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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2176087
A great ceremony is in the castle so put Dorothy on the throne of the kingdom of diamonds
On such 31 st of October; the witch ceremony starts. It is indeed about to put Dorothy on the throne of her ancestor the queen Deborah.
An immense witches cloud is slowly sliding from the sky of the forest to the kingdom of diamond castle one. The ritual is to be silent during the entire itinerary.

Dorothy has been selected as the future queen of the kingdom of diamond because she succeeded to cross the entire needed training sorcery stages. She is the witch supreme teacher. The last tour she has succeeded to do is to freeze all the coral kingdom of the Nimbus Island which is the nearest locality here. Now the kingdom of diamond witches exploit coral too. In few years they will be the wealthiest in this locality of the "Gem stones" golf.

Nimbus castle is a real wonder. The castle is made of orange coral; its roof is shining because of being covered entirely by diamonds. The doors are made of black coral. Such latter one constitutes a rare kind of coral that only the west reef of Nimbus Sea possesses. This black coral is doted of other virtues too. This has been in the kingdom of diamond favor, for many times.
The Nimbus castle has been conceived by Alexander too. It is built in spiral. The throne chamber possesses the principal pillars of the castle. It is at the base of the spiral. Each stage contains seventeen chambers. Their walls are made of a material which is a mixture between coral, diamond and gold. Tulips flowers are everywhere in the castle. Indeed the land produces tulips in plethora. Witches have never succeeded to cultivate such flower and since their arrival no tulip is there. Also they do not succeed to find the gold mine.

Nimbus kingdom has always been in perfect relationship with the kingdom of diamond during Deborah and Charlie reign. There are great secrets between both kingdoms but witches have never been aware about them. Indeed Alexander has conceived an undersea tunnel. It links both lands and castles.

Also the previous queen Deborah used to find a warm shelter in coral kingdom. Indeed, each full moon once three months, Deborah is metamorphosed in to a witch. The king Charlie had never been aware about it because Deborah hid herself at each time. Only the queen and king of the coral kingdom; Dona and Benjamin were aware and kept it as a secret during their entire life.

Finally witches arrive to the kingdom of diamond castle. They are here in mass. Now they are all crying in front of the throne. This is their ritual too.
One witch flies around the throne. She is on her broom entirely made of diamonds. She renders it a red snake. The snake surrounds the throne. It changes colors from red to black. Its big gray eyes emerge from its corps. They are screening the full area in order to search for Dorothy.

Such lone horrible eyes are in every corner of the great palace. A great number of witches are flying too. This category of witch soldiers possesses an immense pair of wings. It seems that gigantic bats are flying in such distinguished court yard and castle which yore belonged to honorable queen and king. The place now becomes just hunted and jeopardized by such witches.
Indeed the one who sows the wind harvests the storm.

Dorothy is not here.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2176087-Kingdom-of-diamonds-series-chapter-06