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Rated: ASR · Novel · Comedy · #2175832
you wedgie one of 3 girls in each chapter
You wake up dazed and confused you look around and see 3 girls one is taller than you and looks like a buly the middle one is about as tall you and looks athletic the last one is shorter then you and looks timid the waist band sticking out of all of there skirts there names were on the tags the tall girl is Kate the athletic one is katlin the short on is scarlet you see some papers under them kates says wedgie her this way or else it read atomic frontle hanging wedgie wt spanking katlins says normal wedgie frontal wedgie and squeaky clean wedgie scarlets says atomic frontle atomic and any way hanging double atomic wedgie
You were pondering why scarlet the most timid looking one got the wost ones but you shrug it of

The dreaded frontal hanging wedgie
You decided to wedgie kate you grab her panties and pulled the other two having disappeared suddenly Kate Springs to life
(Kate) OOW what the fu** dude
you let go she turns to face you
(Kate)who the fu**do you think you are Wedgieing me
You respond by sticking your hand down the front of her skirt and grab the front of her panties before she can utter a word out you pull the front of her panties into the sky
She clutches her cooch in pain you soon find a place to hang her by after you hooked her to the hook you pull her pants down to her ankles shes blushing now you begin to spank her after only the 10th smack she was balling like a 2 year old you thought of how to make this more painful as if by magic a paddle appeared out of nowhere you grab the paddle and give it a few swings in the air and think it to slow then it got holes you then start to spank her again after 3 minutes of spanking her you had enough fun spanking her and before you leave you grab her leg holes and pull with all of your might she screams in pain after that was over you leave her in her frontle hanging wedgie with a sign saying wedgie or spank me

Her first wedgie Kaitlyn
Instead of pulling her panties you tap her shoulder the oter two disappear and she turns to face you
(Hi nice to meet you i am kaitlyn and you are) you tell her that you are t/n/h you ask if she has ever had a wedgie before
(No i dont know what it is) you tell her to turn around
(Ok)she turns around you stick your hand down her skirt and grab what felt like a thong you pull up and it was a thong
(OWOWOWOW that hurts) you tell her thats the point
(Oh ok then)
You stop pulling and she starts to pick the wedgie you turn her around to face you you ask her is she whats to see a trick
(Yes please)
You grab the frount of her panties she starts to panic
(i-i changed my mind i dont whant to see a trick anymore) you pull her thong up to the hevens
(I EEEEEEE PLEASE LET GO IT HURTS TO MUCH) it response you let go
(Thank you so much)
You then grab both front and back of the panties her eyes widened with fear
(NONONO PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING JUST PLEASE DONT GIVE ME MORE WEDGIES) you think about the proposal in which her eyes softin a little bit only to widen as you pulled the back then the front in a pattern you slowly start to speed up and pull the panties higher
(OH MY GOOD GRAVY THIS HURTS LIKE HELL PLEASE STOP HAVE MERCY ON MY ASS) in which you let go of them she lets a sigh of relief only to realize that she was over your lap
(what are you doing now) she asked you respond by slapping her ass
(OW please dont spank me) you spank her again
(OW please stop)you continue to spank her after each spank you spank her faster you continued to spank her for until you hand hurt
(I-is it o-over)you nod yes her eyes soften you then regretted spanking her but not enough to not giver a hamok wedgie you find 2 sturdy branches close too each other you hang her by her panties you put both front and back on the branches you break a brach of the tree and put it next to her you grab her phone and text her friends to see what she did you make a sigh that says wedgie and spanking slut and had a Arrow pointing at her you show her the text you sent to all of her friends
(Why are you so mean to me whyy) you felt bad so you got her down a put your self in her place it hurt like hell now you know what she felt like
(Why are you doing this) you tell her its because it that you felt bad for her
(Thank you) bou keep your wedgie in
(What why) you tell her the reason why
This one is a to be continued

The strang fetis scarlet

You grab scarlets panties and pull up you hear her moan you ask her if she likes wedgie
(n-no)you give a hard tug and she moans again
(yes ) you tell her that its ok to like wedgies
(r- really) you nod yes and give another hard tug she moaned again you keep tuging her white with red hearts panties soon you have them under her chin she is a moaning feest you say you aren't done yet you go in front of her and grab the front of her panties and pull you pulled so far that it reached he chest in one pull you and she is in the so you start to bounce her soon you have her in a double atomic wedgie
Is all you hear from her now you see the front getting loose you get some tape from her backpack and tape the panties together you than grab her legholes and find 2 hook to hang her by you hang her by her front you spank her
(OW what was that for) you say you wanted to know if she also had a spanking fitis
(no i dont could you get me down its starting to hurt) you let her down and you untape her panties there so stretched out you swear it could Fit three people she gives you a piece of paper that has her adress and phone number
(we should do this again sometime) she wakes away not bothering two try to stuff her now 3 sizes to big panties back into her skirt
To be continued
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