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by zkyler
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Hi I’m zky and this poem is basically about the love for my child
I am alone I say to myself , the thought of losing you never came to be , in this big head of mines all I could think , was nothing , I couldn’t think , I could barley breathe , the sight of you getting taken from me was a barrier I couldn’t breach , just thinking of all the time I spent with you , was not enough, you was took like a store product easy and quick from mis understanding , faulty accusations, discrimination, lost interpretation, all for what someone else greed ,their dis comfort , the ones who speak on what they do not know and use it against an unarmed mind with no knowledge of it coming is lost in misery, meaning if you accuse someone of an action he or she did not commit then it is wrong ,I’m bright but there something in me that makes me wanna fight , just don’t have the courage to speak on what I know due to low self esteem but on paper and electronically I am a queen words to bright to been seen , tho my writing is different but I know when people who get to know me through my writing will catch my drift, I am one who don’t find my words i let them have me , I become them , my voice is what they can Have i don’t enjoy speaking often , but I get to people spirits and bones with the form of letters I am strong minded a young entrepreneur but my dreams will be concerned that’s for certain . See what people don’t understand is that the saying( words hurt more then your hands can ) is is almost a true statement even without the slogan if you are as brilliant as I am with words and writing you could cut into a person soul and leave them scarred for life , I am not saying I use my words for evil I’m simply saying words are very useful when it comes to people who underestimate your ability to push yourself because of your absence of not doing nothing for a time due to emotional turmoil and break down a form of depression I can tell you who I am and all my flaws cause I have no regrets or shame I am who I am no one can change me in their image or in any image really but being a brilliant mind is great but a creative uneducated mind can be great to it just you have to learn more but the creative mind oh it’s a lot to take in cause u see every little to flaw just like every piece of bark they burn or strip in every piece of paper u use well I see that I don’t know about you guys so this is just a quick scan through my mind and a lil on what u might get out , of me learn from me or just feel where I’m coming from.
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