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Jesus once said, "You do not have because you do not ask."
As a young Christian, like so many other new Christians, I was more concerned with what God could do for me, than how He could use me to touch the lives of others. My prayers were full of pleading, begging, and asking God for things I thought I seriously needed. Now looking back, I am glad He did not answer all my prayers in the affirmative.


Ask for any thing that you want
In my name whenever you pray
And if it is within my will
Believe it's your as of that day

Those things that are of my will
You'll find within my Word
Those things that serve my purpose
That praise me as your Lord

But all those things that are your needs
I'll already give to you
You do not have to pray for these
Out of love, they're done for you

I promise you an answer
For the things you ask of me
Sometimes yes, sometimes no
And sometimes just wait on me

Ask, and it will be given you
Seek, and you shall find
All the things I have for you
Are conceived within my mind

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