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A second poem about Ellen, a beautiful woman that I met In a psych ward, a physician.
Poem: “Ellen, The Second Encounter” By Neil Micah Lannom 12/3/18

It wasn't random
It was random

In the ward
In class
My eyes out the door

I saw her

I went out the door, after her!
I wanted her to touch me again!

I did need attention
A checkup
Not really, just to be in her presence, both?

It was basically fine
My back
The blackhead

Her glasses
Her voice
She had her scope around her neck

She confirmed me, and I followed
We went to the infirmary
She had on a necklace

Behind a curtain, on a bed
She had me lift my shirt up
I revealed more than I should have

I did it on purpose
Revealing my body
What did she think?

I heard her spirit
She wanted my touch...
I wanted her touch, again, too...

My belly hair
My nipples, different to her
My back and chest, shoulders, reavealed...

She put on gloves
She touched me!

I felt a huge calming affect
I was being touched by...
One of the most pleasant, beautiful woman

What did it feel like?
Her touch?
God, I wanted her, I want her still!

To lay with her
No clothes
A blanket and a bed...

Warmth, her body, her skin...
To touch mine, my body, my skin

When she touched me
I became calm and took a breath...
I wanted her, I wanted her hands all over me!

What was best...
I felt her spirit
She wanted me, too, desire!

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