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What has happened to my country? Poem written for journey through genres.
Whatever Happened to Great Britain?

Good morning to you,
Mrs May.
Come shadow me awhile
Whilst I go about my day.
Have a cup of tea –
Here’s a family living in poverty,
Brought on by the benefit cap
The Tories thought it was a great rap!
Single mother of four, abandoned by Dad –
Cut her benefits! (That will make her mad..)
Here she is, in temporary accommodation -
Now does that fill you with elation?

Let’s take a walk down to the station,
The homeless line the streets
In their sleeping bags and filth
“Get a job” Lament your cronies,
Claiming their expenses for
Yelling obscenities
In The House Of Commons.

You brought the living wage but
Have you seen the price of food
These days?
Your maid probably buys it.
(Or more likely, the taxpayer).
The pound drops like a stone –
And you fucking voted REMAIN.

Excuse my French.
But can you feel my pain?

Mental Health Services: CUT
Public Transport: CUT
Social Housing: CUT

14 Million in poverty,
Exposed now for all to see.
Thanks to the UN.
The working poor
You promised would be better off
Queue at food banks
Whilst creditors bang at their door.

Fifth richest nation in the World.
Happy Christmas boys and girls!

Now take your future with a dose of cuts –

And Brexit for dessert.

#makebritaingreatagain #peoplesvote #generalelectionnow

Poetry, free verse, 43 lines.

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