looked at Maria's pictures and she loved her pictures so much that she put them in the hallway. The bell rang and it was time for Maria to go home with her mom. Maria told Mrs. Jasmine in a joyful tone, "Have a good rest of your day Mrs. Jasmine!'' "You too Marie, My sweet student!'' Mrs. Jasmine told Maria. Her mom asked Maria if she had a good day and Maria nodded happily. She went back home and saw that dad is very ill because he got terminal cancer and was taken to a hospital.

''What's wrong Mom?" Marie asked so shocked. Marie's mother told her a backstory that when she was a young girl, her grandfather was in jail for bulling her, and when she went to middle school, she was bullied by a lot of students but some students felt sorry for her and Marie's mother was being harrassed by some teachers. Her mother talked to the counselors and they helped her out as well. The only person who Didn't care about her grandfather was the principal.

Then, She plunged the knife straight into the chest. As her life ebbed away, her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. Marie went to look for her mother in the living room but wasn't there. Marie looked upstairs in her mother's bedroom but wasn't there. Marie looked downstairs in the kitchen and she found her. She checked to see if she's ok or not. The crimson blood dropped all over her chest like a curse. Marie was crying and screaming at the same time.

"WAKE UP MOTHER, WAKE UP!" Marie screamed. But her mother wouldn't wake up. Marie cried and cried until she let it all out. Suddenly, Marie snatched the handset of the phone from its cradle and stabbed the buttons which would dial Mrs. Jasmine's phone number, blinded by the tears. Her teacher picked up by the third ring.

''Mrs. Jasmine! Marie screamed. "Mrs. Jasmine!''
"Marie?" "What's the matter?" What's Happened?"
For a moment, Marie was unable to speak as grief took her breath away. "My Mom! S-she has a kn-n-ife in in her ch-e-e-e-st!'' She stammered at last.

There was a pause on the other end as the teacher processed what her star pupil was telling her. Then, she said, "Okay, Marie, I need you to listen to me very carefully. Hang up the phone, and dial 911. Got That? Nine. One. One. Ask for an Ambulance and tell the operator exactly what you've told me... I'm on my way.''

Marie did as Mrs. Jasmine told her, and then sat on the floor by her mother's body wrapping her arms protectively around her knees and rocking gently as the grief numbed her.

Then, the ambulance came and took her mother's body to the hospital. After that, Mrs. Jasmine came to Marie's house and comforted her by singing a lullaby that Aladdin sang to her.
After Mrs. Jasmine sang the lullaby, she hugged Marie and told her, ''If your parents can't make it, I'll always be with you by your side even in death.''

Meanwhile in the hospital, The Physicans and the nurse were trying their best to keep Marie's parents alive but unfortunately, Her parents didn't make it alive well. The nurse went to Marie's home and went to the kitchen and told Marie and Mrs. Jasmine the bad news,

''Mrs. Jasmine and Marie?"
"Y-y-yes Ma"am?" Marie answered tearfully.
"I've got some really horrible news for you both.''
"W-w-w-what is it Nurse Mizuno?'' Mrs. Jasmine Started to tear up.
"I'm sorry to say this but... Your mother and father can't make it through.''
"I c-c-can't b-bel-live it, m-my p-par-rents a-are d-dead!'' Marie started to cry.

Mrs. Jasmine started to feel the same way as Marie cried on Mrs. Jasmine's lap. Marie cried and cried for 2 hours until bedtime. She went to her mother's bed and went to sleep and had some nightmares about her mom and dad getting killed by death. Then, Marie cried and called Mrs. Jasmine upstairs to tell her about the nightmare. Mrs. Jasmine was shocked about her nightmare and comforted her by lulling her and lying down with her on the other side.

The next day, It was Marie's Birthday and Mrs. Jasmine made a birthday breakfast for her and a ice cream smoothie. Tonight was also the funeral of Marie's mother and father. After Marie finished her breakfast, She went downstairs to meet Mrs. Jasmine in the dining room to have a talk about the funeral.

"Marie, I need to talk to you about the funeral.''
''What is it, Mrs. Jasmine?'' Marie asked.
''We have to stay in the funeral for the whole time and then we can go to a restaurant or something.''
"That's a very great idea!''

At 4:30pm, Marie and Mrs. Jasmine got ready for the funeral and at 4:40, they went to the funeral home called Lake Lawn Metairie. When they got there, They went to the guest hall and met some of the guests like Amelia Winstead and her uncle, Marie's aunt and cousins. And they came to the funeral because they felt sorry for her mother and father dying. They all went to the Chapel hall to see the two caskets of her mother and father's body. Then, All of the guests listened to some heartwarming funeral music as they looked at pictures of Marie's mother and father spending time with Marie.

After the funeral, Marie and Mrs. Jasmine went to the car and drove to a restaurant called the Maison. They went inside to the restaurant and saw the alluring views and the delicious food. The hostess named Makoto Kino came to set them to their seat. Mrs. Jasmine and Marie sat down at the booth waiting for the waitress named Usagi. Meanwhile, Minako came on stage and announced to the diners in a proud voice,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Diners of all ages, I give you 2 of tonight's performers who can lure you in with their seductiveness, I give you the Sultry Incubuses A.K.A Laito and Tugger!''

Tugger and Laito came on stage with some makeup on, tight leggings, Yellow and red skirts, yellow and red manes and Black and red gloves. Laito sang the first song of the night called Red Light Special. As he sang the song, he interacted with the diners by kissing them on the lips and giving them a lapdance. They were so aroused by the performance that they gave a rousing applause and some wolf whistles.

Then, Tugger sang a seductive rock song called Pour Some Sugar On Me, Like Laito, he interacted with audience by shaking his hips and blowkissing at them. The audience was once again pleased with the performance and gave him a round of applause as well. The last 3 songs that they sang as a tribute to Marie's mother and father's death. The three tribute songs were: Someone Like you, Ave Maria, and Keep Me In Your Heart. As they sang each song, They went to Marie and Mrs Jasmine's Table and hugged and kissed Marie and Mrs. Jasmine on the forehead as for respect and as for comfort for Marie's sadness of her parent's death.

After Tugger and Laito Sang the Last 3 songs as a seductive yet soothing duo, The audience gave a standing ovation to them for singing so remarkably and the stage managers gave the Sultry Incubuses 4 bouquets of flowers. Marie and Mrs. Jasmine also gave Laito and Tugger a Standing ovation and gave them a special gift which was 2 lockets.

Then, the waitress named Usagi came and took their orders. Mrs. Jasmine ordered a Fruit cocktail with a vegetable soup while Marie ordered some water with some Salad and ranch dressing. Usagi told them enthusiastically, "Alrighty then, Your orders will be up soon but in the meantime, hangout with our special guests: The 2 Sultry Incubuses.'' Then, The sultry incubuses came and sat in the booth where Mrs. Jasmine and Marie sat in. Laito and Tugger kiss Mrs. Jasmine and Marie seductively on the cheeks and whispered in their ears, ''Hello there my sweet baby~'' "H-h-h-hello there.'' Marie and Mrs. Jasmine shyly whispered back.

Then, the sultry incubuses gave them the 2 bouquets of flowers and Mrs. Jasmine and Marie loved them so much. Then, Laito asked Seductively yet mournfully, "I have heard that your mother and father have died of suicide and cancer respectively, Isn't that right?" And Marie answered crying, "Yes they have!'' Laito and Tugger were so sorry for Marie and her Parent's death that they gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead and said some comforting words to her. Then, Usagi gave the food and drinks to Mrs. Jasmine and Marie and They started to eat their food and Mrs. Jasmine and Marie loved the food they were given.

After they ate, Marie asked Laito and Tugger something, "Laito, Tugger, Do want to come to my house for a couple of weeks?" Laito and Tugger thought about it for a few moments and then they came to their decision. "We would love to come to your house!" Tugger exclaimed happily. Mrs. Jasmine and Marie were so excited to meet them and show them around. So, After Mrs. Jasmine and Marie ate their Dinner, They went to the car with Laito and Tugger.

To Be Continued...

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