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at "The University Of Unlikely Situations" something UNLIKELY is bound to happen.
{size: 2}Chapter 1
Finders Keepers


Its five in the morning, I wasn't, no, I didn't have to get up until 6:30am. It doesn't help that yesterday wasn't the best day in the world, but it wasn't really terrible either. It was just really rocky and too much for me to wrap my head around. Yesterday had me so riled up that all did, until only a few hours ago, was toss, turn, watch youtube, and eat a party sized bag of white cheddar popcorn. That bag, unfortunately, is empty. I have an hour and a half to spare before I actually have to start being active.
I rolled my eyes and threw my covers onto the blue carpet flooring. My phone chimed and I picked it up off my desk, the blue, cold, case rubbing against my long fingers. I see that I have 4 missed messages from Bonny. Who's probably been up for hours fassaning her circus like jacket.

"Hey! What should I wear today? My wonky blue converse or my jeans with vans?"

"I think I'm gonna wear my wonky blue ones. They're more me than the jeans and vans. That sounds like somebody else I used to know."

"How should I do my hair? Should I do a temporary dye on my tips or leave it how it is?"

"I'll leave it how it is."

This was very typical, she'd ask me a question but end up answering it herself. I put my phone back on my nightstand, the case facing up, and sat up to see the rest of my team still asleep. Noel was in the closet and somehow always managed to wake up across the room from her bed. Natocha [Nuh-tock-UH], Nat, was sleeping like any other normal human being but, she's so short she just curls up into a ball on her pillow. My other team mate must be up already and getting coffee from the third floor lounge. She was always up really early and always came back only 15 minutes after everyone else had woke up. What boggles my mind is how she takes so long to get 4 cups of coffee and come back. Wake up at 2am gets back at 7-ish. That's like 5 hours of wasted time.
I lay back down and roll over to my left side. I open my cabinet and pull out my headphones. I pick my phone back up plugging in my headphones. I reach my hand down and feel around for my covers. I pull them back over me and let it cover my legs. Opening up youtube, I noticed that Tal had uploaded a new video. I click on it and watch it all the way through.
By the time I finished the video my face was beat red from trying to keep my laughter from combusting out of the trap my lips pursued to create. I finally sat up all the way swinging my legs over the bed, the blue carpet under my bed was fuzzy and kept my feet from freezing off every morning.
I let out a sigh and got up to go use the bathroom. I open the door and shut it behind me before turning on the light. I look in the mirror and realized this is my body telling me your going to need more than 2 hours to cover up all these bruises and scars. I wash my hands, then wash my face. I take a 15 minute shower, I get out and right now it's 5:30, I go back out to the room and grab my phone, my headphones still plugged in. I grab my Uniform and headed back to the bathroom using my phones flashlight. I get in there and turn the light back on. I turn off my flashlight and go back into youtube. Tapping on my playlist I choose the song I want to listen to. I needed to find some intense music to get me going so I turned on "The Arena" By Lindsey Stirling. I put on my uniform struggling not to unplug my headphones. I get my shirt on and shove my phone in between my boobs. I grab my makeup from under the sink and put on a very natural face. That only took 30 minutes, I start blending over bruises and fresh scars covering them. Everyone else will be up in about half an hour or so.
"Monster/Monster Reborn" by Gabbie Hanna is playing now and it's hard not to sing along. I love and relate to this song, and not singing to it is not an easy task. Somehow though, I always manage to just quietly hum along. (listen to this song if you don't know it. *indirect characterization)
I look fresh and scar free, I smell like my soft jasmin perfume that I use religiously, and now I need to pack my training clothes in my bag. By the time I found everything I needed and put it in my black duffle bag it was somewhere around 6:30 am and everyone's phones started to chime, but they slept right through it it. I sat on my bed and watched closely at the way they sleep. You can learn a lot more about somebody when they're sleeping than awake. For example, I never knew that Noel sleep talks. Now i'm listening in on her dream and have zoned out everyone else's breathing entirely.
She mumbled something but I couldn't quite make it out. So I got up and tiptoed to the closet behind the front door.

"Mom? What's..." she paused as if her words were too blurry for her mind to register. It is a dream after all. She rolled over her eyes squinting together, "Why are you? What... going..." she paused. It wasn't that hard to fill in the blanks of her statement but it was harder to figure out what exactly was running through her head. Her mom had come to visit yesterday, did something happen, and now her mind is exaggerating it? She squealed and my thoughts were torn away from my mind, it solely focused on her again. "That's not... who is.... Why is he?... Mom?" I'm like 90% sure that I filled in those blanks right it all adding up to..."That's not dad, who is he? Why is he here? Mom?" It sounds like her worst nightmare. She is a strong believer in the "endless bond of love". When Nat broke up with the 4th boyfriend of the year Noel was in endless tears even though it wasn't her break up.
Nat and Chris, had lasted longer than the other three. They were together for 5 months and Noel had thought that he was Nat's "Endless love Bond" She thought that they would grow happily together but Nat broke it off cuz it turned out he was messing around with three other girls their entire relationship.
Noel began to stir around and I realized just how long I'd been squatting in front of her. I got up and went back to my bed. My alarm went off and so did everyone else's. They all groaned and, half-lidded, found the stop button for the alarm. They all shut off only minutes after each other, then they all fell back asleep in less than minutes. This is the part of the day were I go around playing "Necessary Evil" By Motionless In White. It's a very... loud song and it wakes them up as I blast it through the room.

"Do you have to do that every morning Mayu?" Noel complained from the closet.

"Well do you guys always have to sleep right through your first alarm, then turn off the second one and go back to sleep every morning?" I shot back. She rolled her eyes and got up from the closet. Nat was yawning and stretching her arms out looking like those girls in the movies that wake up to a perfect life but die in the end. She got up and looked at me with a confused look on her face.

"Your ready, and it's only like 6:30." She said waving her arms at my complete outfit.
"Well it's actually more around 6:45 because you've been standing here yawning, complaining, and questioning instead of getting ready." I crossed my arms and looked them both up and down. They looked down at their pajamas and ran to their, I'm not really sure what you would call it. It's a dresser but it's very long stretching across the back wall. There's also a huge mirror on top of it making it a vanity too. But there's two cabinets in the middle with shelves. I don't know what it is but it's huge and they share it.
While they panic to get ready I sit on the love seat in the guest room that's to the left of the big thing they put their clothes in. Pulling out my phone I scroll through the school news.

" Today the cafeteria will be serving Pizza, Alfredo & Spinach Pasta, PB&J, and your everyday salad.
Going along with today's news, is the 4th floor elevator being closed. So to all of you who have Mrs. Olwen, for training, Your going to have to take the stairs.
The courtyard is off limits for 1st, 3rd, and 5th lunch. For all of the people in 2nd, and 4th lunch the courtyard is open for your use. During the 1st, 3rd, and 5th lunch hours the sidewalk stones will be being repaired, then drying during 2nd and 4th. So just be careful those with 2nd and 4th lunch.
Moving along Mr.Crainum will not be in his 3rd period class and all classes after that time. If you are in his class you can expect a textbook and 50 problems from the sub about "The Endless Battle"."

Well, that's great, now I have to walk up 4 flights of stairs, and do 50 problems on "The Endless Battle" Would it kill the student body to actually pay attention in english? That lay out was not the best.
Well it's 7:15 and Kea should be back with coffee sooner or later. My coffee is my energy without it, I don't think I'd be able to get through training first thing in the morning. What kind of psycho gives his students training as first period? Mr.Damocles, thats who.
Good gracious, that man just gets on my every nerve! First, he suspends me for bring my classmate to the nurse because she was having an asthma attack, but the teacher said for everyone to stay seated and that she would have to wait until the nurse emailed her back. Who has time for an EMAIL when a student's lungs are LACKING AIR? Then, he proceeded to ACCUSE me of enchanting my weapon JUST BECAUSE my PAP (Personal Approach Power-A power only you possess and no one else can ever have. It is not learned you are born with it and no one else can learn how to use it) is the ability to control anything my hands come in contact with. He's just jealous because my fighting skills, and grades, and social life are all 5 times better than his were at my age, and on top of that I'm a girl. So he finds it hard to believe that I am actually doing better than him.

Chapter 2
The University Of Unlikely Situations

I heard the door open and Kea's voice follow, "I brought the coffee!" She shouted kicking the door open shaking the 4 cups-two in each hand-in the air dramatically. She pulled herself out of the squat she was in and was giving everyone their coffee.
I stand up from the love seat and poke my head around the door jam. She smiles and walks into the guest room. She sits on the love seat and tells me to come sit with her.

"It's 7:25, and we're going to have to leave soon. But, before we do I need to make sure your okay." She handed me my coffee with a small frown and a shaking hand.
"Why are you so worried? It's 'The University Of Unlikely Situations'. Something unlikely was bound to happen, and it did." I responded shrugging the question off.
"Well, you did some things that some people would never be able to come back from. Somehow though your here and acting like nothing happened. There is no way that you're just letting this roll off." She continued to push the subject and it was starting to annoy me.
"Kea, I appreciate your concern, but I'm fine. Now I have four flights of stairs to walk up this morning so I need to be going." I got up from the love seat, and grabbed by duffle on the way out. I didn't mean to, but the door slammed behind me and I knew they were all looking at it from the inside, "There's no way they're going to leave me alone now." I mumbled this to myself, I look up at the ceiling and shook my head. Bringing my attention back down to my hands I took a sip of my coffee, 4 shots of espresso, 3 creamers, and 2 sugars. Letting out a sigh I head down the hall and outside.
The morning sun beamed through the purple trees, and shines its light on sidewalk. Looking at the stones, I only just now realize that I have second lunch with Kea, and have no idea of how I am going to get to my classes after and before that. Its fine, but as soon as first lunch hits I'm going to have to find a way to my other classes. I'll figure it out as I go.
I head out to the main building across from where all the dorms are. Going through the courtyard I can already see the repair men bringing their stuff through. The other students start to emerge from the Dorm Building as they all run to their classes. I check the time confused and realised that its 7:50 and my class starts in 10 minutes just like everyone else.
There's no way i can make it all the way across the 3 mile campus in 10 minutes, and go up the stairs. I begin to panic and my mind swirls. A light bulb goes off in my head and I activate my PAP I touch my chest and fly to the 1st floor roof of the main building in just 5 minutes. I run up the steps and practically brake the door down to get to class. I made it, and with only 2 minutes to spare.
I sit on my mat at the front of the class, its blue, just like everything else I own. One of my classmates was here already and was on her mat already in her training clothes. I had never really seen her before, she must be new and now my classmate. We aren't supposed to be out of uniform until the Professor gave permission.
Mrs.Olwen walked out of her office as the other students came piling in stumbling over the door I broke off its hinges earlier. She looked at the door than at me and smiled. She then looked at the girl and gave her the look no one has seen in 2 years.
After receiving it once it was kind of a no-brainer as to never do what you did ever again.
"You what is your name, and why on earth are out of your uniform!" She shouted at the girl with no mercy.
"My names Akrynee (Uh-Cry-Knee). I thought we were-"

"Well you thought wrong!" The poor child shuddered backwards and looked up in fear. "Now, you may stay like that for today but you should know better from here on. Everyone else!" She shouted her statement towards the class, "Go change!"
I got off of my mat and followed the other girls into the girls changing room. I dropped my duffle to the floor behind one of the rows of lockers. None of the other girls knew that the extra space behind the lockers existed so It always gave me some privacy.
I pull my top off and replace my bra with a tighter on more fit for exercise. On top of that i put on a blue crop top that holes on the left shoulder and the bottom right corner. I slide my pre ripped black stockings on and then slid my black shorts over top of them. Now, you see, my stockings only have one leg and the other pair only meets with the bottom of my shorts exposing my entire right leg. On my right leg I replace my ugly brown shoes with my blue converse. This one goes up to mid-thigh and the other one only reaches my ankle. Wearing thigh high ones would mess with the fabric on my stockings and that's not the best idea. Considering my right leg has diamonds naturally coming out of my skin, they don't need to see what's on the other one. Finally I, wait I don't pull my hair up, i cut it all. It's similar to a male's hair cut, but better with light waves that are naturally thick and volumized.
Heading back out to the main room I get against the wall and wait for everyone else to come. I left my bag in the changing room because I was going back in there anyhow and would have just wasted time if i had brought it all the way back to my mat. Everyone else began to pile against the wall in a giant cluster. All have them talking and chatting. Until, we heard the door knob to Mrs.Olwen's office and we were all in line and silent by the time she got out of her room.
"Now, as usual, I will sent the 'Match Finder' on random for this class and the two chosen will have a warm up battle until the entire class has gone. When you finish you will sit against the wall across from the one you're on now." She explained in stern voice and headed towards her desk at the front of the classroom. We all moved into the middle circle panel the was Lightly carved out with one single graving on the wood floor. She pushed the 'U' button and ran over a considerably smaller circle and we all floated up and out into the sky above the school.

This is just something you'll find on the regular at "The University Of Unlikely Situations."

Chapter 3
Under My Skin

"Mayu, could you-"

"Yes ma'am." I responded before she finished. I make my way through the crowd of students and touch them all on the chest. The new girl, Akrynee, looked skeptical and wouldn't let me touch her.

"Girl, what's your deal?" I questioned her actions with a little annoyance lacing my words.
"You keep trying to touch me." She responded, her voice giving away just how uncomfortable that was making her.
"I do this every day. All I have to do, is touch your chest to that you and the rest of the students can float out in the air around the circle ring we're all standing on. If you don't let me touch you, you'll be standing inside the fighting ring unable to defend yourself. That's only because Mrs.Olwen won't let you if you decided to stay on the ring." I responded and made sure to let my words be soft.
"But, you can't touch me." She insisted on this and I was unsure why.
"Why not? Are you TRYING to get beat up defenselessly!" I somewhat of the way shouted at her. I'm getting really frustrated now, and if she does give me a good reason right now... She is not going to leave this class in one piece.
"Because if you touch me you'll blow up." She stated with a small sigh at the end as if she was trying not to have to tell me.
"What do you mean? Is it your PAP?" I asked,
"Yes, but I can only control it when I touch something. I control the time of explosion and how big it'll be or just cancel it out if it was an accident. But if some else touches me it does its own thing. The last time it happened my friend hugged me and only minutes later she blew up." A sad look glazed her eyes as she remembered her friend. That's what I'm assuming is happening right now.
"Okay, I understand now. Thank you for letting me know. I do have to have some more questions answered though. We're in the same training class. I need to know what I can and can't do. What lunch do you have?"
"I have second, why?"
"Cool, so do me and my friend Kea. We normally eat in the dorms. Meet us at the front and we can talk more then. But right now I think Mrs.Olwen is about to blow. Considering we just wasted like 20 minutes of her class." She giggled at my comment and nodded.
I walked up to Mrs.Olwen and explained what happened. She nodded and sent the class back down to the room. She let Akrynee walk off and do private training with the old beating bags.
"Do to this whole thing taking over half an hour, we only have half an hour left until we transition into instruction." The class groaned and they all low key eyed Akrynee for wasting their training time, " The matches will have to be 2 minute rounds. That's enough time to get everyone in and still have time for instruction." She went back over to the computer and pushed the "U" key and everyone went up again. I went around the class and touched their chest again. I closed my eyes to focus and opened them once I knew everyone was floating.
Mrs.Olwen pushed a button on her remote and the electronic "Match Maker" made its choice. Lye and Crimp are going up first. I flew them over there and released my control over them as their feet hit the rings floor. Mrs.Olwen switched the screens and the timer begun.
Lye started out with his signature triple head kick. He spun around on his left leg and kicked Crimp in the face three times with his right foot. He brought his foot back behind him, but he placed it wrong. Crimp saw this and switched the battle to a ground battle, by sweeping Lye onto the floor. The best thing to use now would be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but Lye continued to try and get the battle to stand again.
Now that I think about it, Lye has never ended up on the ground before. Maybe, he doesn't know how to fight from the ground. Granted, his triple head kick wasn't the smartest starting move, but he should know how to fight from the ground. If he doesn't know how, than how exactly did he get into this school?
The clock had 30 seconds left and if Lye didn't do something Crimp would win the match. 10 seconds left, and now Lye decides it's a good idea to try to do something useful. The buzzer rings and Mrs.Olwen announces that Crimp won and because of that he gets a lunch pass.
A lunch pass is a slip of paper signed by one of your professors and when you give that to the guard, at the front gate, he'll let you out. Now you have permission to go to places like Pizza Hut, or McDonalds for lunch.

I flew myself over to the ring, I touched them both and flew them over to the surrounding area opposite of the rest of the class. Mrs.Olwen switched the screens around and the next battle was chosen. It continued like this for the next 16 minutes until it was my turn. I was going against the last person I wanted to go against.
Her name is Oro. Which ironically means "gold" in spanish. She isn't spanish, but her grandmother always loved the language. So, since naming your child "gold" would be... odd, she named her Oro. She thought that she's that best, just because she got out of middle school early. When I found out that she only graduated early because her dad was paying the school big money, I was sworn to secrecy. Now though, she hates me. Mainly because I told everyone her little secret and she was suspended for a year to go back and finish 8th grade.
I hate her because when I told everyone, she decided to go around telling people I was only here because of my family reputation. But, that's not at all what that is. All of my family didn't do the best in school, but they were all legends. So that's what everyone expected. I got in the hard way just like everyone else I had to be flung into a freezing environment and find my way back to campus in under 4 days. Some people actually die, trying to get into this school. She can't leave anything alone though, and she still tries to get to me all the time, and it really boils my blood.

Chapter 4
Giving In

The timer started but she raised her hand and place two fingers on her sideways palm, this -here- resigns you from a battle. The two fingers represent the two people in the battle and your hand represents a stop sign, for a pause its up and down but for a resign its horizontal. This is because, on a stop sign the hand is facing up, so when you turn the hand it no longer shows a stop, it looks more like someone telling you to walk away.
"I'm not fighting her." She said blankly. I released my fighting stance sliding my feet to a casual position.
"Why not? The first thing I'd expect you to do is punch me in the face." I responded ligitemently confused. If I'm being honest, I really don't want to fight her either. Just for different reasons.
"Because if I fight you, I won't stop when the bell rings. You'll be dead before they can you pry out of my hands." she had a very, heavy snarl to her words and looked like she was about to blow like a bull in a china shop. I swear her blue eyes were red at this point.
"Well then, maybe, you should spar with somebody else, eh?"
"Yeah, no kidding." She was still mad though, and I don't blame her. You just can't trust me to keep secrets. That's like asking a leaking faucet to stop leaking before its fixed.
"Okay, Ms.Heeltowe, please get off the ring and you will go against the next chosen person." I nodded and bowed in respect to her and Oro then left to the outside of the ring. She chose someone without the "Match Maker" and put some kid in the ring with her. He was scared, but I can't judge, because if I had just watched and heard what happened... I'd be scared too. The match went for 30 seconds, then Oro had him crying on the ground with blood falling out of his nose and leaking from his arms.
I went over to him and brought him back down to the main room. I got some paper towels and taped them onto the bleeding spots after cleaning them out under the teachers sink.
"Thank you." He said to me turning his head toward the back of the class.
"For what?" I wasn't to sure if he was thanking me for taking him down here and cleaning him up, or if he was thanking me for almost getting him killed. Though the 'thank you' seemed very sincere.
"For, cleaning me up. I would do it myself but, it hurts to move... and breath." He chuckled at the end and turned away trying to hide the tears I had already seen.
"Why do guys do that?"
"Do what?" He asked still turned around.
"Try not to cry, or hide when they do. Is it because they think crying shows weakness, and being strong is an expectation now a days? Well, it's more of a stereotype, in my opinion if you have the courage to cry, and to let feelings feel, then your the strongest man I know."
"Really? Cause the last time I cried in front of somebody I was called things like 'Unworthy' or 'weak'. Things that were said to me by people I thought were my friends."
"Well, they don't sound like real friends." I said, and then walked over to him after cleaning the towle out. I dabbed the deep cut on his forehead and he winced turning away from me again. Then squeezed his face together because it hurt for him to move so ruffly. "I just told you about how I am with people hiding, especially men." I smiled at him and moved to where I was back in front of him.
"I know, but I just... reflexes." out of all the excuses he could have made he made it 'reflexes'. He moved to fast, in this condition his "reflexes" are probably very slow. I dabbed it again and he didn't move away that time.
"There you go, see, isn't so much easier when you don't have to fight in and out of battle?" He nodded and let himself relax finally. He began to cry again, I wasn't sure why though. It stings yeah, but its not killing him. Although Oro might've.
"My... arm." He staggered out. I looked down and noticed I had leaned against him. I got off his arm and apologized. He sighed softly, and gratefully, at the loss of pain then smiled at me.
"What's your name?"
"Mayu, Mayu Heeltowe." I answered knowing full well that a thick layer of uncertainty was secured on to my words.
"That's such a beautiful name. I've never heard anything like it before."
"I get that a lot, " I smiled at him and wondered just how different he might be, " Spell my name." I told him.
"M-A-Y-U, right? Seems simple enough."
"Thank you so much. Normally I get M-A-Y-O-U-E, or M-A-Y-U-E. No one seems to know how to spell it. Or pronunce it."
"Really? Its simplicity is what I love about it, cause all at the same time its elegant."
"Oh really now? Spell my last name." I smirked knowing he would get it wrong.
"Remind me again, what was it?"
"Heeltowe." He couldn't even remember it. I laughed internally at the 2% chance he had at getting this right.
"Ha!" I spat at him in victory, "Thats close, but not right."
"Well then how do you spell 'it'?"
"What? You can't tell me how to spell my own name." I was really confused. I know my name. Thats my name.
"I-T. That is how you spell 'It'" He smirked and had slate of pride in his garden green eyes. I laughed and shoved him away softly. He winced and I apologized again for hurting him.
I helped him up and he cried again at the immense amount of pain he had running through his body. I slowly walked him around the hole in the floor and above the class below us, all the way into the back were three beds lay against the back wall. A filing cabinet was to the left of them all. I walked him over to the bed in the middle and laid him down slowly. I heard the air whoosh of the ring as the class came down.
Mrs.Olwen had this little bridge thing that came out to form an entire other floor that she never let us know about. Tomorrow she can use that, cause I am not using up all my energy to hold up 30 kids.
I went out to her and asked if I could stay in the infirmary to keep a close eye on him. She said yes, then gave me a packet of today's notes to read off to him and for me to take home. Walking back into the infirmary I pull up a chair


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