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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Holiday · #2176270
For Holiday Short Story Contest, Prompt Christmas.
Nova The Christmas Star

From the time that Heaven was created, it contained a special nursery. It's a placid place where stars are born. Baby stars need so much care that Nanny-stars stay in the nursery constantly look after them until they are old enough to go to school.

At school, the little stars learn everything they need to know to be the best star they can. After they've learned everything, each fledgling star goes before the Council of Ancient Ones to find out what kind of star they will train to be. Most become part of the starry blanket that light the night sky of Earth, shining down to show one of the beauties of that God has made.

Others are destined to be wishing stars. These shine just that much brighter than the rest, so that children will know which stars to make their wishes on. Still others are falling stars that brighten the night sky in a flash of glory, brief and beautiful, to be born again in the star nursery.

Then came the time when Heaven was in need of an extra special star for a very important happening.

Whispers had been echoing through the firmament for eons about a momentous occasion. The son of God was to be born on Earth. God told the Council exactly what he needed.

“I want the brightest, most glorious young star you can find to be trained to mark the place of His Son's birth and to guide people to it. There will be shepherds and wise men that would need a sign. The world also needs a shining symbol that will remind them of His birth and that He is the reason we celebrate.”

The Ancients began scouring the star nursery over many generations for just the right infant star. Many young stars were seen but none seemed right for this important task.

One day, a star nanny came hastily before The Council, tenderly carrying a cloud wrapped bundle. Even closely swaddled in silvery clouds, the Council could see the baby star shining so brightly they were nearly blinded. Even they, who lived among the stars and their varied lights constantly, could see this infant star was very different!

"What is this small one's name?" asked a sage by the name of Vaultus.

The young nanny replied with a curtsy.

"We in the nursery felt it should be up to the members of The Council, since we have never seen her like before!"

Vaultus smiled down at the bundle.
"By the power invested in me as Head of The Council, I name her Nova and know exactly the job she is destined for!"

There was little debate about the matter among the Council, as all could see the little star's worth. There was no question about who would train this star for her role either!

As she grew and learned the basics of being a star, Nova became excited beyond imagining. She sensed it would be the honor of her lifetime. As time went on, she became convinced she was ready NOW! But the Council insisted she train further.

"All young stars train for their special roles in life and you can be no exception" Vaultus told her sternly each time she rebelled.

"In fact, you must be the best of the best, as you will be world-famous as the Christmas Star."

Not knowing what exactly a Christmas star was, Nova determined to be all that she could be, even if it hurt! So she trained very hard. She developed stamina by shining for hours at a time.

She increased her wattage by only eating the most nutritious form of stardust, a combination of ordinary stardust and heavenly manna, known as starrana. Stars not only make their own dust, they process and purify it so they can use it to energize themselves as needed. And as Nova's power grew, she needed to eat often.

Nova grew into an ideal pupil and did all that Vaultus asked of her. He expressed his pleasure at her progress often to Nova, as well as The Council and God himself in his regular reports.

Soon there was no more time for training, the time had come for doing. The blessed event was at hand. Vaultus gave Nova a pep talk filled with cautious admonishments.

But Nova was so nervous she heard very little of it and so ran into trouble. In her rush to get on with the adventure, she forgot to turn on the GPS that all stars have built in at birth and got hopelessly lost on the way to the stable in Bethlehem, the place chosen from the beginning for the birth of the Holy babe.

“How did I manage to do this? What do I do now?” she lamented helplessly.

But God was keeping an eye on her as was His habit with all the things he created.

“Time for Plan B. Summon Angel Third Class, Not So Perfect!”

He armed her with a golden key to fix Nova's GPS and a silver scroll to read to her.

"Remember,” the Lord said, “you must be back in time to join the heavenly host tonight."

It didn’t take long for Not So Perfect for find Nova. Her help signals could be seen for miles. The young angel quickly set Nova’s GPS and read the scroll to her.

The little star took a breath and set off. Once there, Nova was surprised at the humbleness of the place.

“It is not for me to question God!”

Remembering, Nova upped her wattage slowly until she was shining at ultimate power. Continuing through the night proved exhausting at first, but Nova grew in maturity as she shone. Soon she was fully grown and tireless.

Dawn broke and Nova headed home. The rejoicing that greeted her was not unexpected! Every star congratulated her, as did the heavenly host. Drooping, Nova went to rest, proud of her part in the birth of the Son. {size}
1000 words
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